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Xhakum Tribe
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Today is

"Big Win, Big Decision. Big Mistake?: Days 34-36" - December 8

Night 33: Reflections of Scumbags

"Scumbags?" "Crocodiles" Was Judd starting to turn into Jamie? Danni meanwhile gets the break she's been hoping for as Steph and Rafe break away from their original decision to cast out Lydia. Cindy is dumbfounded, though. "I thought we were voting out Lydia, but apparently I was not privileged to the information. I am beginning to see a pattern here and it makes me nervous." Cindy swears that she'll move on.

Day 34: I Wish I Didn't Miss You

Rafe jokes that "the gay guy" is the last man standing and that the rest of the tribe are "Rafe's Angels". Now that all the cool kids are gone, it's time to geek out.

So what won't we miss about Guatemala?

"Naked Judd." Thanks. I needed that imagery.

Lydia seems to think that Rafe is "gentle" and "one of the girls." Rafe thinks that being close friends with the rest of the players might get him to the end.

Meanwhile, we get TREEMAIL! A car key! Lydia... "This might be my opportunity", pledging to win this one for her son. Steph, meanwhile, has never had a car for herself and would desperately need one.

R-Challenge: Second Chance, or Days of Challenges Past (for a 2006 Pontiac Torrent and a barbecue feast)

Stage 1: untie makanas and walk a balance beam. First three move on. Stage 2: throw makanas at tiles, breaking them. First two move on. Stage 3: solve a jigsaw based on the Maya calendar and then run it over to a rail cart, cut the rope, and race down a hill to the finish line. First one there wins a new car!

First stage: Danni's the first. Cindy's the second after falling off once. Steph's third at the end of the balance beams after falling off. Lydia... disappointed after falling twice. Again. Next... Danni chips, but Cindy and Steph fire... connect... Now the race. Cindy's the first to solve her puzzle and she never gives on. She's first across the finish for the win...

BUT! There's a surprise... Immediately after Cindy wins, she is informed of a modern-day legend... the Survivor Car Curse. No one that has won the car challenge went on to win the whole game. The question here: does Cindy give up her car to change her destiny? If so, the others win a Torrent of their own.  And here come the Torrents! But what does Cindy say? "I normally don't believe in superstitions, but I also want them to have cars. Screw the cars, I can win the car and a million dollars if I play my cards right. I am here to beat the odds. So far I have. Giving people cars doesn't mean they will give you a million bucks." Cindy keeps her car.

Oh yeah, and Cindy gets to take one person to go with her. Steph, the runner up, rides shotgun.

On the beaten trail, Cindy is excited to win this reward, "a freaking car!" Cindy also likes the fact that "three chiquitas" were at the finish line. An archaeologist by the name of Federico greets our two chiquitas, as they are offered dinner at the Yaxha archaeological camp site. Meat, meat, and more meat. Cindy mulls as she foregoes the chance to play Oprah, "At this point, there are no guarantees. They are not going to give you a million dollars because you gave them a car. I don't think anyone is bitter about it at all."

That's because you don't think.

Back at the camp...

Rafe: "I never would've taken the car for herself." Danni: "I actually thought she would do it, because I would've done it in a heartbeat." Rafe: "If Cindy had decided to give us cars, there was no way we could've voted her out. Now there's no way you know what's going to happen."

Back at the reward...

It's story time with Federico, as he decides to join the ladies for dinner. He points out that ...

- Corn is the basic staple of the Maya.
- Yahxa means "green/blue water."
- Cindy really loves her new car.

Meanwhile, Steph and Cindy get to sleep in the comfort of a mosquito net. The two think about Danni, as they have the chance now to take her out. She'd like to include Rafe and Lydia. Cindy thinks that Danni could beat everyone... She'll only get stronger. Steph thinks that Rafe is a smart kid.

Day 35: Back in the Torrent, Back to the Storm

Cindy and Steph return to camp as Cindy can't stop going on about her car or its suspension or its taillights.. and Rafe can't stop looking at her odd. Rafe begins to think that the babbling is getting on everyone's nerve. Cindy, perhaps being consumed by the Car Curse fully, fails to realize that, as she notes that everyone is bitter.

Rafe later tells Steph that he would've given up the car for everyone else. Steph... wouldn't've. Rafe wonders if he's playing the game too nicely.

Lydia thinks that Cindy made the right choice. Will this open anyone's eyes in time?

Day 36: I-Challenge: Pole Cats

Cindy STILL can't stop talking about that damned car.

Anywho, today's challenge: unwind enough rope so that you can break your tether to the rest of the players while wearing wrist and ankle shackles. There are ten keys, one of which will unlock your hands. From there, you can unlock rope and begin unwinding. Final rope: one key to unlock your ankles. First one to the finish is guaranteed a spot in the Final Four.

Steph finds her first key and never lets go of that lead. Cindy finds her first lock. Cindy and Steph are challenging each other, while everyone frees themselves, but Steph is working on her third lock. It's no use, though, as even a burst of speed from Lydia isn't enough to catch Steph, even as she can't unlock her third lock for a while...

And it's Stephenie! She's.... Just short! She tries again... NO! She tries again...YES! "Finally! I won something!"

Day 37: The Calm Before The Storm... Before the Calm... Before Another Storm

Steph is still stunned and shocked that she won immunity for the first time EVER! Meanwhile, Rafe and Danni promise each other final three and that nothing will change their vote. Danni tells Rafe that Stephenie may try to sway the vote. Danni trusts him. Rafe tells Steph that Cindy is a fierce competitor, but Steph isn't sure about kicking Cindy out. She'd lose a vote on the jury were that the case. AND she did take her on the barbecue at the reward. "I don't know if this is going to make me look worse, but at the same time, she's a huge threat and she has a car at least."

Rafe notes that the reward challenge was the turning point when he began to think that Cindy wasn't going to be his biggest fan.

Cindy and Steph start talking about how Rafe says that Cindy is a big threat. "Rafe is more of a threat. If I can get rid of Rafe, then the girls have more of a shot." Cindy tries to warn Danni and Steph of this.

Rafe shows up... and all is silent... the calm before the torrent....

Night 36: Tribal Council: Torrential Reign

Rafe thinks that everyone is feeling threatened by him being the last male left. Cindy feels uneasy, and has continued to feel uneasy since the merge. Cindy is still sure she did the right thing in keeping her car. She thinks that the Car Curse is "silly". "The curse is being a strong competitor!" She calls Rafe "the complete package." "We've seen him win challenge after challenge, and people like him!"

Time to vote...

Cindy: RAFE - "You're a tough competitor and dang it, people just like you."
Lydia: (hidden) - "What a terrific person you are, but your'e very athletic, very competitive, and very intelligent. And I'm voting with the tribe."
Rafe: CINDY - "I've always known you to vote whichever way the wind was blowing. I have to vote you out. I love you, though!"

The others...

Stephenie: CINDY
Danni: CINDY

And Lydia's... as if it mattered...

Lydia: CINDY.

Four to one, and Cindy, the CURSE HAS SPOKEN. And so has Cindy: "I'll be thinking of all of you when I see the stars through the sun roof of my new car."

So Danni... Stephenie... Rafe... Lydia... They are your final four. Wolvie's got the finale. I've had a blast. See you next season!


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