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September 15 (La Flor)
September 15 (Espada)

Twenty players -- 10 young, 10 old -- venture to Nicaragua to outwit, outplay, and outlast in the classic game of survival for a million dollars.
Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris "Wolvie" Motherway, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
David Burris
Jeff Probst
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Survivor Productions
Castaway TV Productions
Origins San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Web cbs.com/survivor
Airs 8p Wed, CBS

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Fatigue Makes Cowards Of Us All (La Flor)


Last time, the game began anew with two tribes: the younger players of La Flor and the elders of Espada. With a new game comes a new wrinkle: the Medallion of Power, which gives the tribe who possesses it an advantage in challenges. Also, Hidden Idol clues are now cryptic pictures. All of this does Wendy no use, as she was the first to be sent packing, leaving 19.

DAY 4: "I've never gone so long without showering or brushing my teeth." "I have!"

The tribe is still getting a feel of each other. The guys seem to think NaOnka is strong, chief among them is Sash, who we learn is actually half-Jamaican. He wants to bring NaOnka into an all-minority alliance, maybe bring "Brenda the Asian Sensation" in later. And Kelly B is also entertained into the fold, though NaOnka thnks that she's a charity case. She has the heart, she has the mind, but she only has one leg. That may be a liability.

DAY 5: "I am so eaten alive. My legs are out of control."

The biggest blowout on the tribe yet occurs from all things... Socks. You know, those things that you lose in the wash. NaOnka's socks are gone from her shoes, and she's looking for answers. Shannon thinks it's a bit too much drama for a sock. Luckily, NaOnka took another pair of socks... and the happened to belong to Fabio, who's whining that he can't find his pair of socks. Alina calls it exactly what it is... "high school drama." And... yep. NaOnka thinks Fabio is... for lack of a better word, stupid. Fabio just can't wait to vote her off.

DAY 6: R/I-CHALLENGE: Ball in a Haystack (NaOnka sits out)

Race through mud to get to a haystack. Inside the haystack, four tribesmen will have to find four balls. Once all of the balls are found, three other tribesmen will have to use shields to pass them from man to man until they get into a barrel.

Not only is this for Immunity, this is for Reward. Today, it's a choice between tarp and rope or fishing gear.

Espada still possesses the Medallion of Power. Should they choose to use it, they will have a ball already waiting for them in the barrel. They're going to use the Medallion. As a result, Dan sits out.

Will the advantage make a difference quickly? Oh yeah. It's all Espada, all the time... until Holly gets stalled. The Youngers are catching up. And at the tossing phase, they're now even. Benry gets cold at the wrong time. The Medallion proves powerful as ESPADA wins Immunity and the choice of Reward. They choose the fishing gear.

AFTERNOON 6: "Blame the medallion"

NaOnka sat out the challenge to see what Kelly B could do on her legs. She couldn't have been prouder. Meanwhile, Alina thinks that Brenda may have a thing for Chase, so Alina and Kelly have to break that up.

Meanwhile, Sash wants to get rid of NaOnka. Kelly wants to know why, thinking Brenda will be a little more threat. Shannon says that Brenda is trying to play Chase's ass. This is putting Chase in a difficult, though familiar, situation. Does he choose his alliance... or his friend?

Meanwhile, Brenda and NaOnka are trying to get Shannon out, thinking that he's the ringleader of the alliance. NaOnka doesn't like Fabio, but at the same time, he's not as big of a threat as Shannon is. Brenda is getting all sorts of love from all over the place, and she doesn't even have to do with anything!

Speaking of, Chase tells Brenda of the plan. Chase didn't want to play the game this way, and Brenda wants to know why Chase needs Shannon so bad. He already has the numbers to guarantee his safety. It's looking that it'll be a tie, 5-5 Shannon and Brenda. Alina notices... and it's time to split the couple up. Shannon's alliance went from six strong to a nebulous cloud.

NIGHT 6: Tribal Council

Fire... equals life. Someone will be without both shortly.

Shannon thought the adventure so far was brutal. He's finding out that there's no loyalty. "You better hope his girlfriend stays with him in this tribe, because he'll be going home next." I think he's talking about Chase. Shannon thought that Chase had his back. Enter Tribal argument #1... Not a smart move...

Jud tries to pacify this whole argument...

And Jeff thinks that Brenda's the X-factor in all of this...

And ...

Shannon: "I'm gonna get this out of the way right now, are you gay?"

That was random. "New York's full of a bunch of gay people, yeah." Even more random.

Alina thinks that trusting someone this early into a million dollar game is a little foolish. Benry is surprised that trust is that big of an issue this early. He doesn't know who to trust anymore. Brenda thinks that Shannon wants to take out a strong girl. Shannon defends himself by saying that a lot of pepole were thinking that Brenda was a strong threat early.

And NaOnka finds herself agreeing with Fabio that the tribe is still one unit. So there's that... until Tribal argument #3. "Fabio... I don't like you."

"Can we vote?"

"CAN WE?!"

Right now, Kelly B thinks that more than anything, the tribe needs some unity. We may get it after this...

Fabio: BRENDA - "I guess this is still our game plan. I don't really know."
Brenda: SHANNON - "It was either me or him, so it was an easy vote for me."
Shannon: BRENDA
Sash: SHANNON - "You should've known better than to have messed with the biggest bachelor in New York."

And the rest of the count...


And the rest of the votes... are for SHANNON. With a vote of 6-3, with one vote withheld... Shannon, THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.

One thing we've learned... The biggest threat from the tribe... is the tribe itself.

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.