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Twenty players -- 10 young, 10 old -- venture to Nicaragua to outwit, outplay, and outlast in the classic game of survival for a million dollars.
Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris "Wolvie" Motherway, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
David Burris
Jeff Probst
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Survivor Productions
Castaway TV Productions
Origins San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Web cbs.com/survivor
Airs 8p Wed, CBS

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Running the Camp
November 10


After having blind-sided Alina to the Jury, everyone relaxes by the fire. NaOnka thinks Marty was a little too rough on Jane and claims SHE wouldn't put up with his crap like Jane did. Jane herself thinks that "Farty" is "grasping at straws", knowing he's THIS CLOSE to ultimately regretting giving up that Immunity Idol.

The next morning at the ol' waterring hole...er, barrel, Marty and Sash talk about who wrote Marty's name down at Tribal. Sash suspects Holly...and Marty is getting frustrated as to how "stupid" people are, not realizing how dangerous Jane is. He DOES know his backside has HUGE concentric red and white circles on it and he needs a plan to dodge the incoming mortar shot at next Tribal.

Marty talks to Benry and Dan at camp while getting their rice ration. He says they should let everyone know that they'll be voting NaOnka out and, once it GETS to NaOnka, make her sweat a bit and flush her 3I out...but then blindside Jane! It doesn't seem to phase him that Jane is in the shelter RIGHT THERE NEAR Marty! Jane knows he's trying to poison everyone's mind about her...and would prefer to just take Marty behind the woodshed for a good ol' ass-whoopin'.


Challenge Beach...Uncle Jeff...a dreaded obstacle course of hay, nets...and brick walls? Hmm. Here's the deal-io: teams of five will go through and around the obstacles and, at three spots, work together to gather a key. After busting through the brick walls, the team must then use the keys to unlock and unbolt three bolts. First to do that will raise their flag and win Reward. And the Reward is a nice afternoon of roaming through the Nicaraguan canopy and a zip-line tour of the forests. And, afterwards, a MASSIVE barbecue of chicken, steaks, soft drinks, beer, potato chips, salads...and apple pie for dessert.

Now...Uncle Jeff SAYS it was a random draw for teams...but I have to wonder when it ends up men vs. women. Chase is the odd one out and gets to choose which one will win. He chooses right, he joins the team on Reward. Otherwise, he's back to camp. He gets crazy and chooses the women to win.

"Survivors ready...GO!"

The women get through the hay first but it's neck-and-neck as Jane stands on Holly's shoulders and Fabio on Marty's to spin the key around and off the spring. The women have a slight lead as they crawl under the rope table. But then they reach the bamboo barrier...and while the men plow through, the women bounce back (Brenda actually taking a stick to the throat). Uncle Jeff seems to be encouraging the women more as they finally get through the sticks, but the men are still well on their way to unwinding the second key before the women can ever start.

Then it gets worse; the net maze seems too gruelling for Jane (for Dan, too, but the other guys help him up). As Uncle Jeff still eggs the women on, the men do their best Lou Ferrigino/Eric Bana/Edward Norton/soon-to-be Mark Ruffalo impersonations and HULK SMASH through the loosely-stacked brick walls. As Jane finally exits the net maze, the men get to work on the locks. It's a difficult task, as it turns out, as they try to unlock all three at once. NaOnka takes Jane's place in getting the third key, but they hit the brick wall (literally) as the men unlock the locks (and Uncle Jeff helps discarding the keys) and raise the blue banner high. MEN WIN REWARD! The men find Chase's lack of faith in them disturbing and mock him about it. (Marty would even call Chase and Jane, "Dumb and Dumber".)

Kelly's about to cry 'cause (despite the merge feast four day ago) she's so HUNGRY! Holly says Kelly'll be fine and Kelly reiterates that, happy to be spending time with the girls...oh, and Chase. Uncle Jeff offers any man to trade places in this Reward with any woman...or Chase. This is to get crucial votes come Jury time. But none of the men budge, and Jeff calls them out on this, saying alliances are out the window when BBQed meat is on the line. The men head off to zip and feast...the women head back to camp. Oh, and Chase goes to camp, too.


The men have a blast on the zip lines, Benry happy for the "boys' day out". Even the decrepid Dan seemed to enjoy himself. Marty felt great to take a much needed break from the game and get his head back in the game..

At the end of the aerial road came the feast. They cooked their meat, raised bottles of label-less beer (so much for the show being ALL "product placement)...and, most importantly, talk strategy. Actually, it's Marty talking about HIS say-NaOnka-vote-Jane strategy. Fabio says he's all for it and Benry admits Marty's a smart cookie. As they chow down, they discuss Brenda and Chase's situations and Fabio tells Sash to let Brenda know they want her to stay in the game. Sash says Brenda trusts him 100%...and the trust is reciprocated on 95%. Secretly, Sash thinks he and Brenda are the two smart ones in camp and can send anyone home that they wish.


Chase got kudos for choosing the girls. But Brenda thinks Chase is not the sharpest knife in the survival kit and made a bad choice. Still, the ladies and Chase seem to agree on one thing; if Marty doesn't get an Immunity Necklace or Idol in the next 36 hours, he's out at the next Tribal. Holly's a bit concerned about the men and Brenda joining Marty's alliance...but NaOnka, who hears the conversation, assures Chase that Brenda's a good egg...as long as you don't step on her until she cracks (her nerves, that is). Apparantly, Chase didn't hear that last part because, out of sheer paranoia, he talks to Brenda about voting Marty out. And, with each "you seem really unsure" that Chase spews, Brenda seems to get more and more peeved...on the INSIDE, anyway; outside she just does her nails with a piece of smoothed rock. She and NaOnka think Chase has dug his own grave with his panic attack.


This next challenge is a test of strength...
That is; your memory better be strong.
Know what came first and what came last...
Or be the next to say, "So long".

And it comes with a block with six different pictures on it. Ooooooo.

Jane is hoping and praying to God that the evil is flushed out of the camp...and by "evil", she means "Marty". She thinks that SHE has the target on HER backside and that, if Marty gets Immunity,...she's toast.


In the woods, Uncle Jeff looks like he's back on "Rock 'N' Roll Jeopardy!", standing behind a podium as eleven "contestants" get podia of their own. Fabio and Jane return their Immunity Necklaces. Uncle Jeff ditches one and puts the other up for grabs for Tribal tonight. He will flash a sequence of pictures (from six possible ones) and the contesti must show, one-by-one, the pictures back to Jeff using a cube. One slip and you're out. Last one standing gets a 1-in-10 shot at a million.

First sequence: ship, musket, anchor, ship's wheel, musket, ship. First symbol is hit by all...as is the second. But Jane and NaOnka say "ship's wheel" instead of "anchor" for the third one and they're out...and Jane must be panicking now.

Dan slips on the fourth symbol, showing "coins" instead of "wheel"; he's out. Fifth symbol knocks out Holly, Kelly and Sash as they all said "ship". The final symbol of the round is got by all. We're down to five.

Next sequence: musket, ship, coins, anchor, dagger, musket, ship's wheel. Everyone gets the first musket right. Fabio says "anchor" is next...and we're down to four. Chase misplaces "musket" for coins...and down to three (Chase KNOWS he's wrong and starts to walk off, but Uncle Jeff teases him into staying to get it confirmed). Benry says "dagger" instead of "anchor" for the next one...and it's Marty vs. Brenda for Immunity. Jeff says the two haven't been the best of friends and, though Marty denies it, Jeff says, "Just saying what I see."

Next symbol...Marty says "dagger"...Brenda says "dagger"...they're both right. Next symboll...Marty says "ship's wheel"...Brenda says "musket"...and it's a musket shot to Marty's chances at Tribal! BRENDA WINS IMMUNITY! And Jane breathes a HEAVY sigh of relief!


Fabio and Benry agree that Marty's plan to flush out NaOnka's 3I and vote off Jane is solid. And Fabio says the most ironic thing EVER heard on "Survivor": "I hate playing stupid so much...but it's like the smartest thing to do right now." Wait, WHAT? Fabio was only PLAYING stupid?!? Yeah, I can't believe that, either. The point is that Fabio doesn't want to tick anybody off and have votes come HIS way.

Marty and Dan enact the plan and tell Chase that NaOnka's on the chopping block, claiming she can't be trusted after what she did a few days ago. Chase agrees...to THEM, anyway. But he figures out the REAL plan and tells Holly about it. He's REALLY gonna vote for Marty...and wonders if Brenda get any of his nagging through her head. Marty gets to Brenda first, though, and tells of the plan...though he says it was SASH'S idea and not his own. This got Brenda on board, feeling she and Sash are running the camp, not her and Marty.

Speaking of which, the two "runners" meet up and discuss strategy. It's obvious to them that they are the swing votes...and whoever they vote for, whether Marty or Jane, will be gone. They don't think Marty should go, since it gives THEM an advantage with Marty's "foot-in-mouth disease"... but they say they'll decide it all at...


In comes Libertad...in comes a fresh and clean Alina, sitting in the Jury Pool, not to speak to or acknowledge the tribe and just to listen. Jane talks about the Reward Challenge and how the ladies "bounced off" the obstacles they should've gone through. Sash admits to the men strategizing and Fabio felt that, though he was nervous at the girls and Chase strategizing behind their backs, at least he got fed.

Marty is called out for the last Tribal and he says it's a "compliment" to Jane that he says she's a threat...and his own bags are packed just in case. Brenda casts the first ring of doubt on NaOnka by calling her a "troublemaker" and that she'd rather take Jane than NaOnka. Jane admits to the target on her back just like Marty seems to have. Once the talk about the food theft leaves Jeff's maw, NaOnka laughs it off and tries to dismiss it. And, yet, she still lives in the game. Marty says this will ALWAYS be a black mark on her record.

Aaaaand THIS is when NaOnka releases the verbal diarrhea. She's not perfect, she says...but neither is Marty. And, more to the point, she don't like him...AT ALL! She essentially tells Fabio to shaddap and says she's hyped up about facing Marty and putting him down. Marty counters by saying his instinct was right and that NaOnka's a liar and a thief...and her father would NOT be proud of her. "Oh, yes, he WOULD be," NaOnka retorts, "because I'm still here and you probably WON'T be!" Fabio tries to keep the peace and fails miserably, muttering out loud, "This is crazy!". NaOnka is CERTAIN the men talked smack about her but she doesn't care. Fabio thinks she DOES care about SOMETHING because she's annoying him. "Well," says NaOnka, "you annoy the (expletive) outta me!"

Uncle Jeff is SPEECHLESS! How can NaOnka go off like this at EVERY TRIBAL and STILL stay in the game?! She says it's who she is...and, if you don't like it, tough luck!

Time to vote. Brenda stays immune as the tribe marches to the confessional. We see Jane's vote for Marty and Marty's vote for Jane...and NaOnka's middle-finger at Marty upon returning. Jeff tallies the votes...and asks for 3Is...and gets nothing (much as Marty wanted NaOnka to cough it up). The votes:


Martie...(Jane's vote)



Jane...(Marty's vote with the dead fish on it)






The ultimate player got PLAYED with a 7-4 vote! And Jane, NaOnka AND Alina look pleased. He wishes everyone good luck as he marches through the cemetery. But he'll be back...by Alina's side in the Jury.

Uncle Jeff says it's no longer a group mentality...and things are gonna get REALLY interesting...and REALLY complicated.

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.