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Twenty players -- 10 young, 10 old -- venture to Nicaragua to outwit, outplay, and outlast in the classic game of survival for a million dollars.
Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris "Wolvie" Motherway, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
David Burris
Jeff Probst
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Survivor Productions
Castaway TV Productions
Origins San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Web cbs.com/survivor
Airs 8p Wed, CBS

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This Is Going To Hurt
December 15


Sash tells Fabio that Benry was targetting him...but, secretly, Sash is ready to boot Fabio out next. Fabio brings this up around the campfire, but it's dismissed as just "part of the game". Fabio's fine with that; everyone thinks he's dumb (hence why he's not called by his real name 'Jud') but he'll show them inevitably.


Hey, a Sprint(TM) EVO 4G cell phone. And a message on the screen:

To fill your belly and quench your thirst,
Today you'll have to BE THE FIRST.
This reward today is a major score,
It will take you places you've never seen before.

Go to "VIDEOS"; a surprise awaits.

And the videos (natch) are of the Survivors' loved ones...and the boo-hoos begin. "Miss you", "love you", "can't wait to see you", etc. It puts the run for the million in perspective, don't it?

After the vids, though, strategy comes into play. Fabio asks Chase who he'll take on this final Reward of the game. Fabio states that, if HE wins, it'll be him, Chase and Sash going, leaving the old coots behind. Chase promises it WILL be those three regardless of which one of them wins.


Uncle Jeff meets Libertad at Challenge Cove and retrieves the phone. He explains the Reward first before the Challenge: the winner takes the phone and rides a boat down the coast of Nicaragua, see the beautiful foliage and eat heartily of sandwiches, cookies, beer and champagne.

Oh,...and you'll have company, too: a loved one like the ones you've seen on the phone! And herrrrre they are! Chase's mother Connie, Fabio's mother Anne (who LIKES Jud's nickname), Sash's mother Leigh, Dan's son Matt, Jane's daughter Ashley and Holly's husband Charlie (on their 25th anniversary, no less). And the tears roll down like Angel Falls. Don't get comfy, loved ones; YOU'RE in this Challenge as well!

The Survivors will jump into the makeshift pool and retrieve one of two bags of letter tiles. Then they'll dive for the other one. Once both bags are retrieved, the Loved Ones must open the bags and rearrange the tiles to form a well-known three-word phrase (the Survivors can help). First to get it right wins Reward and goes on the boat trip with their Survivor. Hella worth playing for!

(Huh...no car Challenge this season? I've been away from the show since China; has it been this way for a while?)

"Survivors ready...GO!"

And the Survivors run and jump...well, not ALL of them; Dan still has that gimp leg. Fabio's first out with a bag, Chase and Sash right behind. The ladies bring up the rear...and Dan is the tortoise to these hares. Fabio's the first back with the other bag and Anne gets to work on the puzzle. Chase and Sash pass off to Connie and Leigh. The Jumble part of the Challenge begins.

As Dan brings up the rear (with Matt cheering on) the other males' Loved Ones spill out the tiles. The phrase is made of a 6-, 5- and 5-letter word; two "F"s, two "S", two "I"s and ten single tiles need to be arranged. They don't want to yell out any possible clues; everybody has ears, after all. The six Loved Ones work frantically, with the Survivors whispering assistance. Anne is slipping, Ashley is working well on it, Leigh seems to have the first word right, Charlie is on her tail, Connie is all right but needs some help, Matt's it the rear but still fighting just like his dad.

Connie and Chase put their hands up and ask Uncle Jeff for confirmation. Jeff goes over...and "FAMILY COMES FIRST" is right! CHASE & CONNIE WIN REWARD!

Chase, of course, now gets to choose two Survivors and THEIR Loved Ones on the cruise...and he chooses Sash & Leigh and Holly & Charlie to go with him. And that breaks Fabio into absolute tears. He all but yells tearfully at Chase that Chase promised HE'D be taken along! But Anne calms her little boy down, telling him to keep his head in the game and that they can spend a lot of time together back home. With that, Anne, Ashley and Matt head back home. Fabio, Jane and Dan head back to camp. And Chase, Sash and Holly take their Loved Ones (and the phone) to the awaiting boat.


Dan thinks Chase is through with him, Fabio and Jane. Fabio's still mad at Chase lying to him. DAN's mad at him lying to JANE, who has spent her summer at this game while her only other helper on the farm, her daughter, would be going to college in the autumn. Jan is starting to regret being part of the alliance she's in. The three agree on one thing: Chase just made a million-dollar mistake.

Out on the boat, Chase, Sash, Holly and the Loved Ones arrive and start noshing on meat sandwiches, cookies, nuts, and watermelon. Holly says she NEEDS the food since this'll probably be the last food-related Challenge of the game. Chase announces that the Survivors on this boat WILL make the Final Three and that Fabio, barring Immunity, will be next to go. No word from the Loved Ones how this strategy feels to them.

Oh...and another clue to an Individual Immunity Idol...but the two have already been taken. Chase asks who HAS them...and then answers it's him and Sash. NOW Connie speaks up, wondering if it's these three vs. those at camp. Holly explains that Jane's in their Alliance...but she'll be out of the loop once it gets down to the Final Four. The champagne is popped and Connie wishes the three of them the best of luck and has a two-word demand for her son: "Chase, win!". Pics are taken with the EVO as the sun goes down. Hugs all around as the Loved Ones stay on the boat and the Survivors get ferried back to camp...and, as Chase puts it, "the wrath".


The cold shoulder back at camp...OK, more like the cold BODIES back at camp greet the returning Rewarded...especially Chase. "How was it," says Fabio. When Chase answers, Fabio states it was rhetorical; he KNOWS it was a great time...and one Fabio SHOULD have had. Fabio's ticked...but he refuses to hold a grudge since it'll come around to bite you if you do. The best thing for him is to try to win Immunity and throw a wrench into strategy.


After three days of no Challenges (no doubt thanks to the pair of quitters), Uncle Jeff welcomes us back to Challenge Beach. Benry gives back the Immunity Necklace and we get to the Challenge.

Blindfolded, the Survivors will follow a rope over and under some hurdles to a station with a shield on it. They must use their fingers and brains to figure out the embossments on the shield, then go back with sacks of embossments over and under the hurdles to another station. At the other, they must take the loose embossments and place them on the near-blank shield (still blindfolded, mind you). There are MORE embossments than are needed to make the shield and the Survivors need to put the right ones in the right place (to make things easier for Jeff, the "extra" embossments are red). First Survivor to have the right shield has a one-in-five chance at the million.

"Survivors ready...GO!"

They go under, over and under the hurdles. Fabio takes the lead...and, oddly enough, it's SASH in the rear, being overly cautious it seems. Holly bangs her head into a post as Fabio and Chase reach their sheilds first. The ladies come behind with Sash and Dan bringing up the rear. The young men do their Braille-like work...but it's Jane first out and heading for the black station. Fabio and Holly on on her tail...and, once Jane gets lost (how it happened, I'll never know), Fabio reaches his station first.

Out come the embossments for Fabio. The ladies are close behind...except for one bag that slipped out of Jane's grasp as Fabio fits some symbols in place. Chase studies hard at the full shield as Sash gets to his empty one. Jane finally grabs her last bag as Chase arrives back, leaving Dan (as always) in the back of the pack. Fabio works hard, getting all the pieces in place...except one red piece. He calls for confirmation...and gets a negative responce from Uncle Jeff. He then realizes one of the daggers is incorrect and replaces it. Chase seems to be getting things right easily...but who will finish first?

Fabio asks first...and this time he's right!! FABIO WINS IMMUNITY!



Sash figures this is the worst that could happen. Chase and Fabio argue about who's going, Jane or Dan. Chase and Holly wants to hold the alliance, but Sash wants Jane out. Holly then swings her vote to Jane...and Chase is left with his hands tied. When Jane joins the group, they flat-out tell her that she's going to be next on the block...and she FLIPS them off! She even tells Sash not to even LOOK at her! And the campfire? She dumps two buckets of water onto it before they leave, saying that she STARTED it...and she'll damn well FINISH it!


Libertad comes in...Alina, Marty, Brenda, quitter NaOnka, quitter Kelly and Benry sit in the Jury Pool.

Dan tells about the dousing of the fire...and that's when Jane comes out and says she's the one who will be voted out tonight. Now it's time for her to exact revenge on those who stabbed her in the back. Holly stole Dan's $1400 shoes, Benry got booted BECAUSE of the alliance, and Dan and Fabio are next to go. Chase states that Jane WAS in their alliance...but it was in the others' best interest to lose her. Jeff asks who's next and Chase says Fabio or Dan...but Holly and Sash keep their traps shut when asked to agree until Jeff makes them spit out a "yes" each.

Well, THERE'S a ballsy move. Chase, Sash and Holly have flat-out said that Fabio and Dan are the next to go unless they win Immunity. Fabio can't believe it...and Jane says it's the "writing on the wall". Jeff wonders why Dan, Fabio and Jane don't have their OWN alliance to counter the Big Three? Jane suggests voting Holly out since the young men have 3Is. Dan says it would make sense to ally against...but Fabio doesn't commit. Holly's a bit nervous...and Chase has clue zero what's going on with his best laid plans.

It is time to vote! Dan, Holly, Jane, Sash, Chase and Fabio scratch down on the parchment and place them in the cistern. Jeff tallies...and asks one last time to use the Individual Immunity Idols. Both Chase and Sash cash in theirs; votes for them will be null and void. The votes:




...and Jane!

Unanimously, Jane is out of the game...and tells the backstabbers, "Y'all have fun." (For the record, Jane wasted her vote on Sash.)

And Uncle Jeff makes the understatement of the season about the last three days: they should be the craziest ones yet.

Well, Chico will take it home: 5 Survivors, 4 "runners-up", 3 days, 2 votes, 1 million bucks!

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.