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What do you get when you take ANOTHER set of sixteen ugly ducklings, fly them to a mansion with no mirrors, then have them undergo radical transformations including plastic surgery, dental work, fitness regimens, and life coaching, THEN have them compete in a beauty pageant for hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes? A second helping of "the most unusual competition ever devised for television."

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Amanda Byram
Experts: Dr. Terry Dubrow, Nely Galan, Dr. Randal Haworth, Dr. Lynn Ianni, Debbie Siebers, Dr. Sherri Worth

Mark Thompson
Creator: Nely Galan
EP: Nely Galan, Arthur Smith
Packager: Galan Productions, A. Smith & Co., FremantleMedia North America
Airs: Mondays at 9:00pm ET on FOX

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"Sylvia & Marsha" - December 6

First on the Swan docket, Sylvia Cruz (27; Chicago), an account executive who was raised without the love of a father, as displayed by her ex-husband, who left after she lost a baby. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Michael knows that she is a beautiful woman, and needs the Swan to let her know that. Oh yeah, and her sisters... are gorgeous.

The keys to transformation: heavy diet, heavy exercise. "She's got at least 30 pounds to lose." Dr. Lynn also wants to press trust, while Dr. H wants to impress her bone structure and depress her ears.

Face: Cheek implants, Chin implant, Nose job, Fat Transfer (face), Mole removal, Ear surgery, Brow lift
Body: Liposuction: Neck, abdomen, hips, inner thighs, knees
Dental: Zoom bleaching, Lower retainers, DaVinci veneers, Gum recontouring, Deep cleaning
Fitness: 1200 kcal/day diet, Gym (2 hrs/day, weight training)
Weekly therapy and coaching

Her competitor: Marsha Meddleberg (23; Pickens, SC) wants to be invisible, but doesn't want to watch you in your room. In fact, if anything, all she wants to do is lock herself in her bath and shave her facial hair. Now a student at Clemson, she doesn't trust men. Her biggest fear: living and dying alone.

The keys to transformation: Dr. Lynn hopes to work through the social anxiety. Also, laser hair removal will help with the arm and face issues.

Face: Nose job, Brow lift, Liposuction (chin), Lip augmentation, Fat removal (cheeks), Eye lid reshaping
Body: Breast Augmentation, Liposuction: abdomen, hips, inner/outer thighs
Dental: Zoom bleaching, Deep cleaning, DaVinci veneers
Fitness: 1200 kcal/day diet, Gym (2 hrs/day, cardio, weight training)
Weekly therapy and coaching

So it's off to southern Cal for the transformation of a lifetime.

Sylvia's surgical consult with Dr. H: "I can give her the head start she needs to change her body and her life." Remember, liposuction is not a license to eat. He also details her ear refinement. Should be easy. The day has arrived, and Sylvia's excited. Lipo's good. Ears... very good. Nose... using ear cartilage. Very effective use of body parts. .. Ehh.. That sounds gruesome.

Marsha meanwhile gets some hair issues taken care of. Then it's off to NutriSystem for the shock of her 187-pound life. NOW... her surgical consult with Dr. D: "Marsha's a tall, big-boned woman." He wants to feminize her large frame. Marsha's next under the knife. She gets the male liposuction. And now, the female breasts. Wrong line of the night: "You know, sometimes good things come in big packages." They figured out the body, but now the face holds some challenge. Challenge met.

Sylvia's dental consult with Dr. W: She's getting braces. And it's not your junior-high type braces either. Two words: barbed wire.

Now comes the longest three months anyone has to endure. Marsha keeps a positive attitude into her post-op. Her final surgery.. Lasik surgery. No more glasses for her.

Sylvia now has to deal with male trust issues in therapy. "Sylvia needs to go through the grieving process before she can move on." Sounds like a job for the five-stages. Marsha, meanwhile, pushes in the gym... but to no avail, seemingly. But who can give her the kick in the rear she needs?

Perhaps I'm getting too ahead of myself. Let's go back to Sylvia, as she gets a pack in the mail. It's Michael on tape... and this is where the bombshell that Fox pubbed enters... It's nothing bad... In fact, it's pretty damn good. "Sylvia... will you marry me?" I guess that's a yes. I guess... Time to talk to Nely. "You can't be afraid to love again."

Okay, NOW to Marsha and the kick in the rear she needs, courtesy of season 1 champ Rachel Love-Fraser. Foreshadowing, perhaps? They had the same problems, and six months on, look at her.

Back with Sylvia, the groom-to-be has fallen on hard times... literally. He was in a car accident. His leg is in pain and his car is totaled. He wishes that she was there, but she finds the strength to continue on.

Both women are at their ends after three months, and Marsha is up first. She wanted to be invisible, and now, she finds that visible life.. ain't that bad. Her inner beauty is brought out flawlessly thanks to a team of experts and a former champion. Still has some work to do on the body, but on the face... wow. I think we have this season's Rachel Love-Fraser. But what does Marsha think?

"No way. That... I could get used to looking in a mirror. I just want to go out." So goodbye Ms. Invisible, hello... Yowza. Are we due a similar "yowza?" Sylvia wanted some elegance in her face... and she developed elegance within in therapy. Now let's see that elegance. Here's a first, a Swan that doesn't look made over. Amanda has to ask... "What did you do with Sylvia?" Okay, stop humoring her now. She tells Amanda that she did get engaged, so yeah, she said yes. Good for her. But it's Mirror time.

"Oh my God... Oh my GOD! I cannot believe this! I said I wouldn't cry! (looking at her ears) My hair should've been up!"

Yep. Sure should've. But it looks good down. It looks good all over. I hope Michael isn't reading this, or else I'm one dead Chico. But now, the moment of truth. Remember, the experts are judging on poise, beauty, overall transformation, and who didn't reenact a scene from "The Price is Right". Joining Jennifer Patton, Gina Davis, Erica Moore, Kari Bravada, Cinnamon Smith, and DeLisa Stiles is... Marsha. She simply surrendered to transformation and it showed in spades. So it wasn't a question of who transformed, but who transformed more. But Sylvia believes that her effort was well worth it, as she is rewarded... with the sight of her boyfr... err, fiancee. They share a little dance.

And speaking of dances, a big dance is in Marsha's future, as she next time we see her will be in TWO weeks for the pageant. Next time we see you will be next week, we hope, as the transformations conclude with a single mother who feels like the biggest loser, and a woman who should be on "The Biggest Loser."

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