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Ten ultimate "Survivor" fans get a chance of a lifetime, competing against ten former castaways for a shot at $1 million. Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Origin: Palau, Micronesia
Airs: Thursdays at 8pm ET on CBS


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It Hit Everyone Pretty Hard
March 13

Last time on the island, Ozzy found the idol and replaced it with a fake. That put his alliance in the power position... until the tribes were switched and James & Parvati went over to Airai. Meanwhile, a Reward Challenge injured Penner severely. Joel decided to get rid of Chet, but the favorites decides to band together and blindside Joel.

Night 14: Blindside... part 3.

Joel showed no emotion in his ouster, as Erik thought he was shafted by the result of the vote. "If the playing field has been lowered to lying and tricking people, I might have to do something like that."

Day 15: The weak inherit the earth...

It was hard to put up Joel, but he was hell-bent on getting rid of Chet. Tracy is driven crazy by not being in control. She didn't come this far to bend over. She thinks Erik is next to go. "They aren't going to take you with them." The only hope is to have one of the favorites flip.

Ami senses the shift, and has no problem telling Tracy so. "I was never a part of the original alliance, so I'm also in a very vulnerable situation."

Over on Airai, Penner's knee is "feeling better". James says losing him is going to be a big blow to a team.

Eliza believes that Fans vs. Favorites is over, and her priority one is getting rid of James and Parvati.

R-Challenge: Tunnel Revision (for two native Micronesians; Airai sits out Natalie)

Swim out to collect bundles of planks, sticks, and ropes. They would then have ten minutes to use these items to build a blockade of the other tribe's tunnel. The tribes would then race to tear apart the other team's blockade of their own tunnel and get all the members of their tribe through to the other side.

Winners: Airai. They choose Chet from Malakal and Jason from their own to go to Exile.

Meanwhile, Penner stays behind with medical for another look at that knee of his. His tribe stays behind. You can tell that his suture is oozing pus. This is going to need something bigger than what medical has on hand. Penner says he's not going to quit, but we're looking at something potentially fatal. Dr. Sartini recommends that Penner be medevac'ed out of the game immediately. Penner reluctantly agrees. No one wants Penner to leave the game under these circumstances, but this is the reality of the situation.

With a quick "I'll see you at the reunion", a teary-eyed Penner is sailed to hospital.

Back on Airai, Joe and Edwin from the Palau season return to help the new breed of tribesmen get the most of life on the island, all while James is thinking that Penner being out of the game will not help his situation. Together with Edwin & Joe, the Airai, using fishing line, an extra machete, two knives, a fishing net, vegetables, fruit, learn how to fish and hunt for crabs.

Over on Malakal, Chet is once again called out for doing nothing. Amanda says that they don't work well as a team. Cirie says not only do you have to play the game, you have to teach the fans how to play the game as well. Ami says that they have to be given the chance, because they were there once as well. Tracy decides that Cirie needs to go because she can't be trusted. Ami is conflicted because she can't trust Cirie either. She asks Erik to take care of her.

Cirie wonders if Jason found the Idol yet. Ozzy, as we know, already has the Idol. Jason MAY have found the fake Idol. We won't know until we go to...

... Exile Island. Jason and Chet are looking at the clues, while Chet is playing through pain. He thinks that there's an infection AND that Ozzy already has the Idol. Jason refuses to believe one of those things. Guess which one. I'll give you a hint. Jason is holding a stick in his hand. "It's not much, but it's a carving with a little guy on it. This is really good for me." Suuuuure it is.

Night 15: Crabs after dark...

Joe & Edwin say that it's best to hunt for crab after the sun sets. Sure enough, they're right, and they have a few to nosh on for dinner. The two join the tribe for dinner.

Day 16...

First, an update. Penner's wound was cleaned up, and he's now doing well. Jason says that he thinks that Ozzy has the Idol.


Use two stepping poles to transfer two tribesmen from one platform to another out at sea. All the tribe members would then swim out to a smaller tower. To win immunity, the tribe has to get all seven of its members on the tower with both feet on or above the top deck.

Winners: Airai. They go the idea to use one pole each for Eliza and Parvati.

Day 17: Throwing it in. Officially.

Back at camp, Chet reveals his fish hook injury, saying that he's ready to go home. Ozzy says... "Okay." "Was their any question anyways?"

But it may not be that easy, as Erik thinks that he and Tracy would serve the game more honorably by voting out a stronger threat. Erik tries to talk Chet out of it and vote for Ozzy. If Tracy and Erik convince Chet to stay, Ami will vote with them.

More chicken politics.

He says he'll think about it, but he's not sure what to do at this point.

Night 17: Tribal...

Cirie says it sucks the way Penner went out like that. Ozzy says he's a strong guy, but he didn't expect what he saw today. Erik thought that what Jason said put a lot of thoughts in his head. Cirie doesn't take it at face value. Ozzy says he's not going home tonight, to the point that he will strip down tonight and jump off the pier. Chet says that there's an obvious person going home, but there's an uncertainty around. Amanda thinks that if you start feeling comfortable, you're going home.

Ozzy - CHETTINGTON V: "Thanks for letting us use you to vote out Joel, and I hope your foot feels better."
Ami - (HIDDEN): "Sorry to see you go. Bye."

Now to the rest of the votes...

Amanda: CHET
Cirie: CHET
Erik: CHET

That's four. That's enough. The rest...

Tracy: ERIK
Chet: ERIK

With a vote of 5-2, Chet, THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.