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Today is

Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong to None - March 8

Night 11: Dinner... ish.

"Medium well." Yau-Man determines that the hidden Idol is somewhere near camp, possibly near the cave. He talks to Earl, the only other tribesman to come back from Exile Island. He knows that Yau-Man knows, and Yau-Man knows that Earl knows. The only way that they're going to find the idol is together. Earl: "Me just helping him get the Idol... it's just a good move."

Day 12: Where's the Idol?

Earl and Yau-Man decide that it's time... to hunt for crab. That's code for "Get out of here, we need to talk."

Yau-Man starts digging near the cave's entry. The clue says to "dig deep", but how deep can a machete go?

Earl, meanwhile, hikes to the top of a clearing, hoping that Yau-Man will get what he's trying to do. Meanwhile, he and Anthony search for food and find a 360 degree view of the entire island.

Back at camp, Yau-Man's search for the Idol... not going so well.

At Moto, tree mail!

"Pick two choices for your reward.
If you win, you'll take it all.
If you lose, you'll just take a beating."

R-Challenge: Bag Joust (for whatever the tribe picked as its reward)

On a stage in the middle of a mud pit, the Survivors must hit each other with large sparring bags. Whoever knocks their opponent into the mud scores a point for their tribe. First tribe to seven wins. Ravu chooses fishing gear and potatoes. Moto chooses coffee and toiletries.

Rocky vs. Dreamz. Winner... Dreamz. Moto leads, 1-0.
Cassandra vs. Rita. Winner... Cassandra. Moto leads, 2-0.
Edgardo vs. Anthony. Winner... Edgardo. Moto leads, 3-0.
Lisi vs. Michelle. Winner... Lisi. Moto leads, 4-0.
Boo vs. Earl. Winner... Boo. Moto leads, 5-0.
Alex vs. Mookie. Winner... Alex. Moto leads, 6-0.
Yau-Man vs. Stacy. Winner... Yau-Man. Moto leads, 6-1.
Cassandra vs. Rita. Winner... Cassandra. Moto wins, 7-1.

Moto sends Earl to Exile.

Day 13:.... Coffee, coffee, coffee...

How to make coffee? Don't ask Lisi or Stacy. Cassandra and Dreamz have no allies in this game. Alex mentions that the way Stacy & Lisi treat Cassandra is rude. "It kinda nauseates me."

Oh, so that's how you work a coffee press.

Alex tries to get the others to include Cassandra and Dreamz into more of the tribe politic.

Over on Exile...

"Under the entrance, under the ground,
Right where you're living, the Idol is found."

And in other news, water is wet and the sky is blue.

Back at camp...

Rita explains that sumo isn't her thing. As she and Michelle talk about non sequitur Rocky wants to hang himself. Rocky wants to smack them with a fried pineapple. Not just a regular pineapple... a fried one.

At Moto, Alex notes that the situation with Dreamz and Cassandra is eating away at him. Lisi & Stacy may flip-flop when it comes time to merge. Alex proposes an alliance with Edgardo to keep Cassandra and Dreamz close. It was like a warm embrace for Dreamz again, but it doesn't change his personal strategy, to take Cassandra over to the Ravu.

I-Challenge: Remember This?

A simple memory game. The Survivors turn over boards to make matches. The Survivors must go one at a time and the rest of the tribe cannot assist them. First tribe to seven matches wins immunity. There are four dummy boards that do not have matches.

Tribes are tied at six. One match remains. Rocky makes the final match for Moto. And by that, we mean that he misunderstood the instructions of the game, giving Cassandra the victory.


Rocky takes all the blame for them losing the challenge but at the same time, the mass confusion needs to stop. They need to start working together.

Rocky and Anthony are beginning to get sick of Rita endlessly and needlessly running her mouth. Mookie notes that Yau-Man want Anthony and Rita out of the game. Rita suggests to Mookie that they vote out Anthony.

Personally, Mookie would want to take Anthony out, but he doesn't know if that's a good move in terms of strategy. Mookie: "Seems like everyone's doing their own thing now. You have to watch your back."

Night 14: Tribal Council...

Yau-Man had a brain fart. Rocky says that it was his fault. "If we would have won, this island would have exploded." Rita says she keeps people's spirits up with her amusing stories.

... Yeah.

Earl's vote is now based on chemistry. Yau-Man says his life motto is: "Love many, trust few, do wrong to none". Anthony is just trying to be honest with people.

Rita: ANTHONY - "As you know, this tribe works on majorities. I couldn't go against them."

Anthony: RITA - "We've had our differences, but I like you a lot. Good luck."

Yau-Man: hidden. "It comes down to who's the most disposable. Sorry, nothing personal."

No hidden Idol yet. The rest of the votes...

Rocky: RITA
Michelle: ANTHONY
Mookie: RITA
Earl: RITA.

And Yau-Man's vote... RITA. THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN, 5-2.


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