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Twenty new castaways are literally lost on the island of Palau, between the world of nature and the world of WWII military. On this island, they have to brave the elements and each other for a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast for $1 million.

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left on the islands!

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Tom Shelly
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Airs: Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on CBS

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"It Could All Backfire: Days 34-36" - May 12


As the rats continue to infest Camp Koror, the fivesome return from ousting Gregg. Jenn is, obviosuly, very upset about this... but she handles it well enough in front of everyone. Ian's worried that the three girls will gang-ba... er, will over-run MVP Tom and Ian. But, as long as one of them holds on to the Immunity Necklace, at least ONE dude's heading for the Final Two.


Tomchats with Caryn about what happened last night. The TRIBAL Council, silly. They wonder if keeping Katie was a good idea. Ian, Katie and Jenn have their OWN pow-wow about keepinf Tom around. With six days to go, paranoia's abound. Caryn, however, is "gaurdedly optimistic" about making the last three.

Time out on the panic for Stump-Mail:

Up the creek again
A paddle could help you out
Where in the world are you?
Far from home, no doubt.

Use your passion and precision
And by the time you're through,
You'll enjoy the great tastes of home
And Palau's most amazing view.

Hmmmm... doesn't SOUND like they're giving away a car like they NORMALLY do in the final Reward Challenge... but you never know.

Before they tell the girls about it, Tom and Ian have a little man-to-man chat. They need to take out one of the girls, says Tom. Ian wants Jenn out while Tom wants Caryn gone. But Tom trusts Jenn and Ian trusts Caryn. Ian says, "I feel like I'm on the edge of a cliff... and I hope I strapped my parachute on."


As we arrive at Challenge Cove, we see Uncle Jeff doing a sort of Carol Merril imination, standing beside a large curtain. Before we start to wonder if it's a "zonk" or not, he drops the curtain and reveals part of the Reward... and I was sadly mistaken earlier because...

[Rich Hall]It's a NEW CAR!!![/Rich Hall]

It's a new 2005 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible with everything but a chaffeur! Damn STRAIGHT worth playing for!

The Challenge is this: Each play will paddle out on a traditional Palauan raft towards some buoys in the cove. Once at a buoy, the tribe member must grab a bag matching the color of their raft and, then, paddle back, dropping the bag in their repository. Once all five bags are collected, they are to open them to reveal milage markers which must be put in the correct order on a sign of cities - London, Manila, Sdyney, Tokyo and New York - based on the distance from Palau to them. First one to get them in the right order wins that purty car.

But that's not all! Rich, what else will he or she win?

[Rich] Well, Bob, the winner will drive that Corvette up to the most remote mansion in Palau! They'll spend the night with full run of the house, complete with a barbecue dinner. They'll return to Koror in the morning to get criticized by their teammates and the car will be shipped to the states to await them. And this Survivor Showcase can be yours IF... the mileage is right! [/Rich]

The men reach the buoys first and grab their respective bags. Jenn's in a close third as they all plant their first bags and return. Caryn's a distant fourth and Jenn... not so much. Caryn goes out fir her second... and gets RAMMED by Jenn. Oopsie. Ian blocks Tom while depositing a bag... and Tom fails a "free throw" and has to take the time to fish out the bag and get it back in. This gives Ian free reign and a HUGE lead. He starts working on the markers and has them all in place before Tom can get back with his fifth. The correct answers are: London, UK: 7570 mi.; Manila, Phillipines: 1041 mi.; Sydney, Australia: 3047 mi.; Tokyo, Japan: 2394 mi.; New York, USA: 9612 mi. And IAN HAS A NEW CAR!!!!

THere's more TO it, though; Ian gets to SHARE the mansion with someone. And Ian chooses... Tom?! He explains that, yes, he promised Katie but... Tom shook his hand. The boys are heading home... while Ian drive Tom to their temporary home-away-from-home.


A three-story mansion greets the two men on the top of one of the highest peaks on the island... and the view is amazing. The food is fantastic. And the remose... well, Ian's trying to live with it. Tom tells Ian that they MUST get Katie back into the fold as their original alliance.

Oddly enough, we don't know what happened to the men once the sun went down. But I'm willing to bet that Tom got plastered again.


Back at base, the ladies are MAD... at each OTHER. Katie is more mad at HERSELF for trusting Ian. Caryn is as well; SHE'S mad at Katie for trusting Ian! Katie and Caryn argue about who the men will go to the Final Three with... and Jenn seems to be out of the loop at first.

Katie tells the girls that this is their last chance for girl power. They agree to vote off whichever man doesn't get Immunity. And, if one of the LADIES somehow get it, they'll ditch Ian. The girls seem to love the plan... at first! Caryn is still torn between the strong men and the loud women.


The boys are back in town and looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Caryn, however, meets them half-way up the beach to camp and demands an answer from them about the Final Three. Ian tells her, "It's you, me and Tom." This makes Tom do a double-take. Ian also says he can't promise anything to her; he's still "playing the game". Tom all but groans at this, feeling that Caryn's swing vote has been taken from the guys.

And, when Ian asks Katie for a talk, Katie (resting with her Buff as a blindfold) says, flatly, "Actually, that's the last thing I want to do this morning." Ian feels like a bomb exploded in his plan. Tom... is not amused. Still, she DOES give him a few minutes... and Ian once again swears that no vote will go from him to her. But Katie says that Ian lied to her yesterday, something ELSE Ian promised her he wouldn't do. She starts to cry... and that breaks down Ian's defenses. He calls himself a "scatterbrain" and apologizes profusely through tears. He wants to be friends with her... "for the rest of his life". (Hmmmmmmm... RobnAmber Moment #5)

And, like an IDIOT, Katie ACCEPTS it!


The next day, Tom does his best to fix what Ian demolished yesterday. He takes to Caryn and tries to get her priorities in line. Caryn admits there being talk of a Womens' Allinace but... she can't recall who first brought it up.

They drop it as they get Stump-Mail:

You may have the memory like an elephant
But you'd better move like a gazelle
Brains and retention are paramont
But agility is required as well.

Concentration is only half of it;
Losing focus would be a shame.
Either move smart and swiftly
Or you could be next to leave the game!

So...what's THIS all about? While they ponder this, Tom goes to Katie and asks her - in so many words - to forget the Girl Power and stay with the boys. He even - again in so many words - THREATENS that Katie will be next to go if he or Ian go tonight! Katie... ain't liking it... in the LEAST! Tom goes back to Ian and tells him that Katie is going to betray them. Ian takes this as a threat against him... by TOM!


Ian returns the shark-jaw Necklace at Challenge Cove and Uncle Jeff talks of the Challenge to re-claim it. They'll have to walk across a wobbly bridge, a set of pontoons and a rope bridge to get to a memory puzzle (each one unique). Once they have it seered in their brains, they are to make their way back and start on their OWN memory puzzle by matching it to the one at the other end. If they're wrong, they must go back and look again before trying again. If they fall off an obstacle, they must start said obstacle over. Whoever gets all 15 pieces of their puzzle in the right place is gaurenteed a spot in the Final Four!

"Survivors, ready....GO!" And...SPLAT! Katie's on her ass while her ankle is caught in the first bridge. Jenn, Ian and Tom are out in front... but Tom slips and must traverse the pontoons again. This leaves Ian and Jenn to study their puzzle. Tom joins them... and Latie and Caryn just can't seem to cross the first bridge. The men head back first... but Jenn studies the puzzle a little longer.

Tom is the first back and starts on his puzzle, Ian close behind. Tom puts the first row together... and then heads BACK to the finished puzzle. Ahhhh, that's why he's an MVP, folks. While others try to remember the WHOLE puzzle, Tom will do it one row at a time! Ian follows suit, finishing six pieces and then heading back. Jenn is the first woman back while Caryn and Katie finally get to THEIR finished puzzle. Jenn proceeds to put her entire board together as Ian returns. Apparantly, though, Jenn isn't that confident, because SHE heads back to check her puzzle.

This leaves it open for the men. Ian and Tom put another row of their puzzles in place and head back for the final row. Jenn looks at her puzzle to make sure she has it right then follows them. Tom trips on the first bridge as Ian calls Uncle Jeff to see if his puzzle is right...

...and it isn't! Ian heads back as Tom works falls hard again but stays on the bridge. Tom works on HIS puzzle. Ian and Jenn go back for a check. Tom then asks Uncle Jeff for a check,... is checked...

...and it's wrong! The Challenge goes on! Back and forth the Survivors go from the finished puzzles to their own, trying to find the right combo. Caryn CRAWLS back and forth practically, the men race and Jenn and Katie try to make sure they're correct.

Ian returns... and switches three tiles around in his puzzle. He asks for a verification...

...Uncle Jeff looks...

...and says, "No, no, no! Back!" As Ian races back, all four others work on THEIR puzzles. As Jenn gets close, Tom asks for a ruling...



Upon returning to the beach, Tom has some ideas what will happen in Tribal tonight. Ian will be gone and it'll be the three girls vs. him. So... he'll just have to keep winning Immunity for the next two days to get himself into the Final Two.

Ian and Katie recount yesterday's sob-fest between them. Katie was just thinking that Ian was disloyal to her... and she doesn't want to make ANY promises anymore. Caryn chats with Tom about Katie "holding the cards"... and she HOPES she and Jenn haven't made a mistake trusting her.


To the Ulong Memorial Supply Dump O' Doom march Koror. And across from them sit Coby, the quitter Janu, Stephenie and Gregg. Uncle Jeff prods Katie about Ian choosing Tom for the Reward-buddy and she says that she doesn't know WHAT to believe. Ian admits it was the biggest mistake of the game and that it might cost him the game.

Caryn admits that their "tiff" gave her revelations about Ian's double-crossing strategy. This sends the other four REELING, but Caryn will not be silenced; she's HAD it! But Ian says that's not true... and Tom clarifies that, after the yacht Reward, Caryn TOLD them that Tom was next to go. This SHOCKS Caryn, who calls him a liar. It turns into a name-calling match between everyone... and puts the doubts right back into Katie's mind about Ian. In the end, Katie says, "I have NO idea what's happening here."

Tom keeps Immunity and it's time to vote. Which "liar" will be ditched? Is it Ian (who votes for Caryn, saying, "I can't WAIT for you to go home!")? Is it Tom? Jenn? Caryn (picks Ian)? Or is it Jenn (probably not since she seems to be the swing vote?

Uncle Jeff tallies the votes and reads them aloud:




...and Caryn.

It's unanimous. Caryn had opened her big mouth... and shoved her foot right down her throat. She's been convicted of poor game play and has been sentenced... to the Jury.

Well, we're down to 4-3-2-1 Time. 4 Survivors, 3 days/Tribal Councils, 2 Immunity Challenges... 1 million bucks on the line! Uncle Jeff can't WAIT to see how this turns out!

But we'll HAVE to wait... for the finale recap! Take it home, Chico!


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