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Today is

Flying With A Green Screen - August 31

We started with 11 heroes all with one dream... immortality. Last time, we whittled it down to three, Major Victory, Fat Momma, and Feedback. Feedback, whose powers went over the heads of his audience, Fat Momma, who had nothing to offer but 100% positivity, but was hampered by a competition, and Major Victory, who couldn't keep his cape on, were tested to the limits, resulting in the elimination of Major Victory. Now only two will remain. Who will be America's newest superhero?

After a recap of the events so far, in which Stan is still trying to determine which one to translate to the comic universe.

That morning, Stan lets our heroes know of the day's activities. They talk about their superpowers... and today, they'll get to act on them! Including, but not limited to... FLYING!

How? Fat Momma and Feedback are going to what looks like an ordinary suburban house, but in reality, is actually a stunt school, complete with swings, harnesses, and green screens. They'll need all of them.

This house belongs to John Moyo, who worked as a stunt coordinator on both Spiderman movies. And as soon as Feedback saw what he had to offer... He was awestruck.

First things first, the trampoline. Feedback finally gets it, as Stan wants to see the two in action. He gives it his 110. "We've got ourselves a real star here!"

Fat Momma... Not so much.

Next, we're going to do some fighting against each other. Welcome to Throwing a Fake Punch 101.

Final lesson... flying! This will be done with a green screen and a swing. The secret: height and distance. Feedback is a quick study. He felt like he really was flying... until he landed. "Then I came back to reality... because it hurts."

Fat Momma... couldn't do the swinging. "What am I trying to prove here? Feedback is young and very athletic. Too many people depend on me, so I decided to step down."

Next, how to grow after eating a donut and how to catch a falling meteorite.

Stan tells them that this was purely to see how they'd look on the big screen. The time is approaching to decide on a superhero.

That said, they return to the lair and prepare to leave it for good. But first, the heroes must talk to Stan for a bit.

First, Feedback. Stan wants to learn more about Matthew, not Feedback. He wants to win. "I want to be a superhero. I learned that it's not about doing backflips. It's about who you are and how you react to people. I want people to know that they can trust me." He says that Stan is his hero. "It all started when my dad died. My father was in the military, and he seriously injured his back. After years of excruciating pain, he just couldn't handle it anymore and he committed suicide. I identified with Spider-Man. I so needed a positive male role model. It felt like you were writing a story for me so that I could learn a lesson."

Now, Fat Momma. Again, Stan wants to learn more about Nell, not about Fat Momma. Her most significant moment was when she was told that he was proud of her. "It seems like such an honor." Her hero? Her father. "To me, the backbone of the family was a good man. Now he's getting older, and I know that he won't be here much longer, but I really appreciate every day I have with him. Being here has been hard." She talks about his memory loss and how hard it is to talk to him. Stan calls her his hero. She thanks him for being there to talk to.

Stan has grown close to the two of them, and they're both winners. It's going to be hard to choose one. He'll have to choose, but not on the roof... Both will meet Stan at Universal CityWalk to hear the result. "Your own journey has led up to this moment."


And the moment at long last has arrived. Tonight, we'll crown the world's next great superhero.

At stake, the greatest prize ever given away on reality TV... IMMORTALITY! The winner will receive...

- his or her own comic book created by Stan Lee for Dark Horse Comics
- his or her own SciFi Channel Saturday Night Original Movie
- a vacation for two to Universal Orlando Resort, where he or she will ride in the Superhero Parade at Islands of Adventure.

First, demo clips of both of Fat Momma and Feedback. Fat Momma can take out drug smugglers and the irrepressible Chicken Man. Not to mention the Dark Enforcer and lesser creatures from other SFCSNOMs.

Next, Feedback's demo reel. We see his backstory, as he protects the world from the Dark Enforcer, cannonballs, rocks from the sky, and... lesser creatures from other SFCSNOMS.

The fantastic journey has finally come to an end. Stan has come to treasure both of them greatly, but a decision has to be made.

The last person to turn in his/her costume is....

Fat Momma. "You're an amazing woman." She wishes Feedback the best. And speaking of which... ahem...

FEEDBACK IS THE WORLD'S NEWEST SUPERHERO! Yet all he can do is stand there dumbfounded. Until.... "WHOOOOOOO!!!!" He's soon joined by his wife, family, friends and the rest of the contestants. Speech! Speech!

"Every dream you have ever had is possible!" he says to an adoring public. "Stan will not regret this decision." Fat Momma is soon rejoined by her friends and family. And Stan?

"One thing I love is a happy ending. Good night, good luck, and Excelsior!" This as the TV blacks out... and Stan joins the crowd!

Congratulations to Feedback. The end for us... the beginning for him?

 "To be continued..."

Excelsior, true believers. Masked Writer out.


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