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Eighteen new castaways set sail for the islands of fire, Vanuatu, to brave the elements, the volcanoes, and the local cannibals for a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast for $1 million. 

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left on the islands!

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Tom Shelly
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Airs: Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on CBS

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"Eruptions of a Volcanic Magnitude!: Night 33-Day 36 " - December 9

Night 33: The Witch is Dead.

That sound you hear is me letting out a sigh of relief. I really didn't want Ami to win. That said...

If you remember just a few hours ago, Eliza used the "swear on your son" defense against Twila. Then Ami was voted off. Would that mean quiet around the camp? Of course not, as Twila goes after Eliza for the aforementioned "swear on your son" defense, and she's not happy about it. Having been given a verbal smackdown, Eliza stammers an apology but Twila is on the warpath. "You just keep rubbing salt in the wound. The only one I want to worry about it with is my son when I go home. I'm tired of hearing about it, period!"  Next target, Julie, as she says that Twila is really insecure. Will she use the outburst against her later? Time, and bitching to Eliza about it, can only tell for sure. "If you can't live with your past, don't do it."

And I'm guessing that Chris is in prime position to capitalize on the bickering. Him and Scout. But Chris, more so than Scout. Alright, enough rambling.

Day 34: Dr. Berry.

Twila awakes as she still harbors angst from last night's tirade. Julie offers some insight. Something to the tune of Twila being angry with herself and projecting the displaced anger at everyone else. Unless you're Scout or Chris.

Speaking of which, Chris says that Twila isn't doing herself any favors by insulting Julie and Eliza. It is important that the "Final Four" stay strong and focused. The bickering has to cease. Twila needs to think long term.

Switch to the jungle, as Julie and Eliza talk about why Twila should be the next one to go. Eliza's only answer to Julie's riddle: "I don't know." But she would agree to the plan if and only if Julie can convince Chris that it's a game move. Quoth Eliza:  "Sometimes when it's in your best interest to abandon an alliance, you have to do that to get yourself further in the game." Quoth Julie: "Chris is my only hope, but I need to approach him about it at the right time." This, my friends, is why Survivor has STORY EDITORS, because it's time for...

R-CHALLENGE: Second Chances (horseback ride to and picnic atop Mt. Yasur)

It's your standard mix of previous Survivor challenges: crawl under hurdles in the mud, pokey a pig, assemble a tiki, cross a balance beam and break three tiles with a slingshot to release a wick that will light a wok, signalizing victory. The last person to complete a given task is eliminated. The last one standing wins.

Stage 1: The Eliminator. Scout, as expected, is eliminated.
Stage 2: Whiplash. Eliza, as expected, is eliminated.
Stage 3: Pyramid. Chris finishes his puzzle first... but loses one of his pieces on the ground and is eliminated, leaving the race between Julie and Twila.
Stage 4: Breakthrough & Conquer. Twila makes it over the balance beam, but takes a hard fall, opening the floodgates for Julie who goes one, two, three on the tiles.

Julie wins the picnic, replete with BEER! COCOA! HOT DOGS! CHRIS! That's who she chooses, by the way, as she reasons that anyone else would not have chosen her.

Still Day 34: Julie and Chris... and Joe.

Julie says that she needed to talk to Chris alone, so it was only natural to choose him. He is her door to progressing in the game. "It didn't surprise me that she picked me. She wants to go further in the game, and she knows her name's coming up for elimination." The player and her shill meet Joe, a native guide, who gets the two to cowboy up, so to speak. Chris cowboys out of alignment, as his horse veers off to the side. Julie and Joe, on the other hand, have no problem.  While the motley crew cook up a storm thanks to some volcanic vents, Chris notes that he isn't shocked to see Julie bring him along for the trip. Because we all know how close Julie and Chris have been. Julie, who up until now has been a mole for Chris, asks if he is tight with Twila. Chris says he isn't. Julie tells Chris about the plan to oust Twila and that Eliza directed her to speak to him. Chris replies that he will consider his options. "If they teamed up now they could turn the game upside down. "

Meanwhile, Eliza and Twila argue about, of all the things to argue about... bananas. Twila buried some allegedly so they would ripen faster (Scout confirms the trivia), but she refuses to tell Eliza where they are. Both Twila and Eliza accuse each other of being childish about the whole thing. "It's just gotten to a point where we cannot hold back anymore. Especially Twila. She's just so childish and immature."

Back atop Mt. Yasur, Julie, Chris, and Joe watch the eruptions. Chris compares the experience to the Fourth of July. "How often do you get to sit at the mouth of a volcano and watch it explode?" Julie echoes that.  "It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen."

And noticing the order of challenges, yes, volcanoes exploding ranks above cars.

Day 35: The only non-constant is non-change.

Julie and Chris are welcomed back into the tribe with open arms. Chris assures a harried Scout that nothing has changed and that Julie is next on the block. Scout is glad to hear the news. Feeling he has to reassure the "basket case" Twila, Chris hunts her down and pulls the same game. A few moments later, Chris and Eliza discuss ditching Twila. Chris says they must do whatever benefits them the most. Eliza believes if Julie stays, then they are guaranteed Final Three. Chris will keep an open mind about it, thinking ahead to immunity instead. Eliza laughingly notes, "Imagine if we screwed Twila now?" Chris laughingly notes, "I don't trust Scout, I don't trust Twila, I don't trust Eliza and I don't trust Julie. And they don't trust each other. And the most screwed up thing about it is, I think they all trust me."

Richard Hatch would be proud.

I-CHALLENGE: The Legend of Roy Mata.

Roy Mata was an indigenous chief who united the tribes of Vanuatu. In true Hit Man fashion, the winner of this contest will be judged on memory and speed. After Jeff tells the story, the tribesmen will have to search for puzzles to solve in random huts. The puzzles, once solved, will reveal a question. Answer it correctly, and you'll receive a white tusk and get to move on. Answer it incorrectly and you'll receive a black tusk which has to be burned before you can continue. First Survivor to ring five white tusks wins.

What starts as a race between Eliza and Julie ends... as a race between Eliza and Julie, as in the end, it all comes down to... well, Twila. As soon as she exits her question hut, she realizes that her pieces are still together, as Julie is forced to wait. This gives Eliza time to grab the final tusk... and the win. So barring any change of heart in Tribal Council, Eliza will sit at the Final Four.

Day 36: You always hurt the ones you love...

This will be the first Tribal Council that Eliza will not bring her bag to, and of course, no one is more elated than Eliza. She would be even more elated if she were to shock everyone by voting off Twila.

But the real man of the hour is Chris, who is now in a power position to take control of the game. To Scout: "We are three, they are two." What does that mean? Well, it could mean that Chris and the Scout-Twila alliance are one, while Julie and Eliza, who are watching with bated breath, are still chummy chummy with each other. To Twila: "Don't doubt it, Julie is the next to go." The game plan all along. To Eliza: if Julie is voted off, he hopes that it won't change Eliza's alliance he has with Eliza. Eliza believes that in her tachycardiac heart of hearts that the next Immunity is must-win. Chris assures that it puts them at risk. Twila interrupts the conversation, wanting to know what's going on, and yet another catfight ensues. "You have been plotting against me since day 1," shouts Eliza. "You have Immunity for one night so why not enjoy it?" shouts Twila, who asks Chris was was going on with Eliza. Chris says he was feeling the girl out. But we know better. Chris is a middleman, and doesn't really trust anyone. To Julie: his friendship means much more than the bond he has with Twila. He agrees to keep Julie, which she can only hope comes to fruition.

To us: he must choose to put himself in a position to win first and foremost, but now that he's promised votes to both Julie and Twila, what could happen on the jury?

Night 36: Tribal council

Twila believes that there is one person who doesn't deserve to win, but she ain't calling that person out. Eliza calls herself out, "It is me by the way." Eliza thinks they all deserve to win. Julie believes she is good at sizing people up and knowing who to trust. Chris believes that tonight's vote will be the toughest yet. He is caught in the middle of something and would rather not cast a ballot at all. Eliza is keeping Immunity. Scout jokes that Eliza should surrender it to Twila. Now the vote:

Scout: JULIE - Julie should go back to her roots.
Eliza: TWILA - been waiting so long to send her packing.
Chris: (???) - it is a hard decision but he has to play the game.

Now to the other votes:

Julie: TWILA
Twila: JULIE

And the swinger swings... in Julie's direction. The TRIBE HAS SPOKEN and with that, "Final Four" becomes Final Four. But in the end, there can only be one, and the end is in sight.

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