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Twenty of the game's greatest players -- 10 heroes, 10 villains -- seek for return, revenge, and redemption in the game that they helped make famous.
Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Eric Pierce, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
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Castaway TV Productions
Origins Upolu Island, Samoa
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Airs 8p Thurs, CBS
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Jumping Ship

The immortal Desi Arnaz once said on his immortal series, on this very immortal network... "Lucy, you've got some 'splainin' to do." Playing the role of Ricky Ricardo: Russell Hantz. Playing the role of Lucy: Parvati Shallow. Playing the role of "Jury Member #3", JT. Now nine remain and no one is safe.

Oh, did we mention that the tribes merged?

NIGHT 27: "I tried..." "I'm done...."

Sandra didn't know that Parvati had ONE idol, let alone two. Russell gives Parvati the business for not telling him about the Idol. Parvati didn't see any harm done in keeping one little secret. This move really rattled his bones.

Meanwhile, Amanda tells Rupert that the four remaining Heroes are going to stick together, while she listens to the other tribe to see where the lines lie. Rupert hopes that Sandra will open the door again.

DAY 28: Time for Plan B...

Russell goes to Candice to try and pull her to the dark side. "One person has to jump. And that one person is going to be very crucial to what happens later on." Russell believes that Candice's butt is in a sling and that she doesn't have any other choice than to listen to him.

Candice is going to flip.

R-CHALLENGE: Survivor Shuffle (trip to Robert Louis Stevenson's home and private screening of "Treasure Island")

From Amazon, three teams of three, red, blue, and black, will shoot pucks across the board. Closest to the center of the X wins.

BLACK: Candice, Parvati, Jerri
RED: Rupert, Russell, Sandra
BLUE: Danielle, Amanda, Colby

Rupert is the first on the X after round 1. Danielle knocks him off the mark, but Red still leads. Colby Donaldson with the last shot... ON THE MONEY! BLUE WINS! It's Movie Night for Danielle, Amanda and Colby!

The version of the movie, by the way, is the Lionel Barrymore version. Meanwhile, Amanda is thinking about one thing... immunity clue... Danielle notices that there's something in her popcorn that isn't popcorn. It's a clue. Amanda... snatches it from under its hiding place under the bed! That leads to a GIRL FIGHT! And Colby's just like "Screw the movie."

DAY 29: It's raining again...

Danielle shares the clue with Jerri, Russell & Parvati. "Follow the path to where you get water for drinking." Russell finds it and hides it, and then pockets it. Russell is prepared for revenge on Parvati. The queen is dead, long live the king.

Russell's guarantee to Candice for the alliance: the Idol. This could be a catalyst for her, but at the same time, she has to keep it under her hat, because she can't trust anyone... EVEN RUSSELL.

Candice is going to flip.

DAY 30: Sandra breaks it down...

Tyson.. gone. Boston Rob... gone. Courtney... gone. Sandra knew that she had the numbers, and everyone else knew it as well. And Sandra can make her move and jump now, with no one the wiser. Right? Colby assumes that Danielle is going to find the hidden Idol, and he'll keep the Talisman away from her, or die trying.

Bottom line: Colby needs Sandra to take out Russell or Parvati... tonight.

Sandra doesn't divulge this info to Russell, but Russell does mention that Candice is now working for the Villains. Sandra says that she has to flip to the Heroes if only to get rid of Russell. She finds her out in Rupert... and that's exactly what he wanted. "The guy is a piece of garbage." But can we really trust her?

Candice is going to flip.

I-CHALLENGE: House of Tiles

Using 150 wooden tiles, build a Gabonese house of cards 10 feet tall. First one to do it wins.

It's between Russell and Jerri... and in the end, Russell didn't have the tiles. Jerri wins her first Immunity EVER.

Back at camp, Russell's fond of Jerri winning. Rupert and Colby are done. Candice? The Jury of Russell Hantz is out on that one. Candice says that she's going to go with the most solid plan. That plan being that Russell is the one to go.

Candice tells Russell of the plan, and he goes to his team to counterattack. Their target: Sandra, who started the rumors of Russell going home. If she flips, then the die is cast.

Rupert tells Sandra all of what is said between him and Candice. That sends the former Heroes into a frenzy. They're going to vote for Parvati, but Rupert doesn't really see a way that the Heroes can make out of this. "If this thing doesn't work, it's Candice's fault."

Three days of scrambling in three minutes.

Candice is going to flip.

NIGHT 30: Tribal

Rupert's been talking about a Villain jumping ship, but it's a crazy idea. Sandra says that she's on the outside. Amanda says to offer the best deal. Sandra feels like she's not wanted, but Russell's tribe plays completely different. There are cracks and distrust. Russell says that the further Danielle gets, the further Russell gets. The hidden idol. What does Colby think? Danielle has it. (C-Note: Wrong, thanks for playing.) Parvati says that she feels vulnerable now that the heat is off of Danielle. If someone flips, then Parvati has no protection. Russell says that if you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, you go home. He'll take that risk.

Russell: AMANDA - "I believe I know what's going on tonight, so I'll be using the Idol to get rid of you.... and I found it. Not Danielle."

Amanda: PARV - "I have to play my game. You have to play yours."

IDOL! Russell wants to keep everyone honest and plays the Idol for himself. So all votes against him are invalidated.

Parvati: AMANDA
Sandra: AMANDA

And the rest are for... Amanda. By a vote of 5-3... THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.


Russell: ROB
Courtney: RUSSELL
Danielle: ROB
Parvati: ROB

And the final vote... from Jerri.... By a count of 4-3-1.... ROB, THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN. What a waste of a perfectly good Idol.

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.