Survivor Panama:
Exile Island
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Today is

Salvation & Desertion - March 9

Night 14: Peace and... well, peace... maybe.

Shane thinks the Casaya made a big mistake in voting off Bob Dog, saying that Bruce should be next as he gets weaker every day. He even goes so far as to blame Danielle for the ouster, vowing to break away from the alliance.

Day 15: From hero to zero...

... and now everyone wants to get rid of you.

Meanwhile, Dan admits to have been within 200 miles from here... vertically. Meanwhile, Nick realizes Dan's secret life... as an astronaut.

Then he reveals the secret to everyone else. Austin calls Dan a "pimp".

Back at Casaya, Courtney is so happy the sun is out again... until Shane arrives to have his way with her and Danielle about Bobby.  Shane asks to be let out of his promise. Danielle basically says... Done. Aras... is done with him as well.

Next challenge is for reward AND immunity. Terry wants to be even at the merge. Then says that if the immunity is lost, then so is Sally.

R/I-Challenge: Knot Your Average Puzzle (for barbecue at a village, and other accessories as well as the right to choose who of the opposing tribe goes to Exile Island... that person will be immune from the vote as he or she will not go to Tribal Council)

Making their way down a marked path in a field, the players have to untie knots to release four huge puzzle pieces. Only one retriever from each tribe can be on the course at a time. Once all four pieces have been recovered, the tribes can solve the spinning puzzle.

Winners: Casaya.

Don't think Sally it out of it, Terry. She's going to Exile Island, where another clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol awaits.

In Exile... Too little, too late.

Sally: "This is a gift to be here, so I'm thrilled. It's like a little vacation: some girl time; get away from all those boys for awhile."

This, as she begins to dig for the Idol... which is currently in Terry's possession.

Night 15: Tribal Council.

As a reminder, only four votes are cast, as Sally is still on Exile Island.

Austin: DAN.
Nick: DAN.
Terry: DAN.

Three to one. Dan... THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.


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