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Twenty players -- 10 young, 10 old -- venture to Nicaragua to outwit, outplay, and outlast in the classic game of survival for a million dollars.
Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris "Wolvie" Motherway, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
David Burris
Jeff Probst
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
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Origins San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Web cbs.com/survivor
Airs 8p Wed, CBS

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What Goes Around, Comes Around (Espada)
October 27



Everyone seems to hug Dan when they return to Camp Espada, happy he's still around. He compares himself to the "Teflon Don" John Gotti (apparantly forgetting Gotti actually got CAUGHT eventually). Chase wants NaOnka and Holly to concentrate on booting out Alina next...unless Dan SNAFUs the next challenge, that is. The ChaNaHol Alliance agrees: the smart, hard-working Alina has GOT to go!


Challenge Beach and Uncle Jeff awaits us as La Flor sees us without Yve (much to Marty's joy I'm sure). The Challenge: one defender stands on a perch in a pool. The other tribe members run off a "dock" to try to get a ball past the defender and into a goal. First tribe to five gets Reward. And the Reward...is pretty unique, to say the least: a Nicaraguan "farm experience". On Day 17, the winning tribe will go to a farm for some horseback riding and a fresh breakfast of eggs, cheese, tortillas and milk straight from the cow (milked by them, of course). Jane will sit this one out for La Flor to even things out. The Defenders...are NOT Belushi and O'Connell in this case (pretty good show, BTW; you should check it out)...but Fabio for La Flor and Chase for Espada.

Espada WON the Jan-ken-pon this time...and our first attacker is NaOnka. She runs...jumps...throws...over Fabio's head...GOOOOOL! ESP 1-0 LAF. Chase on the podium facing Jill. Run...jump...toss...LOB...over Chase...GOOOOL! ESP 1-1 LAF.

Round 2: Benry is next. Run...jump...Fabio leans one way...Benry dekes and tosses the other way into the wide-open net! GOOOOOL! ESP 2-1 LAF. "Remember that one," says Fabio to La Flor. Marty up to try to tie. Run...jump...toss...TOO low, hits Chase in the "little Espadas". ESP 2-1 LAF.

Round 3: Holly up for a commanding lead. Run...jump...toss...deflected by Fabio's fingers and he ALMOST stays on the podium. Still ESP 2-1 LAF. Kelly S. for La Flor. Run, jump, HIGH lob...Chase can't jump that high...and it's a GOOOOOOL! ESP 2-2 LAF.

Round 4: Dan vs. Fabio. The slow run...the weak throw...the EASY block by Fabio...not that it was legal since Dan didn't jump...oh, dear. If Dan wants to stay, he's NOT helping his cause. Sash up for La Flor. Run, jump, throw...past Chase...but HITS THE TOP POST! No score this round!

Round 5: Alina's turn to face "Jud". Another lob...another GOOOOOL! ESP 3-2 LAF. Brenda vs. Chase for the tie. Another lob...but this one hits the BOTTOM post! ESP 3-2 LAF.

Round 6: Back to NaOnka...but NOT before Fabio pees in the pool "Grown-Ups" style. It's gross...but NaOnka seems up to the task anyway. Hard throw over Fabio's head...GOOOOOL! ESP 4-2 LAF. Jill back up...will she lob again? Nope, she leaps right and throws JUST before she hits the water. Chase can't react...GOOOOOL! ESP 4-3 LAF.

Round 7: It comes down to Benry. If he gets it past Fabio, we get reward. Run...jump...right AT Fabio, it seems. Dekeing until JUST before he hits, he fakes Fabio out greatly and slips the ball into the net! GOOOOOOOL! ESPADA WINS REWARD, 5-3!

So we got THAT to look forward to...which is nice.


We arrive and are quickly placed on horses for a nice trot to the farm. Chase is loving it, having grown up with horses until his father died and they had to get rid of them. To ride one now...it's like a piece of Mr. Rice is with Chase in spirit. When they arrive, the farmer shows them how to milk a cow and we get to it. Dan has fun with it...but NaOnka can't get the milk out without help. Hey, at least she can now say she touched a cow's nipple.

And then came the food. Eggs, cheese, rice, watermelon, cow milk...Holly was practically SHAKING, she was so happy. And the fact that the six of them were sitting down for a meal TOGETHER...it was quite emotional Alina and Holly. NaOnka...not so much. She's been warming up to Alina...but it's all the better for NaOnka when Alina's torch is snuffed!


Uncle Jeff re-reveals the Tribal Immunity Idol for today's challenge while taking back the Individual Immunity Necklaces from Holly and Jill. Two tribe members will roll colored cannonballs down a long, steep chute whilst four others use ropes to aim the bottom of the chute towards a sand pit covered with five long ceramic tiles of the opposing tribe's color. First time to smash all five tiles gets to sit out tonight's Tribal Council. When asked who would sit out for La Flor, Sash said it would be him...which confused the HELL outta Espada. Still, Benry and Alina will roll the balls for us while Brenda and Kelly S. bombs for La Flor. Oh,...forgot...the balls come in two sizes and can be dropped from one of three different levels.

First for Espada, Benry launches a small one from the lowest position...but it lands between tiles. Kelly drops a small from high...and BANG! it connects. Alina fires a big one from on high. It GRAZES one tile but it DOES break it so we're tied. Bombs away goes Brenda on high...and it overshoots everything.

After some consideration from La Flor on positioning, Benry lets one fly...and NAILS the furthest one. Kelly's misses, though, giving us a 2-1 lead. As positioning goes, Benry bonks his head into Alina's chin...but she's cool. She drops from the middle level...and connects! After arguing with Fabio, Brenda drops from the top...and JUST misses. 3-1, Espada.

With a small ball, Benry lines up from the middle level. He rolls...and it hits dead CENTER on the closest one. Brenda rolls again...but they can't seem to hit it. With Espada up 4-1, they'd better pray Alina misses her shot. As the tribe pulls the ropes, Benry has a good feeling from her dropping from the middle. She releases...it rolls...and it JUST misses the nose of the tile! Kelly takes a big ball and drops from the lower...CRASH! It's 4-2, Espada.

Benry and Alina decide to keep the chute where it is and go for a big ball, hoping the momentum will be enough to take out the final one. Benry gets the ball...he drops it...it flies...CRASH! ESPADA (FINALLY) WINS IMMUNITY! Alina feels GREAT as they take the conquistador bust and head for home.


To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.