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Dancing goes global as the best from eight nations prove it on the same stage.

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Michael Flatley & Susie Castillo
Judges: Kelly Abbey (Australia), Shirish Dayal (India), Daire Nolan (Ireland), Maria Pogee (Argentina), Tony Selsnick (USA), Mikhail Smirnov (Russia), Harold Van Buuren (South Africa), Master Haiyang Wang (China)

Joe Cipriano
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Ken Warwick, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Simon Fuller
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The World is Watching...
January 26

This is it. In 2 hours, we'll have a superstar of dance. Which country will dominate? Find out....NOW!

The soloists will go first. Maria Kochetkova is from Russia. She made it this far with her ballet dancing, and she proves it tonight. That'll give her a 63 for Russia. Next came Robert Muriane from the USA. The pop-n-locker showed us why he's amazing and he does tonight. That 61 gives him 2nd for the solo category. Finally, Mythil Parakash of India. She does it all for you and they give her a 59 for the solo category.

Next, the Duets competition. First for Argentina, Mariam Laraci and Leonardo Barrionuevo does a tango that represents the country and for them, a 63 for the whole thing. Australia is next and Henry & Giselle brought ballroom the whole season and tonight....the same thing. The score: 59. South Africa is last up and Victor Da Silva and Claudia Saviddes are in the area of ballroom. They do what it did and a 59 ties the score.

Last category: Group. Up first, the USA. Isn't it a lovely country? Here's why they represent it. My country gets a 66. Next up, China. I don't need a Chun-Li reference on this one. All they get is Shaolin Monks and kung fu. They kick into high gear with a 65. Last up, Australia. They showed a country of vegemite and Aussie rules football. The score: 62.

Time to handout the hardware. Golds all around go to Russia in the solos, Argentina in the duets and USA getting the group, but what did the final leaderboard say?

The bronze medal goes to.........................South Africa. The silver medal goes to...........................Australia. And the gold medal goes to............................THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Congrats to the USA. They were proud to be Americans. They were proud to have 2 shoes on. They were proud to be Superstars...of Dance.