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Twenty players -- 10 young, 10 old -- venture to Nicaragua to outwit, outplay, and outlast in the classic game of survival for a million dollars.
Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris "Wolvie" Motherway, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
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Charlie Parsons
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Jeff Probst
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Origins San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
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Turf Wars (Espada)
October 13



Holly hadn't a clue that Jimmy T. had been marked for elimination. She was CERTAIN Dan and his bum leg were history. So much for the "weakest link" strategy that has worked until now. Holly feels like she's next on the chopping block...UNLESS something changes soon.

Marty has a different outlook: HE's in command of Espada at last! And, with the 3I around his neck and Dan in his back pocket, they're sure Holly and Jan are next. He states, "It would take something extraordinary, off-the-charts, completely whacked-out to disturb my plans."

Careful what you wish for...


It's only been a day since we last saw Uncle Jeff at Challenge Beach...and the "Younger Tribe" La Flor sees us without the other Jimmy. Then Jeff says those frightening words: "Drop your Buffs!"

Oh, @#$%...the tribes are being switched! Age lines are gone! And Marty...his well-laid plains are HOSED!

Uncle Jeff gets each tribe to draw a stone from a different bag. Those that pick the ones with the tribe color on them become "captains". As such, it's Brenda for La Flor and Holly for Espada. Now, to make the tribes eight apiece, Brenda chooses three from Espada and Holly four from La Flor. We lose Jane, Jill and Marty and gain Alina, Benry, Chase and NaOnka. No more "younger" and "older" crap as we grab new Buffs; we are now OFFICIALLY Espada and La Flur!

Oh...one more thing. That Medallian of Power we have? It's dead! No more advantages to be had in Tribal Challenges.


No time to rest...on to the Challenge. Four pairs will be made for each tribe: two pairs of throwers, two pair of catchers. The throwers toss balls up a pyramid, which will then bounce down, hitiing blocks along the way and changing direction often. The catchers from the OTHER tribe have to - duh - catch the balls before they hit the bround beneath them. Fail to do that, the tribe who threw gets a point and the tribes switch to the other pairs. First to three points gets a live poultry nest of two hens and a rooster. Save them for the eggs...or roast them on a spit...up to you.

Espada scores first as Sasha drops the ball chucked by NaOnka and Yve. Tyrone drops a La Flur ball to even things up while Holly has a hard them getting the ball up the ramp. Round 3 has Marty dropping, putting us at possible game point...but it's not to be as Alina drops to send it to a decisive fith round. It's back and forth, both teams making catches worth of a World Series team. But it only takes one Buckner to blow it...

...and it's MARTY! He bobbles but can't catch it! ESPADA WINS REWARD, 3-2!

Yessir, we are the cock-of-the-walk as we take our cluckers and head back to celebrate as a half-old-half-young tribe.


Tyrone, who was the Medvedev to Marty's Putin, now has full control over the tribe...so to speak. He likes that there are new chicks in the camp...as well as the hens and the rooster. He suggests holding the hens for eggs and gives out the general ground rules to the younger folks. Alina and NaOnka don't like that there are now subject to rules. Holly likes the fresh blood...and PRAYS they like her to keep her around longer. NaOnka think that...well, this is her "home" now...make the best with it...and go where the numbers go..


A wicked storm springs up on us, dampening our firewood AND our spirits. Benry doesn't like our architecture. "It's gotta stop sometime," he says about the rain. Dan retorts, "That's what Noah said." NaOnka just hates being cold and wet...and I mean HATES. She's crying in the shelter, not wanting to quit but feeling VERY strained. Alina comforts her...but, inside, she's loving this, thinking it's one step closer to NaOnka's departure. Benry ALSO comforts NaOnka, telling her a story about a rainbow he saw the day his dad died. "We'll make it through this," he assures her.

The night doesn't seem to get much better for NaOnka. She sticks her head in a canvas bag and moans, "Oh, God...I just wanna go home..."


The storm DOES dessipate as we meet Unlce Jeff on Challenge Beach. We talk about our new sleeping arrangements and then get to our challenge. Three tribe members get strapped to a water wheel while three others turn it. The strapped get water in their mouth which they must spit into a bowl like they used to do in dentists' rooms. Spit enough, a ball is released and the other two use the weighted ball to break five tiles. First to break five tiles is safe from Tribal Council tonight. Alina, Holly and Yve will be our spitters; NaOnka, Dan and Chase will be the spinners and the two best shooters in the game - Tyrone and Benry - will be the breakers.

"Survivors ready...GO!"

Around and around the ladies go, gulping in water and spitting it out into the bowl, which leads to the tube the ball is in. We move slow, hoping the ladies will take more water in...La Flur moves fast under the hands of Marty, Sash and Jill. Will the tortoise or the hare drop the ball first?

It's Espada! Now the ballers get to ballin'. But JUST as we break our first tile, La Flur spits enough for the ball to get to Jane and Fabio. And Jane breaks a tile on their first shot...and Fabio connects just as fast. We tie...fall behind...and tie again...and fall behind again 4-3. Our star shooters aren't star shooting! But Benry manages to tie it up. Who will break the tile, break the tie and give their tribe a break tonight?


For the fourth time, the yellow-Buffed tribe take the conquistador bust away...and leave us singing the blues. Specifically, it's NaOnka feeling blue...and feeling she's "done"


NaOnka feels Espada's cursed with bad luck, getting the "pick of the litter" from La Flur and STILL losing Immunity. If she's voted out tonight, that's fine by her...even WITH her 3I from La Flur. And as for dinner...well, meat's back on the menu as the tribe decides to waste a chicken. Tyrone disagrees...but he'll go along with the tribe...especially after the tribe votes against it. Benry takes a hen and, with a sweeping motion (thankfully edited OUT), snaps its neck. A cleaning and a boiling and it's finger slobberin' go-o-o-o-od. Tyrone stayed aside from the tribe...until the eating. And he (allegedly) got more than anyone else. Another strike against him.

Benry admits that Tyrone can help physically...but he's not the best guy to get along with...and the younger Espadas agree with him. Well,...except NaOnka. Alina thinks she's looking FORWARD to HER beheading. So...which African-American will be saying good-bye? Let's go to...


The Missionary of Doom awaits us again. Fourth time for the elders, only the second for the younguns. Uncle Jeff talks us about the dynamics of the switch. Alina doesn't like the rules, Benry says Ty's the boss and Ty seems to admit it and even LIKES it. BUT, he says he does not choose unilaterally; he listens to the tribe and decides based on the best route. Alina and Ty talk about the "turf wars" between the young and old...or the young and TYRONE, specifically.

NaOnka tells about herself cold and shaking during the storm. She'd been through a divorce...and the night of the storm was HARDER for her than that! It freaks Uncle Jeff out that NaOnka got more support from a bunch of STRANGERS who were COMPETING with her for the million...than from a personal relationship. She WANTED to quit...but she seems to have got over it. That jives with Benry...but Yve wants longevity (the old "weakest link" strategy again).

It's time to vote. Alina, Tyrone ("Na[Onka], you say to 'keep it 100%'? I keep it 100%!"), Chase, NaOnka, Benry ("Time to dethrone the King of Espada!"...but we don't see his vote), Dan, Holly and Yve marker their votes, slip it in the coffer and hope for the best. Uncle Jeff tallies...and then reads who will be voted fifth out of the game:








The "King" is dead as the fire captain has his OWN fire put out by a 6-2 vote. "Good luck, guys," are his parting words to the now-younger-tilted tribe.

Uncle Jeff congratulated us on the tribe's first "blind side" vote, saying that, for all the talk about communication and nurturing tonight, Tyrone felt neither. But, again, will losing a leader solidify the tribe...or tear it assunder? Time will, again, tell...

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