Survivor Panama:
Exile Island
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Today is

The Power of the Idol - April 6

Everyone is now in the game for the long haul. Seven will make up the jury. Two will compete for a million. But which seven? And which two?

Day 19: Stupid...

Austin admits that he might have made a blunder in revealing his plan for survival last Tribal Council. Meanwhile, Aras, Danielle, and Courtney are digging for snails. Aras notices that the former La Mina are like those snails, slimy and hard to grab. And apparently Austin is king snail.

Aras suggests that they play the Pagong card, eliminating the La Minas without them really knowing it.

Terry and Sally entertain taking another former Casaya to their ranks, preferably a woman.

Tree mail!

"Skill can win a boatrace, and making tough decisions takes some guts.
But in political battles, you'll always deal with nuts."

R-Challenge: Going Coconuts (for a breakfast getaway and the right to send two people to Exile Island)

The nine players are split into teams of three, as they have to load up coconuts into their rival's boats. They then have to race those boats out to a flag. Grab the flag, return it to shore as well as your load in coconuts to win.

The teams: Aras/Sally/Bruce, Shane/Terry/Austin, and Danielle/Cirie/Courtney. The overall strategy, rub out Terry's squad. It works.

Winners: Aras, Sally & Bruce.

Aras sends Danielle and Austin into exile.

Day 20: The reward

Sally delivers the best line ever... "Aras, Bruce and I get in this boat and we're just huddled in the front, drenched. And it's this sandbar in the middle of nowhere with this beautiful canopy bed, and it's pouring rain, and I'm like, there is no way that that is our Reward. I was so frustrated. All of a sudden, this tray is set down, and I am not kidding you, it went from this cold, miserable moment to the most incredible day ever."

Back at camp, Terry has a plan... as usual. "My strategy is to try to coax out of those guys who they think is going to be in the Final Four, and with that, it puts two of their players kind of out there. Two of their players, Danielle and Bruce, are the next on the pecking order. And if I can get those guys onto our side, it will totally swing the game."

Meanwhile, Cirie swear to either win something or die trying.

Meanwhile still in Exile, Danielle sees Austin as a good backup plan in case she can't find the Idol.

Of course, you and I know what happened to the Idol.

And now, so does Sally. "The whole game changes. That's a huge ace in the hole, and I'm so excited for the next Immunity Challenge, 'cause if Terry wins, he could slip either Austin or I the Idol. And I'm pumped. I'm absolutely thrilled!"

I-Challenge: Downside Up

Obstacle course! Last one standing wins.

First stage: dig under a wooden fence. Aras, Danielle, Courtney, Terry, Shane, and Austin move on.

Second stage: solve a brainteaser with four clues. Austin, Sally, and Terry move on.

Third stage: cross a rope bridge using two wooden planks. Terry and Sally move on.

Final stage: a tunnel race. Terry... wins.

Winner: Terry.

Night 20: Tribal Council.

Austin: ARAS - "Good luck."
Terry: ARAS - "You are my biggest threat."

And the others...

Danielle: AUSTIN
Sally: ARAS.
Courtney: AUSTIN

Six to three. Austin... THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.


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