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Today is

"Price For Immunity: Days 31-33" - December 1


Well, life seems to be back to some assemblance of "normal" after Gary being tackled at the 7-yard line. But it's the KC Chiefs' fan Danni who is feeling the strain, certain she's next on the "totem pole" of those being eliminated. Lydia SWEARS she smelled bacon and eggs this morning...but Judd thought it was just Stephenie passing gas. Though a heated Tribal happened mere hours before, everyone is just playing it cool. Judd starts doing cartwheels, and all the girls and Rafe follow suit...though I see NONE of them make Bejing in 2008.


Well, tonight, everyone has a chance at Reward because it's time to the annual "Survivor Auction". Everyone gets US$500. They can bid on anything unless they, of course, go broke. Highest bidder gets the item. Many are covered they'll be bidding blind on those. Sharing money's fine and the auction will end without warning. And...I suspect some letters will be included at the end.

And...what do I get for this plate of beef jerky? Do I hear $20? Danni bids $ I hear $40? $40? Anyone? Anyone? Beuler? Beuler? SOLD to Danni for one Jackson portrait! But, wait! Uncle Jeff wants to trade a covered item for the jerky. Deal or no deal? (Whoops...sorry...wrong show.) NO DEAL! Danni takes the jerky...and leaves a pot of uncooked corn behind. Good deal!

Three chocolate chip cookies and a glass of cool milk goes for $40 to Cindy. An individual mosquito net gets nabbed by Lydia for a whopping $140 (and she NEEDS it; a blind man could read "War and Peace" on the bumps of Lydia's back). A covered item is sold for $180 to Rafe and Danni...and it's a HUGE Philly steak sammich with fires on the side! Beats jerky, eh, Danni?

Then Uncle Jeff reveals an envelope and says it contains a "huge advantage for the next Immunity Challenge". The bidding between Danni and Steph is vicious...but Steph bails as Danni bids $200 with a mouthful of bread and steak. Whatever it may be, Danni's got it...but she's getting low on cash. Uncle Jeff notes the wax seal on the envelope and says it must REMAIN sealed until the Immunity Challenge.

Uncle Jeff then makes like Bob Barker and points out the next item up for bids...and it's...PEOPLE? Well, they must be SPECIAL people 'cause everyone is gasping. Yup, it's the Loved Ones, including Lydia's brother whom she hasn't seen in two years. The auction is for a night with the Loved One at Camp Xhakum...and only ONE of them can come along. The bidding slugs along...until Rafe bids $300 for his mom. Now, the rules state that only two people can share money...but only ONE Loved One is helped. Steph asks Lydia for some scratch...and Lydia says, "Sure." Cindy give all HER money to Judd since she can't do it alone to get her twin sis to camp. Steph claims to have $750 for her boyfriend...and Judd has...$880 for his wife Kristin! SOLD to Judd!

But, WAIT! Judd can also invite two OTHER Loved Ones into camp! The other three Survivors whose Loved Ones aren't picked...will go to the old Yaxha camp and spend the night alone. Which ones will lounge at the pyramid? Well, since Cindy helped, her twin Mindy gets in. And the other? He says he'll take his "Jersey girl"...and Steph gets to bring Mike to camp. Rafe's mom, Lydia's bro and Danni's bro will go home...and Rafe, Lydia and Danni are heading to Camp Yahxa.


Judd takes the lead as he shows the Loved Ones the camp...and his wife can't believe the kind of camper he's become. Cindy and Mindy are having a blast because they used to play "wilderness people" all the time. And Steph is DANGED happy to have her beau here. But it's not ALL fun and games. Judd talks to Kristin about the current alliance and Kristin seems proud of his conniving.

When the sun went down, Kristin talks with Steph about how the "city boy" has really come on his own in the last month. Steph hopes to "make Jersey proud" and tells Kristin that she hopes Judd brings her there. They're confident that Danni's clue will still leave her clueless at the next Immunity Challenge. And, even if it DOESN'T and Danni WINS, Judd's confident that the Alliance will ditch Lydia instead.


Meanwhile, Rafe, Lydia and Danni arrive at the old stomping grounds of Yaxha. The place looks just like when they left for the luggage, of course. Rafe and Danni go apart and discuss Gary's attempt at an "end-around". Danni sees through him, though; when it gets down to the Final Four Alliance, Rafe knows he's first to go and, thus, he needs Danni as a foil (and she's right). Rafe thinks that, if they catch Judd in a lie, his alliance will tumble.


After a night of snuggling, the Loved Ones are put to work collecting firewood. Even Steph's beau Mike says that no one else could survive this kind of hardship. As the group cooks up lunch, Rafe, Lydia and Danni return (while Mark Burnett gets an idea for the NEXT Survivor, I'm sure...). They talk to the Loved Ones...and realize that camping is NOT for them. That's good because, a few minutes later, it's time for the Loved Ones to head back home. Judd hugged his wife and she wished him lots of luck. The twins snug as the memories pile up for Cindy for this experience. And Steph and Mike...a quiet but loving good-bye.

Afterwards, while chores are being done, Lydia asks how Judd feels being so close to the million bucks. She tries to con Judd into think she and Danni know the "key players". But Judd ain't buying it for a second. Lydia wants to stop the threats and Judd says he doesn't have a problem with that. Danni thinks there's a TINY crack in Judd's armor that they need to exploit.


Uncle Jeff takes back the Immunity Necklace from Rafe and we get to the Challenge. He calls it a "human chess game". The multi-tiered board before them will be stepped upon by the players as they move rook-like: forward, backward, left and right. With each step to a new tile, they get to flip a tile over to red, meaning that no one can step on it once a player steps OFF it. The very top has a rotating thingy on it and whoever is on it can maneuver to a better spot. If a player can't avoid stepping on a red tile, s/he's out. Last one standing wins Immunity.

What about Danni's envelope? Well, though it's still sealed, Uncle Jeff decides to keep her in the dark about it. The players get into position...and THEN Danni opens it. It's a "SWITCH POSITIONS WITH ANY PLAYER" card! That means Danni can switch her place with another player at any time.

Now, much LIKE chess, it's...pretty boring to watch. Suffice it to say that all six move at once onto the board and then it goes around the table one-by-one. Cindy's the first to the spinner and moves herself to a better spot. Everyone seems to be aiming for the Danni, who seems content with laying back.

Cindy is the first to be surrounded by red and, thus, she's gone. After Steph's next move, Danni uses her card to switch places with her. Lydia is next out. After another round or two, Danni blocks Rafe out of the game, ending his Immunity streak. Then Judd screws up and heads for the spinner...but the spot on the spinner in front of him is red...and, since he's surrounded by red, he's out. Danni has much more real estate to cover than it's only a matter of time before Danni makes her $200 purchase the other day pay off. She wins Immunity!


Back at camp, Steph talks to Danni about her talk with Judd before. Danni tells Steph that Judd STILL feels betrayed by Jamie and that he KNOWS who's "in control". The scary thing is...Danni thinks that JUDD thinks it's HIM. When Rafe joins the chat room, Judd watches intently. Rafe's not sure about voting off Judd, acting like he's gonna come back and "whack" them or something.

Those three go further aside and discuss how dishonest Judd's been and how (relatively) honest THEY've been to each other. Rafe is pretty sure Lydia will vote for Judd if asked. Danni is grinning ear-to-ear; her plan is working.

Back at the pyramid, Lydia says how ironic that Danni should get Immunity when she needs it most. She tells Judd that, if her vote's needed, she's there...and she says "good-bye" in a half-dozen lingos to get the point across to Judd. Though Judd agrees that no one is safe right now...he refuses to say further. Judd then immediately speaks up when she says the same to Rafe, asking her NOT to vote for him. He's feeling a LITTLE uneasy about his FFA...but he WILL keep his vote-for-Lydia idea tonight.


After Bobby Jon, Jamie and Gary go into the Jury Box, Uncle Jeff gets down to biz. Steph was thrilled to see her beau Mike, even if Mike thought it sucked being out there. Danni's grinning brightly at her purchase at the auction and the USE of it to get Immunity. Cindy says alliances make voting a WEE bit more difficult. Rafe doesn't know who to trust except his gut feeling. Steph says it's important to vote out the right person and then explain why at the Final Tribal Council...which is what she hopes to be doing. Judd breaks the love-fest and says, flat-out, that "everybody wants somebody to go home tonight"...and he's FINE with it.

After Danni refuses to give up her $200 Immunity, it's time to vote. Rafe, Danni (voting for Judd, using his "squirrel trying to get a nut" line from before), Steph, Judd ("Hey, Lydia, you sang and danced your way right out of the jungle"), Cindy and Lydia jot names down as to who will be kicked out of the Ancient Pyramid O' Doom. Uncle Jeff tallies and reads:


"Lidia" (as Judd wrote)...



"Juddinator"...(that MUST be Rafe)

...and, as the big guy shakes his head, JUDD!

Judd is outta here. He had nuts...but he ain't getting THIS one. He tells the others that he hopes they "get bit by a freakin' crocodile" as his torch is snuffed.

"You can no longer rely on what used to be," says Uncle Jeff, "because this game just took a change in a very big way!" He sends the "scumbags" (as Judd called them) back to camp to ponder this.

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