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Twenty new castaways are literally lost on the island of Palau, between the world of nature and the world of WWII military. On this island, they have to brave the elements and each other for a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast for $1 million.

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left on the islands!

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Tom Shelly
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Airs: Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on CBS

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"We'll Make You Pay: Days 31-33" - May 5

Day 31: Tom dodges a bullet

Tom lets all of us in on a big non-secret. "It could have been me. If I was playing against me, I'd want me outta here too. They should have voted me out. They didn't do it and that's a relief. The core alliance is holding true. " Meanwhile, Tom and Caryn take a stroll and ponder all of the possible scenarios. Tom notes that Caryn is more nervous than "a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs." Caryn knows that she's on the outside looking in, and when she confesses that she feels vulnerable and asks Tom for advice he throws her to the fire when he suggests she save her own skin. "What you need to do is pull your own salvation." She attempts to do just that by warning of the Gregg-Jenn junta. "Gregg and Jennifer need to be split up."

All together now... DUH!

Tom's aware of their power but he can't vote against them as they're part of the alliance.

Enough of that, though. it's time for mail!

Care for a bit of R and R?
To be pampered would be nice.
TO get the VIP treatment,
Some island knowledge is the price.
You'll soon know who your friends are;
In love and war all is fair.
But there can only be one winner,
The one who keeps their name up in the air.

Sounds like the requisite pecking order challenge...  Ian and Katie confirm their plans to take each other if Probst allows the winner to include more tribemates on the reward.

R-CHALLENGE: Torch Song Trilogy (for time aboard a luxury yacht)

Each player has a torch suspended by a rope. Returning to his first game show role as "quizmaster", Jeff will ask trivia questions on the island of Palau (don't worry, you'll see them all on Jeopardy! soon enough). Anyone who answers correctly gets to pull a foe's torch down a notch. Everyone's torch has three notches before they hit the water and are snuffed.

1) Palau is famous for its green mushroom islands known as... the Rock Islands. Everyone right. Caryn is the first out.
2) In the early days of Palau, stones were used as money. The largest stone weighed up to... 10,000 pounds. Tom gets it right and hits Ian.
3) The island of Palau are encompassed in the Pacific Ocean and... the Philippine Sea. Ian hits Tom for out #2. After hoping for protection, Katie snuffs Ian.
4) Palau lies in which direction in relation to the Equator? "Palau is 7 degrees north of the equator. That's why it's so damn hot." Gregg asks Jenn if he can dunk her. Whipped.
5) True or false: Palau is the first nation in the world to issue an Elvis commemorative postage stamp. True. Jenn knocks out Katie...
6) The coconut crab has a special ability to do what after they eat? Change color. And Gregg knocks out Mrs. Gregg, giving him the W.

Probst then informs Gregg that he can choose two people to go with him. Gregg selects Jenn and then Katie, hoping for the first Survivor three-way in history. Gregg: "I'll pay you back, guys." Tom: "No, we'll pay YOU back."

Back at camp: Ian is sold out.

"That's the icing on the cake," Tom reasons back at camp, "We didn't come here for the icing. We cam for the cake." Ian is especially disappointed in Katie, as he now knows if she'll sell him out for a reward, she'll sell him out for the rest of the game. That said, Ian, Tom, and Caryn start thinking as a cohesive unit. A paranoid Ian thinks they have lost control of the game and Greggifer is responsible for that. "Gregg and Jenn are making the decisions," he informs Tom. "I know they're ready to turn on you. I know that for a fact." Ian calls Gregg "the dark horse" as he's managed to stay on everyone's good side and no one will vote against him if he gets in front of the jury. It's time to vote him off, but they only have three votes to the three votes Gregg, Jenn and Katie will surely cast against Caryn. Elated, Caryn confides she was dead in the water just a short time ago, now the game's changing in her favor. Her plan is to "stay close to Tom and Ian."

Tom sees Katie as the "Shady Lady". He didn't believe Caryn when she narc'ed on Katie but now that Ian has said the same thing, he doesn't trust Katie as far as he can throw her.

On the yacht: Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Katie and Greggifer are shown to the showers and their rooms by the captain of the yacht. Katie and Jenn are shown.. a new bathing suit each. Wee. Once they are human again, they are given massages on the upper deck. Things take a deeply disturbing turn as a guy starts kneading Gregg. Even more disturbing, Gregg likes it. Yet even more disturbing, it's Gregg's best friend and he's also named Greg. Gregg is ecstatic to see him. Later on, the foursome sit down to a meal. Jennifer's sister and Katie's brother-in-law make surprise visits. The six have dinner, and this turns into the best reward... ever.

Back at camp: Three Pluribus Unum.

Tom and Ian talk alone. Ian assures Tom that Katie is going to vote against him. They have to force a tie, and we all know what that means... the purple rock of death. Ian didn't come to draw the purple rock of death. Tom notes that desperate times call for desperate measures.  "This is a risk we have to take. This is kinda like taking a bag of potato chips from a fat man. You can do it, but you have to do it fast." They instruct Caryn to play like she knows she's going home and to give away nothing.

Which makes me wonder... are those Pringles' potato chips?

Anyway, Tom and Ian reveal their plan to Caryn. In order for it to be successful, Caryn must continue to act like she has no hope of winning the game and will be voted out next. Caryn agrees. "I can pull this off. I am a great actress."

Back on the yacht: the third-smartest species party with the second-smartest.

Katie, Gregg, Jenn, and the three loved ones dive with dolphins. For Katie, it is a dream come true. Jenn is happy to share the experience with her sister. Returning to the yacht for dinner, they finally talk strategy. Katie pledges her loyalty to Greggifer, as they call themselves "The final three". Should Caryn win Immunity, then Tom will be the next to go. Gregg is sure a tight bond has been formed. He is confident that this new alliance will get them all to the end of the game. Little does Gregg know that Katie is, in reality, a ho. She is a reality ho, and she will go where the power is. Stick with whoever makes the decisions, then "jump ship" when they no longer have the power; hence, her abandoning Tom and Ian for Gregg and Jenn.

Day 32: Speaking of jumping, back at camp...

Next morning, the boat approaches the beach and Ian mutters, "Let's do this right." Then they see the friends and family members, and they're pissed. "This one cuts and twists," says Tom, clearly miffed that he's not going to see his friends from home. Nevertheless, Ian, Tom and Caryn play nice. Gregg breaks down when saying goodbye to his best friend. Gregg's dad died a year ago and he worries about his mother. Ian promises Katie's brother-in-law that he will watch over her. Ian assures Stan he's "looking out" for Katie, wringing more tears. The family and friends say their goodbyes and Tom informs us, "This may be the last love fest in camp." He adds, "That little trip they took may cost 'em."

Day 33: Tree mail!

Some played hard, some just watched
And others just skated by.
To make your chances one in five,
Give this one your best try.

Usually this is a second chance,
But for some, it's all brand new.
Embrace the challenges of the past,
Or tonight, you could be through.

I-CHALLENGE: Revenge of the Challenges!

Remember when? They're back again! Only this time, as a big freakin' obstacle course.

First, six take on the net maze. Second, five will take on the sea star puzzle. Third, four will eat balut. Fourth, three will untie a box and retrieve a flag. Finally, the final two will shoot three targets. Last one standing is the man at Tribal Council tonight.

Caryn is caught in her own web of lies, and is eliminated first. Katie can't see the star, as she is eliminated next. Gregg can't stomach the balut, as he's eliminated next. Tom and Ian smile it off. Jenn is tied up in her box, leaving Tom and Ian to fight it out at the target range. And after shooting all three targets, it's Ian with the hardware!

Still Day 33: Taking a shot

After joking that he should've become a police officer instead of a firefighter, Tom quips that he is not worried about a tied vote. It is better to play hard and lose than wait around to be booted. And Gregg has bought every ounce of their deception, especially the depressed Caryn bit. "Caryn's in a Janu place," Tom tells Gregg, and there she sits all alone, head down. "Caryn's winning an Academy Award!," Ian enthuses to us. Fearing nothing, Gregg tells Jenn that Tom is next to go after Caryn. Ian, meanwhile, goes walking with Katie. Ian told her brother-in-law he'd look out for her, and he says he's still doing so. Ian mentions how Tribal Council should be interesting. Gregg wonders why Ian would say that when the decision about who goes is set in stone. Tom says that Tribal Council is always interesting.

Meanwhile, Ian talks to Katie, trying to sway her favor in voting for Gregg. Katie is shocked. Ian is just giving her a heads-up as he promised.

Katie has issues with Gregg being the target. She tells Ian that she was in a good place. Ian sees himself and Katie being in the Final Two.
Katie notes that now she knows both Ian and Tom want her as the perfect opponent in the finals. She must decide which alliance is better to stay loyal to. She is on the series to win the prize money like everyone else.

Night 33: The Tribal That Changes Everything... Unless, of course, it doesn't.

Coby, Janu, and a suddenly very sexually-appealing Stephenie report for jury duty. Gregg says it was tough not to share the reward with the others. With all her belongings in tow, Caryn thinks she was put out quickly in the Reward Challenge because she has won too many feasts, completely missing the boat that this may be "the requisite pecking order challenge." Jenn worries about Greggifer's status in the game. She and Gregg are playing an individual game too though. Gregg says their alliance was not meant to be malicious. Tom: "We're all friends, but we're all going to slit each others' throats."

Ian isn't giving up his hardware, so we go right... to the vote.

Ian: GREGG - It is time for the dark horse to ride off into the sunset.

And the other votes:

Gregg: CARYN
Caryn: GREGG

And the swinger...

Katie: GREGG

... goes to Tom & Ian. Gregg, with four votes, you're about to join the dolphins on the sidelines.


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