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Vh1 is hitting the road in search of the next members of the world-renowned strip troupe, Thunder from Down Under.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Billy Cross & Rachel Perry
Billy Cross
EP: Billy Cross, Craig Piligian
Packager: Pilgrim Films, Distraction Formats, VH1
Airs: Thursdays at 10p ET on Vh1

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"OGs: Original G-Strings" - June 30

Three down, 5 to go. The guys are still wondering how excellent dancer Blake is gone and why out-of-shape Bryce is there.

We fast-forward from Day 9 to Day 14. It's 7:31 am and Bryce gets serenaded with pillows dropped on his head. He is also covered in baby powder and he's getting frustrated. The guys are still upset that Bryce is still there, which is why Bryce is getting stuff dumped on him.

With that, we go to the Arc Trainer for another workout session. Brian complains that the lack of women are getting the guys horny. It's now Sharon's turn to be the victim of pranks as they do strip sessions and body contact with Sharon - and she is feeling erections. Oops. She thinks Ryan may have a crush on her. 'G-d bless him, because I think he's adorable and I'm twice Ryan's age.' And the 'Mrs. Robinson' theme plays...

Back to the guys, who are still frustrated with Bryce. Terry is wondering when they will start cutting more guys so that the people who are really going to be in the show are going to get more time and others (like, in his opinion, Bryce) are going to get cut. Bryce, for that matter, is getting sick of it and he says that he's going to start to get even with everyone in the house - starting with Josh. The only problem here is that Josh isn't part of the group who is tormenting Bryce, and if Bryce starts getting revenge on the wrong people, then things are going to get ugly...

Bryce is wondering why people are against him, and Terry decides to be the spokesman. He tells him that they are on him because they don't think that he is pulling his weight, so to speak. Bryce says that he does cardio for 45 minutes, but Terry notes that he's only been awake for 35 minutes. Terry tells Bryce that he's trying to help, but Bryce says that he works out and then says that he's been pranked every morning. Terry asks him if he's been pranked 14 times, and Bryce says no. Score - Terry 2, Bryce - 0.

Day 15 - We still have 12 people in the house, and 10 days to go before the show starts. Billy talks about the show and how it spans different eras. Billy explains how the personality is supposed to be shining through, but when they perform, they have all of the personality as the same pillow that Bryce got nailed with. '10 days to go, and the pressures on and I''m so not confident with what the guys are doing. If something goes wrong, then I'm going down, because it's my show.'

Remember when Johnny wasn't picking up the choreography? Now it's Brian's turn, and he tells Sharon that he's getting discouraged. Bryce is disclosing to Rick how frustrated he's getting, but Rick is not a Bryce supporter and he wants to see Bryce go. Bryce feels that his only shot is to get the emcee position - and he feels that he to compete against Rick to get it. Rick seems to think that too, as he says that he will do anything to get it.

David is still homesick. Chris now joins him on the bandwagon, but explains that he would get pissed if he stuck around only to be the last person cut. David says the exact same thing and you can even see the irony written on the wall...

Rick is scared that no one is getting the moves and he is wondering if 1. he's going to make the group and 2. if he wants to be in a group that isn't getting the moves. Sharon feels the same way, but she is frustrated because she wants the final group to be cut to 7. She is also frustrated that Blake got eliminated in favor of Bryce. She has a powwow with him, who tells her that she needs a full week to get the final 7. Billy tells her to get the guys in tip-top shape in 4 days. Sharon thinks that it's too much and starts to get upset. Billy tries to console her, but she says that she can't get everything done until he sends people home. The guys hear the tail end of it and see Sharon mope into Billy's office to cool down.

Billy decides to bring in his Australian version of 'Thunder from Down Under' to the house. Way to break up a rehearsal, much needed rehearsal, Billy. Billy takes the guys down and has the Australian troupe perform for them. The idea is to show them personality. Terry was blown away and Rick compared it to watching a Major League team when you're in the minor leagues.

Billy tells them to be over animated and they can never smile enough. Billy divides the 12 into 2 groups, and they are all to be reviewed by the Australian Group. While they were showing the finale number, Sharon noted that most of the guys looked petrified. They were petrified, but they seemed to be getting into it. Rick played the DJ, as did Bryce. Hmmm...

Now for the reviews. Terry - looked fake, but the smile was there. Bryan - they saw that he was counting the moves, and the smile was sometimes there, sometimes not. Ryan - they loved him and they loved Sean. David - Nervous, but good, but get rid of the beard. Marco - The smile was good, but he needs to stop thinking. Tony - Stop looking down at your feet, but the smile is phenomenal. Chris - Good smile, but shave the legs. Bryce - Great personality and face (which gets dirty looks from Brian, Ryan and Sean), but he has to get on the treadmill (which gets smirks from Brian, Ryan and Sean, while Tony says that he gives Bryce props for working it). Josh - The smile was good, but he seemed not too sure on the choreography. Rick - They loved his emcee work and he was great in the front room, but he dropped the smile when he was in the back and he can't do that.

The troupe was asked who they didn't like, and they are torn between Terry (too much attitude), Chris (no rhythm) and Brian (No Rhythm) and Bryce (chubby), though they liked Bryce's smile. Billy tells the troupe to spend the night with the group, and then come back to him with a decision on who to eliminate.

The troupe come down to a warm welcome from the contestants. They talk about girlfriends and say that it's possible - not advised at the beginning. Josh talks about being the runt to Dave (who is the smallest Australian in the bunch), who tells Josh to keep his head up and keep training, adding that a lot of times it's the little guy that gets the attention.

Bryce talks about losing the weight, while Josh talks about bulking up. The Australians add that a female audience will know if someone is gay or stuck up, so they have to display themselves. The troupe talks about how fun it is to travel the world, while Rick is all pumped up after listening to the tales of women pursuing the Aussies. One of them talks to Chris about missing his kids, and Chris says that he hasn't spoken to his kids in 17 days. They talk some more and Chris is tearing up. He needs - and gets - a hug. AwwwBarf. He now has a resolve to make the troupe because he wants to get his family a house and get a better life for everyone. AwwwwBarf.

Day 15 - The guys are waking up and recovering from last night. They spend the morning eating, the afternoon rehearsing, and the night...getting eliminated? The troupe talks to Billy about who to eliminate. They say that personality-wise, they can't eliminate anyone, but they CAN eliminate someone based on issues. Uh-oh. That doesn't sound too good for Chris...

It also doesn't sound too good for Bryce, who's noticing that Sharon is picking favorites such as Tony, Ryan, Brian and Sean to do more work than the others. As certain people like Rick and Terry chat about how concerned they are, Sharon comes over and yells at them, adding that she doesn't know who's getting selected to leave, so she has no clue how to choreograph it. Hence, if she doesn't know, then they should stop talking about it and stop analyzing what she does. She calls a break at that point and they all disperse.

While they are dispersing, Billy calls Chris into his room. Billy wants Chris to know what's on his mind, and he says that he's depressed that he can't call his kids. Billy reminds him that he will be spending 6 to 12 months on the road, and if you're having problems now, then what's going to happen when he's on a world tour. He's concerned that Chris is going to no-show on the trip, and for that, Chris is letting him go. David had the same problem, but the difference is that David told him and Chris didn't. Hence, it's over for a now weepy Chris who walks back to his room and packs up.

Chris tells the guys that Billy eliminated him - but he also says that Billy may be right. The guys were stunned about it, but Chris warned David to make sure not to show his emotion of missing his kids when he performs. Chris leaves by telling his kids that he's coming home, and then getting in the car to a salute of middle fingers as he gets in the jeep and leave.

Next week - the guys finally get their first chance to perform for the ladies - but what they don't know is that a group of women will decide which one of them will not get to be in the final 10. Join us next week to see which guy will have their dreams snatched from them by one of the women that they could potentially be performing for.

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