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Eighteen players -- including three who have been here before but left due to injury -- have travelled to the Philipines to see who can outplay, outwit and outlast the others in a battle for a million dollars! 18 castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Chris Wolvie & Jason Huhn, GSNN

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Gouge My Eyes Out
December 12


...because Abi-Maria actually THANKS the others for keeping her around. She doesn't know if Lisa, Denise, Michael and Malcolm believed her shlock about the "Fourth Hidden Immunity Idol"...but she's grateful nonetheless that they let Carter take the bullet for her. Not all are happy about it, though. Lisa (naturally) feels bad that such a good man had to go. But if she had a choice to bring back someone she LIKED and someone she could BEAT...she'd go for someone she could beat. Malcolm realizes that now Lisa is playing the game...and that is making her dangerous...especially to HIM.


Abi announces (like she always does) that she's going into the woods. As soon as she disappears, the other four talk about her and her so-called 3I. Malcolm had already guessed that she DIDN'T have one because she never revealed it the previous night when there was a LOT of pressure on her...not to mention she was relieved that she wasn't voted out. Abi knows of only one person who is not going home on Night 36: Malcolm, who has an ACTUAL 3I. She also knows of who needs to go home if the Immunity Necklace doesn't come their way: Denise. AND she knows who she needs to lean on to make that happen: Lisa.

So, while the boys and Denise head off, Abi tells Lisa to watch out for them since Lisa is STILL on the bottom of that alliance. Lisa listens...but she doesn't believe her. Still, it would be profitable to keep her close, no matter when or if she stays all the way. She intends to use Abi for her own advancement in the game. And if that means keeping HER and dicthing Denise...well, we'll see.


Challenge Beach and Uncle Jeff await that last of the Dangrayne Tribe. Uncle Jeff describes the final Reward Challenge of this game:

You race up and over a slide and then into the water to collect a bundle of rings. Haul it back to the mat and go up and over for the other one. Once you have all five rings, you play "ring toss" with them and get one on each of five pegs. First to get that right wins a helicopter ride to a boat for some whale-shark watching and a pizza dinner. AND, unlike other Challenges, Uncle Jeff tells them right off that two others of the winner's choosing will join said winner on this Reward. They draw for spots...and they get ready.

"Survivors ready...GO!"

The men take the lead over the slide and after they grab the rings. Denise and Abi follow...and Lisa has trouble with the knots and lags behind. Michael gets the second bundle quickly, with Malcolm a few seconds behind. Denise is in third, Abi in fourth...while Lisa still smiles as she works on the second bundle.

Michael gets the first ring on a peg but has to collect the other four. Malcolm does the same, but Michael charges ahead by getting his second and third rings on before Lisa even returns with her rings to start tossing. Malcolm gets his second...and Michael gets his fourth! The ladies...no luck so far. Michael JUST misses the last one when Lisa and Denise get their first. Then Malcolm gets HIS fourth! Near miss by Michael...near miss by Malcolm...RINGER! SKUPIN WINS REWARD!!

Wow...Michael's going on a helicopter...and, this time, he's NOT leaving the game! But...who will join him? Michael repays Malcolm for the LAST Reward by taking him. And the lady joining in this sausage-fest...will be Lisa. Abi and Denise haul back to Dangrayne Beach themselves with nada. But, as they leave, Abi DOES give Michael something to chew on besides pizza crust: "I guess my vote doesn't mean anything."


Abi was crushed to not be picked. And worse...she has to spend the afternoon with Denise. Denise is none too happy, either, comparing it to a date with the guy who spat in your hair in kindergarten. Still, the game is on...and any info will help. So she lets Abi ramble on about how she's the "swing vote" and her alleged 3I...just to make it through the day. She'd feel better if she could pierce her eyes and eardrums, though.


On a clipper ship, Michael, Malcolm and Lisa enjoy the brisk ocean air and the delicious pizza, soft drinks and cookies. Michael normally doesn't eat sugar...but he drank a multitide of "pop" bottles...and acted like someone who was drinking rum instead of soda. Malcolm laughs at his antics.

Whale-shark ahoy! Get your masks, flippers and snorkel on, people; you're getting up close with the world's largest fish! The threesome are awed at this massive creature...and Michael even got head-butted by it (by accident, of course).

Ah, yes, but there's a game to play. Malcolm knows he's had influence in the last few votes so he tells Michael and Lisa that the three of them are (more than literally) "in the same boat" when it comes to the game. He claims that Denise has been a golden child so far, not having betrayed anyone. So, if Denise makes it the last day, she's gonna be a millionaire. Secretly, though, Malcolm KNOWS he can beat Lisa AND Michael. So, en route back to camp, the deal is struck. Michael agrees because he knows Malcolm has advantages in Immunity Challenges and Skupin wants to stay on his good side. As for Lisa, she doesn't know how things will turn out...so she makes the deal now...but she intends to keep her options wide open.

DAY 35...

Uh,...CBS got nuthin'. Must've been boring. Moving on...


Morning in the Philipines. The birds, the waves, the moans, the...moans? Ut oh...Denise has this stabbing pain in her neck and throat. And there are fang marks on her neck. So...either the Cullens are vacationing nearby...or a snake or tarantula had a late night snack. She's hoping it's just an allergic reaction that will wear off in a day or two. She does NOT want to be sent home on Day 36, SO CLOSE to the seven-figure paycheck! A prayer circle is started by Lisa to help her pain...but Abi only takes part in it half-heartedly. She's focused on the next Challenge...and the fact that Denise will not be 100% makes it more likely that Abi will stick around.


Different Challenge Beach this time. Uncle Jeff talks about Denise's injury and how Abi has an opening now before taking Malcolm's Necklace and explaining the Challenge:

Using two boards and two slack ropes, the Survivors will cross a span, collecting puzzle pieces hanging from the ropes en route. Once the bridge is crossed, the pieces are assembled into a ball maze. A ball is then put THROUGH the maze and the first to get the ball into the FINISH hole has a one-in-four chance at the million!

"Survivors ready...GO!"

The players stretch out two "rungs" at a time with the boards and work on collecting their first of two pieces. Abi struggles and falls behind a bit. Malcolm is the first to grab both pieces, though Michael is right on his tail. But as Malcolm reaches for the end of the span, he falls off. Rules state that he has to go back to the start (though the pieces he collected and tossed to the platform can stay). As such, Michael crosses first with Denise a close second. Lisa is right behind as Malcolm starts to cross again and Abi crosses before Malcolm is half-way there.

More puzzle pieces await the Survivors at their ball mazes. And all four have difficulties putting them together the one UND ONLY VON correct way. As such, Malcolm is able to FINALLY cross and TRY to catch up. Michael is muttering to himself about how it can't fit. Denise THINKS she has it all in place...but the last piece is out of line. She works on it as Malcolm DOES catch up, leaving the other three in the dust.

Malcolm, shockingly, gets the puzzle together first! In goes the ball and Malcolm starts to tilt the maze this way and that, trying to avoid the multiple holes the ball can fall through. Denise finishes HER maze...but before the ball can start rolling, Malcolm's ball is at the finish!! For the second straight consecutive time in a row, MALCOLM WINS IMMUNITY! And one he DOESN'T REALLY NEED!!

The power is in the hands of Malcolm. He has the Necklace...he has the final 3I in play (which MUST be played tonight)...he is DA MAN! Lisa, Michael, Abi and Denise...time to suck up!


Dammit, Skupin! Stay away from the fire! A spark hits his foot but he's got the moves like Jagger and avoids serious injury. But it's Abi who feels the most hurt right now. With no true Idol, no friends and no Necklace, she needs to get at least two people on her side against Denise. She goes to Michael and tries to convince him that Denise is a bigger threat coming down to the wire. Michael agrees to consider it, feeling that he can deal with Abi for three more days if it means winning the million.

Michael tells Lisa about Abi's idea for the three of them as the Final Three...and Lisa doesn't believe it at first. But they seem to agree that Denise needs to hit the skids...and soon! Lisa knows there's no gaurentee she and Michael will make the Final Three...UNLESS Malcolm does NOT win Immunity anymore. And THAT means keeping Denise around instead. Denise is not one to sit idly by. She asks Malcolm if he'd be willing to give up his 3I (since HE doesn't need it). Malcolm say, if the situation calls for it, he might. But they both think that the OTHERS think that Abi is gone tonight.


The Mayans MAY be wrong about the world ending a week from Friday...but for one of the five in Dangrayne, it is the end of THEIR Survivor world. And RC, Jeff, Artis, Pete, Jonathan and Carter are here to watch the apocalypse occur.

Lisa admits that Abi is not going down without a Capoera-style fight. Abi says she's the best person to take to the end despite being unliked by her peers here. Denise says that's true...IF you're playing that way. She thinks it's luck that Abi's Tandang didn't go to Tribal until the Merge...and Lisa defends her old tribe against that. Malcolm is considering whom he can beat...and Abi blurts out, "Choose me." Abi then says that Malcolm or Denise will win this game...and that Lisa and Michael are just along for the ride. She even calls Michael a moron when he tries to react to this.

Lisa admits to wanting to take someone whom she CAN beat despite how annoying s/he may be. Abi again says she's the only choice. When Uncle Jeff presses this, Abi says that she's made it THIS far...she wants to go all the way. But Malcolm says Abi's strategy has earned others the million before...and, like Lisa said, Abi ain't gonna lay back and do nada. Abi says she's a loudmouth and it's just how she's playing. She thinks Denise is here to make friends, not win money (which Denise SWIFTLY denies).

Once again, it is time to vote! Abi is first to the alcove of the Pagoda of Doom and, of course, writes Denise's name, adding, "I really don't like you" to the camera. Next is Malcolm (who writes while Jonatahn flips Abi "the bird"), then Denise (who thinks if Abi doesn't leave, the universe is WAY out of whack), Michael and finally Lisa. Uncle Jeff tallies the votes, brings out the urn and asks, one last time, for 3Is. Malcolm stays quiet; the 3I will be heading to his mantlepiece. Uncle Jeff then reads the critial votes:


Abi :)...


...and ABI!

It's unanimous. The Brazilian business student has raised the ire of the tribe once too often. But she WILL have a say in which of the jerks wins a million so she leaves with just a "good luck". Uncle Jeff says that it's two Tandang vs. two Matsing for the million...and something's gotta give.

(Take it home, Chico!)

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.