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Twenty players -- 10 young, 10 old -- venture to Nicaragua to outwit, outplay, and outlast in the classic game of survival for a million dollars.
Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris "Wolvie" Motherway, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
David Burris
Jeff Probst
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Survivor Productions
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Origins San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Web cbs.com/survivor
Airs 8p Wed, CBS

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You Started, You're Finishing
December 1


Kelly is...well...FREAKING. One of her anchors is gone in Brenda. She's certain that she's next after how NaOnka, Sash and Chase treated her at Tribal. NaOnka is...well...she's still PISSED at how Brenda tried to throw her "under the bus". But she's content that Brenda's bad strategy made NaOnka like MUCH better in the eyes of the tribe. And Chase...he's feeling all right, having so many one-person alliances that he thinks he can last. But...things never seem to work out the way he figures so...who knows what'll happen?

The next morning, they find their little pond has become a raging river and the rain is coming down in buckets. Fabio seems to be fine with it, finding a "little happy place". But two people having issues are NaOnka and Kelly. NaOnka is anemic and the rain and cold are hurting her joints like nothing else. Kelly...she's just doesn't know if she has anything left in her physically to last another 11 days.

At last, the rain lets up and the tribe members get back to business. Benry and Fabio seem OK with NaOnka and Kelly splitting. Chase tries to talk NaOnka out of it...but she gives her Individual Immunity Idol to him, saying her mind and body just hasn't been in the game lately Jan tells Holly that they, Sash and Chase need to stick together, ready to vote Dan, Fabio and Benry out of the two girls actually quit. Sash, however, feels closer TO the two girls; he thinks of switching...but, he's just hoping the girls will stay.


Challenge Beach beckons us to Uncle Jeff. And, since "Gulliver's Travels" starring Jack Black is coming out this holiday season, the obstacle course is themed after the movie based on Jonathan Swift's masterpiece. Two teams (again, THIS time chosen 'playground' style) of four will be tethered together and have to work to untie an eight-foot stuffed Gulliver doll from a Liliputian-style trap and then carry it through several obstacles: a high fence, a rope maze and a tunnel with ropes. Drop Gulliver and you have to start the obstacle over. First to bring Gulliver across the finish line gets to actually WATCH 20th Century Fox's "Gulliver's Travels" months before it's out in theaters (this HAS been taped a good while ago, remember) and get to chomp down on the usual movie concessions of nachos, popcorn, hot dogs and candy that would run you even more than the MOVIE would. Much like Gulliver, it's about their inner "bigness" that will get them through the last 11 days.

The players choose up sides like it's the NHL All-Star Game. Blue Team is NaOnka, Benry, Chase and Holly. Yellow Team is Fabio, Sash, Jane and Kelly. Since Dan was last picked, he picks a side and waits at the oversized throne; if the Blue Team wins, HE gets Reward along with the team.

"Survivors ready...GO!"

The knots and ropes are quickly unbound, the Blue Team actually climbing onto the table to pull the ropes out. But it's the Yellow Team that pick up their giant beanbag (or whatever-bag) and head to the obstacles. The Blue Team are behind by a smidge. At the log wall, it's evenly matched, but NaOnka gets Blue Team's Gulliver's sneaker stuck between the wall and a tree, costing them precious time.

The ropes and haybales are the toughest yet. The back players keep getting stuck while struggling to keep their section of Gulliver untangled. The Yellow Team still owns a slight lead out of that. But...then comes the rope tunnel. Fabio leads the team into theirs while Chase leads his team. It's obvious that the Blue Team leader is much stronger and, thus, able to pull the Gulliver through the ropes more easily. Dan cheers for the team he's backed as the Yellow Team get Gulliver all tangled up. With a heave-ho away-we-go, Chase and Co. yank Gulliver out and jog across the finish line. BLUE TEAM WINS REWARD! And that means DAN does as well...and he didn't even do anything.


As Uncle Jeff reestablishes what the Reward is,...NaOnka announces this to be her last day in the game. Jeff is shocked...and I suspect he's a bit MORE shocked when, after asking if anyone ELSE wants to quit, Kelly likewise says so. He's fairly sure that an afternoon of thinking will change their minds...so he decides to hold a Tribal Council tonight where the two girls will make their decisions.

Now...one more piece of business. Life's been crappy at camp since the fire. With a wrecked tarp and a spoonful of rice a day,...well, that's no way to live, even on "Survivor". Uncle Jeff offers the tribe a new tarp and enough rice to get us through the last eleven days in the rainforest...IF one of the winning team (except for Dan, of course) will give up their spot. One WOULD think NaOnka, as she's wanting to quit, would want to give the the tribe a going-away present. But she stays still. It's HOLLY that sacrifices her spot for food and shelter. Benry tries to get NaOnka to step-up instead...but no dice. And Holly gives NaOnka a "how DARE you" look as she joins the losing team, bucket of rice and tarp in hand. The nine Libertads go their separate ways for the afternoon.


Everyone back at camp was so grateful that Holly (who was BEGGING for a hot dog after the Challenge) forfeited her wiener cravings so that those at camp would have food and shelter. As Holly and Kelly go to collect firewood, the elder swim coach tries talking Kelly out of quitting tonight. She tries a similar pep talk to the one Coach Jimmy Johnson gave to her three weeks ago: you came for a reason and, as such, you can't just quit. "You need to suck it up," she tells Kelly, "and play the game!" Kelly can't seem to get past the freezing weather and the food issue...but Holly says she got them BOTH for her. There are worse things than this in life, says Holly. But Kelly's "been sucking it up for 28 days" and now has, in her own words, "nothing left to suck".

(I'll leave that comment as is...)


In a makeshift grass hut (with gas-powered lighting, it sounds like), Benry, NaOnka, Dan and Chase arrive...and start to load up on goodies before sitting in canvas lounge chairs to see the re-working of Swift's fabulous opus totally massacred by the "star" of "Year One" and "Nacho Libre". (Yeah, don't hold much for Jack Black films, sorry.) Chase is a bit peeved at NaOnka for her non-actions after the Challenge...but NaOnka says she didn't work her butt off just to aschew food that is NOT rice. Benry's thoughts towards NaOnka were easy: "Please leave! Please leave! Please make things easier for me!"

After the flick, the foursome head to the Missionary of Doom...and NaOnka seems a bit more upbeat. Maybe she COULD stay...and maybe she COULD win a million bucks. But WILL she?


Back at camp, the tarp has been set up and the five other Libertads are enjoying a LOT of rice. Kelly agrees with Uncle Jeff that the tarp and rice made a difference in camp; it's nice being fed relatively well and knowing that they'll be relatively dry should more rain come. Holly takes this as a good sign. But Kelly still hasn't made up her mind...and probably won't until the question comes out of Jeff's mouth.


Libertad comes in...first from the camp, then from the Reward. Alina, Marty and Brenda sit in the Jury Pool. And the rain starts to come down again.

Holly told about her talk with Coach Jimmy and how it brought her back from the precipice. Jane says she has the spunk and inner fortitude to get through anything, even though the last four weeks have been no walk in the park. Benry says, simply, "Winners never quit, quitters never win." Fabio think it's mental willpower and would stay even if it was snowing

NaOnka's thoughts of quitting started this morning and she's proud she's the last African-American in the game, giving props to "strong black women" everywhere. Kelly likewise felt her body and mind were breaking down when the deluge set in that morning. NaOnka felt she had a realistic shot at winning the million (which makes Marty quietly laugh). Benry thought the movie personified NaOnka and Kelly's situations; find it in them to keep going.

And...what about Holly's sacrifice? Why didn't NaOnka step up and take a last shot for the team? She wanted to leave with a bang...and she doesn't care if anyone ELSE thinks she's selfish. Chase and Jane disagree...and Jane says that the young'uns don't know how tough life is; you can't afford to lack drive and determination in the job market that exists outside of reality shows.

Time for The Decision (and not LeBron's, thankfully). NaOnka...says she's gonna quit. Kelly...is likewise. Marty whispers, "I can't believe it." Uncle Jeff asks what they should do with the torches...and both girls say they should be snuffed. Jeff says they will...but they'll be left at Tribal Council to REMIND the two new members of the Jury about the fact that they quit.

"You wanna go," asks Jeff of NaOnka as she plants her torch. After snuffing it, Jeff just tells her, "Go."

Kelly doesn't even get a question. Jeff snuffs her torch and says, "Head out."

The two torches are leaned against the exit to the graveyard in plain sight of the Jury Pool.

To the others, Jeff says they have ten more days and they have a one-in-seven shot at a million. "No more excuses," he demands. "It is time to step up and start playing this game!"

As Libertad leaves...the Jury bemoan the fact that THEY could've been higher up the ladder and may EVEN be still IN the game if not for the two quitters who'll be by their sides come next Tribal.

(Personally, I don't think those two a) should've gotten 'last words' or b) should even be ON the Jury. They should have their sorry asses shipped to LA and Mesa and brought back only to be humiliated at the reunion.)

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.