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Ten ultimate "Survivor" fans get a chance of a lifetime, competing against ten former castaways for a shot at $1 million. Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Origin: Palau, Micronesia
Airs: Thursdays at 8pm ET on CBS


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Like a Wide-Eyed Kid in a Candy Store

Lots of things happened. Jason found the decoy Idol, Airai lost Penner to an injury, and Malakal lost Chet. Now that we're current...

Day 18: No eggs.

Okay, only two on the Malakal, so it's time to kill, says Tracy. Ozzy says it makes no sense, because eggs are a renewable resource. Then again, two halves can't make a hole without a hole, right? Meanwhile, Tracy is getting a little more than annoyed that Ozzy has become the kingpin of the tribe. "He's going to win the whole thing if we don't get him out of here."

Over on Airai, the tribe's in the cave to escape the rain. James can't help but be annoyed by the complaining. "Just relax. We're not going to be here forever." Kathy can't wait to get home, the most down about life on the island.

Back on Malakal, Ozzy does what he does best... climb and get coconuts. Erik thinks he can do that as well. He has no problem learning how to climb from the best. Cirie: "If Ozzy were to propose to Erik right now... Done deal."

Cirie, meanwhile, is asked to help move the boat to the other side of the island. She's not a good swimmer. Fears are heightened when Ozzy suggests that they go swimming for a little bit of giant clam. And, of course, since Ozzy gets what Ozzy wants...

R-CHALLENGE: Money Stones (for a spa day on an island)

Four members of each tribe would be blindfolded and would push a large Micronesian money stone through a forest course while being verbally directed by the two other tribe members. Along the course, the money stones would crush four tiles that would reveal a pair of smaller money stones. Three tribe members would then use these eight stones to solve a rotating cog puzzle.

Winners: Malakal... and it's about time, too. They head to reward, but first, Jason and Tracy are sent to Exile Island.

At the reward, Erik is enjoying the winning experience... for once. Requisite communal shower scene ensues.

Meanwhile, at Airai, a shower of a different sort. Kathy says it's a lot different than just watching 30 seconds of rain footage at home. Meanwhile, James serves up raw clam to his tribesmates, for lack of fire. "Never in a million years would I ever do this... twice." Combine that with sleeping in a cave and general homesickness, and Kathy's ready to call this "the dumbest thing she's ever done."

Day 19: Ready to die...

Kathy was ready to look for another source of strength... Can't find it. She was trying to send a vibe to her daughter to help her through this. She can't feel her or any of her family. "I can't be here one more minute. I'm 100% sure. I can't do it anymore." The tribe tries to talk her out of the inevitability, but again, it's inevitable... She asks for a boat. Kathy, of her own accord, is quitting the game.

And here comes Jeff with a boat. After some reassurance that life will continue for both tribe and tribesman alike, Kathy departs. Airai is down to six, and Survivor continues.

Day 20: A hard dose of reality.

Cirie and Amanda are beginning to see that Ozzy's starting to act selfish. "Ozzy is about Ozzy." So now it's about getting rid of either him or Erik. The ladies decide that Erik is next to go.


One tribe member would race across a floating bridge carrying one end of a rope. The rope would then be attached to a bundle of giant puzzle pieces. The rest of the tribe would turn a winch that would reel in the bundle and the tribe member back to the beach. Five bundles would need to be hauled to the beach in this manner. Two tribe members would then assemble the puzzle pieces.

Winners: Airai

Back at camp, Ozzy wants Erik to stay. Ami says that the girls want to get rid of Erik. The plan: Amanda, Ami, Cirie, and Tracy would all vote for Erik. Ozzy will vote for Tracy. Tracy, Erik, and Ami will instead vote for Ozzy in the ultimate blindside.

Meanwhile, Tracy says to Erik that he's next, so he's got to vote for Ami.

Cirie and Amanda, though, don't know if they're ready to turn on Ozzy just yet. Ami wonders if she could instead vote out one of the fans.

Someone's going home after...

Night 20: Tribal Council

This tribe is in trouble, and the only reason that they're still in it is because of odd circumstances. Tracy says that Ozzy is the leader. Ozzy refutes that. Cirie sees where Tracy's coming from. Erik sees a conflict: no one wants to be the leader, but there're things that need to be done. Ami says she has to play her cards when it makes the most sense. Ozzy isn't naive to think that he's not a target. They can either get him out as a threat, or keep him as an ally. Tracy says she would be less than a threat, virtually outing her alliance.

Ozzy: TRACY - "You said you were honest, and that's BULL..."
Tracy: OZZY - "You wanted me out. Good player. No hard feelings."

The rest of the vote...

Cirie: TRACY
Amanda: TRACY

That's enough. The other two.

Parvati: TRACY

By a vote of 5 to 1, Tracy, THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.