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n new castaways will outwit and outplay in the Orient. Nine castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Eric Pierce, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons
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Origin: China
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Ready to Bite the Apple
November 29

Last time... was a clip show. Now we’re back to new with seven still in the running for a million. But first, some unfinished business at Tribal Council upon Frosti’s ouster.

Night 27: Unfinished Business...

Jeff: "We have more business to attend to here." And so with that, the Jury is dismissed, and we head into...

R-Challenge: Unfinished Business (for a trip to a Shaolin temple)

The Shaolin temple is the home of kung fu. They will enjoy a demonstration, a vegetarian meal, and a night under the stars in the temple. This is an opportunity that very few will ever take, and it begins... right now.

A series of questions on Chinese cultures. First one to five wins reward.

1) True or false: China is credited with the invention of the abacus. Correct: TRUE. Todd, James, Peih-Gee, and Denise score.
2) Which animal does not belong to the Chinese Zodiac? A) Rat b) rabbit c) Cat d) Rooster. Correct: C. Everyone’s right.
3) True or false: 99 percent of the giant panda’s diet is bamboo. Correct: TRUE. Everyone except Denise score.
4) The capital of China is a) Hong Kong b) Beijing c) Shanghai d) Macau. Correct: B. Everyone’s right except Amanda. Peih-Gee, James, and Todd could win it on the next question.
5) Receiving a red envelope is a sign of a) a love letter b) cash c) a death notice d) a military draft notice. Correct: B. Peih-Gee wins reward and the choice of two people who will accompany her. She chooses Erik and Denise.

With that, grab your torches and head back to camp.

Day 28: the Temple of Fate.

Denise says that she feels so much love, but when she leaves camp, she’s nervous about what to expect. As Peih-Gee, Denise & Erik leave, the remaining four think about the final four... why not the four of them? They’re in the proverbial Garden of Eden. “Don’t bite the apple. Leave it alone.” Right now, Courtney doesn’t feel comfortable with any of them in the final four.

The other three head out on a private jet to visit the temple of the Shaolin. Meanwhile, Peih-Gee thinks that they can be final three. They can pick off Todd and have a majority vote. Denise notes that she is working overtime on strategy. We’re going to have to wait and see what happens at this point.

The outsiders enter the temple, not fully knowing what to expect, but being Chinese, Peih-Gee seems to relate this as another world. Denise opened her own dojo a while back, but she’s still a student in the karate.

A note about the Shaolin: this temple was built in the 5th century as a Ch'an Buddhist temple at Song Shan in the Henan. Long famous for its association with Chinese martial arts, it is perhaps the best known Mahayana Buddhist monastery to the Western world. (Thanks, Wikipedia. Go here for more:

The outsiders get a chance to pick up a few moves, while Denise gets an opportunity to share in her vast knowledge.

That night, they share in dinner inside the temple underneath the stars. Then to bed in regal style. And all Peih-Gee can think about is her neck on the line.

Meanwhile, Denise puts it mildly... “Best reward ever.”

Day 29: Rain...

Todd is done with rain. Meanwhile, the erstwhile Shaolin monks return to camp. It looked like no one was there to greet them, but Amanda was there to lead them back to the cave. Courtney is getting a little claustrophobic about people going into her happy little cave.

Todd is happy that Denise got to go into the temple. Denise lets Todd know about the conference of one that Peih-Gee had about the final three. “Great, because now I hate your guts,” he says of Peih-Gee. James, meanwhile, is just trying to win another day, comparing the group of five to the two that will not eat that apple.

Day 30: “Courtney, you want to take a walk?”… to TREE MAIL!


“Practice, practice, practice,
Anyone can win this game
Arrogance breed complacency.
Remember that when you lose your flame.”


And it’s stuck to the post with shuriken. Nice.

James is the next target of Amanda and Courtney. Not so nice. “He definitely has to be blindsided tonight.” She’s not just ready to bite the apple, she’s ready to make the whole fricking pie.

I-Challenge: Shooting Star

Shooting three stars for points. Highest three will get one more throw. Person with the highest score wins Immunity.

Peih-Gee: nothing.
Todd: one hit in the mommy-and-daddy button for 3.
Erik: Two 3-pointers for 6.
Courtney: One trey, one deuce, and one single for 6.
James: two treys, one in the twig and berries for 6.
Amanda: two 3-pointers for 6.
Denise: one deuce... needs to hit the heart for five. Doesn’t happen.

And then there were four.

Courtney: misses.
Amanda: a deuce.
Erik: Three.
James needs a heart shot. He gets... nothing. Erik wins immunity.

So now all eyes are on James. Todd is concentrated on keeping Erik & Peih-Gee away from each other, because they are the fighters. Amanda, Denise, and Courtney make the play for voting James out. Todd says that there’s a chance that James could vote him out. Todd is worried about lying to his face. “I like the guy, but I also like a million dollars, too.”

Peih-Gee is pretty sure that James has the Immunity Idol. She wants to call his bluff at Tribal. Amanda objects: “You just need to not do anything. Act like you’re going home, and just keep it at that.” She wants badly to flush out that Idol. And if he does, so the plan is, Todd takes the bullet. Erik says that he’s risking a lot for that plan.

James tells Amanda not to give into Peih-Gee’s wiles, knowing that if he lasts tonight, he’s good. “I will have the Idols there. If I sense that something’s not going right, I’ll play the idol. I have to.”

Night 30: Tribal Council.

Denise enjoyed the reward. The energy gave her a lift. Peih-Gee is trying to get into the wall of Fei Long. James says that she’s working her strategy, like she’s supposed to do. Todd says that without the Immunity Necklace, he’s left without options. Denise, though, says that she doesn’t trust anyone. James says that he really can’t trust anyone. Peih-Gee says that she has no doubt about the vote, saying that she’s ready as she’ll ever be.

Peih-Gee: TODD: “Just a little insurance, I guess.”
James: “P.G.”
Todd: JAMES: “If this works, great. If not, I’m scared for my life.”

Anyone play the Idol? James... doesn’t play it.

Denise: JAMES
Amanda: JAMES
Courtney: JAMES