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n new castaways will outwit and outplay in the Orient. Nine castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Eric Pierce, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Entertainment Group, Castaway TV Prods.
Origin: China
Airs: Thursdays at 8pm ET on CBS


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High School Friend Contest
November 8

Ok, so Jaime is gone and the immunity was fake. Jean-Robert had a close scare, but should he consider it a premonition of the future?

Back at camp everyone is rehashing the events at tribal. James is perfectly aware that he can not afford to tell Jean Robert about his two immunity idols. As a result, Jean Robert remains oblivious to what really just happened.

Other tribe members have actually begun to think that James having both idols may not be the best thing. However, there is no time to think about that. Challenge time!

The tribe will split into 2 teams.


Denise is left out and can not win. Each team will put one member in a boat while the opposing team will toss buckets of water in an attempt to sink the other teamís boat. First team to 2 sinks wins.

Round one pits Todd vs. Courtney. Todd stays in the center far away from the buckets while Courtney doesnít do quite so well. Itís a landslide as Courtney goes under while Todd barely ahs anything in his boat.

Round 2: Amanda vs. Frosti. Can you say Lather, Rinse, repeat? Amanda manages to stay center while Frosti drifts outside allowing James and Jean-Robert to mercilessly dump water into his boat. Game, Set, Match.

As a reward, Todd, Amanda, James and Jean-Robert will be going to an ancient Chinese village. Everyone else gets to go back to camp.

As the winners arrive at the village they are taken back by the culture and more so the lavish feast. At the feast they are greeted by another clue to find the hidden immunity idol. Jean-Robert is flabbergasted as he didnít even think there was an immunity idol. He canít figure out the clues and James, Amanda and Todd snicker to themselves, knowing both idols are already in Jamesí possession.

Back at camp, the unrewarded 5 realizes that they have numbers and consider a plot to oust Jean-Robert. Denise seems to be the lynchpin, but she is wavering, unsure of whether or not voting Jean-Robert out would be the best decision for her.

Once the feast is over and Hae Da Fung is reunited, day turns to night and Jean-Robert can not sleep. He stays up all night searching for the hidden immunity idol and ends up prying all the plaques off the pagodas, similar to Jaime. Heís not sure that he has it, but likes the idea of potentially having a trump card in his pocket.

But Todd seems to want to play the ultimate Trump card. He wants to backdoor James and vote him out without him thinking that he needs to use the idol. Amanda agrees, and they pull Frosti in on the act. They all refuse to tell Peih-Gee because they are sure that she will rat them out to James.

Of course, to pull this off they have to successfully keep James from winning immunity.

Immunity Challenge!

The survivors will have to balance on segments of a Chinese dragon made into rotating barrels. At the start the barrels will begin to drain of water making them more and more unstable. The survivors who will have to straddle the barrels must stay on top the longest to win.

Early in the challenge you can tell that having weight will be a disadvantage. Jean-Robert and Denise quickly struggle and fall out of the competition. James who also carries quite a bit of heft is very shaky but manages to save himself numerous times.

Courtney who must weigh the least hasnít even shaken an inch. After about 20 minutes, it happens. James is in the swamp. Todd has a mild smirk on his face, but soon after he falls into the drink along with Amanda, Peih-Gee and Eric.

Itís now a face-off between Courtney and Frosti. Frosti is mostly steady but shakes occasionally and Courtney still hasnít budged. Around 40 minutes, Frosti is forced to make some major adjustments and is not successful. Courtney wins immunity.

And now for the heat. Jean-Robert is talking about the game with Eric and Eric divulges that James is holding both Immunity Idols. This pushes Jean-Robert into conversing with Todd about James possessing the idols and Todd tells Jean-Robert that he is on board for a blindsiding.

But just as quick as he says that Todd is talking to his alliance and thinks that tonight may be Jean-Robertís night to go. He discusses this with James present and at this point it is somewhat obvious what is about to happen.

At tribal comments are kept nice and humorous, Peih-Gee and Eric are packed and ready to leave but when the votes fall...

With 5 Votes, Jean-Robert, the tribe has spoken.

Jean-Robert is now the second member of the jury and one can only imagine what he will have concocted for his speech to the final 3. Jaime seems pleased with Jean-Robertís ouster, but will this breathe new life into the game or have Peih-Gee and Eric simply received a stay of execution?