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Vh1 is hitting the road in search of the next members of the world-renowned strip troupe, Thunder from Down Under.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Billy Cross & Rachel Perry
Billy Cross
EP: Billy Cross, Craig Piligian
Packager: Pilgrim Films, Distraction Formats, VH1
Airs: Thursdays at 10p ET on Vh1

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"Poop with Legs" - June 23

Last week, we didn't get anyone booted out of the house, but if you were to have the guys vote, they would all say Johnny. The only problem is that they don't get that power to vote, so Johnny is there...for now. Homesick David and Flabby Bryce are also there, but for how long?

We start on the morning of Day 9, where Blake makes breakfast - in a thong. Rick appreciates that Blake is trying to lighten a very stressed out house, while Bryce is looking for a metabolism pill. Josh - 'Bryce is working out as hard as he wants to', as we see Bryce pigging out on deserts. Josh, on the other hand, is trying to bulk up, and he looks like he's doing a good job at that.

Back to the pressure - after the dance rehearsal, Billy wants to speak to Johnny on a one on one basis. Billy asks him why he is causing drama, and Johnny replies that he is trying to perform to the cameras, adding that this is a show and he is performing for the cameras. The lightbulb hasn't gone off yet in Johnny's head that the show isn't about him, but the lightbulb in Billy's head just went off that Johnny thinks that he is the star.

BIlly accuses of Johnny of not taking it seriously, and he asks why it looks like Johnny isn't taking it seriously. Johnny says that he wants to talk - but without the cameras on. Billy isn't buying any of that, and he presses Johnny, who responds by saying that everyone out there knows that he is the most talented and they are making his life difficult because he is their biggest threat. Unbeknownst to Johnny, the guys are right outside listening, and their mouths are so agape that you can stick a beehive in there.

Johnny tells them to not have the cameras there, and Billy obliges. Though THAT camera is off, there is another one going in the main office, and that one has Johnny saying that the other people are upset when the camera follows Johnny around, so they are screwing around with him and are trying to set him up. Today's word is delusional. Can we say delusional?

Back to the conversation. Johnny goes off on Ryan, saying that he can see in Ryan's eyes that he is intense and jealous, adding that he is a young, punk-ass kid. Johnny gives Billy an ultimatum - either him or Ryan. As Johnny storms out of the room, Tony grinningly responds by saying, 'You want to know who's the next one gone? I think I know.'

Billy is anything but grinning. Pissed that one of the contestants gave HIM an ultimatum, Billy calls the troops and rounds them upstairs. Everyone shows up - except Johnny, who is outside. He calls out Johnny and asks him to be mature, but Johnny has had enough and says that he's done. Billy asks Johnny if he wants to leave and he says yes. Billy asks if he wants to discuss about it, and he says that he can't stand the cameras anymore.

Billy finally figures out that Johnny didn't want to work as a team with these people. Now it's Billy who gives Johnny an ultimatum - to either come up and talk about this with the guys or pack his bags. Johnny says that he doesn't want to talk to the camera, but Billy says that he has to talk to him in front of the cameras. Johnny is still hedging and Billy has had enough. Convinced that Johnny has lost purpose of this show, Billy walks and tells him to pack. Johnny does so and is waiting for Billy to come back. Billy doesn't, but a producer does and tells him to pack. Johnny asks if he can change his mind, but the producer says no and that's that. Johnny asks him 4 times if it's done. The producer says yes, adding that he pissed Billy off to the point where Johnny has to leave now. He does so, and that's all we see of Johnny.

Billy comes back up and announces that Johnny has quit. Billy is frustrated that he could have given his spot to someone else besides Steve and Johnny, who didn't seem like they wanted it. Rick is thrilled that a 'jackass' (in his words) is gone out of the house - but the joy turns back to stress when Billy says that there will be another elimination coming up soon.

Billy is happy that with Johnny gone, there seems to be more camaraderie in the house. The camaraderie continues when Billy says that there will be a calendar shoot - but if you've noticed, there are 13 guys and 12 months. Someone is getting cut out of the photo shoot. The guys will be going shopping, but Ryan, assumes that it's Bryce (with his flabby body and not up to date choreography) who will be leaving and everyone should pack his bags for it.

The guys are all ready to go shopping on Rodeo Drive, and they do a little dance/rap to celebrate. They are going to a high fashion store...if they were going to a Halloween party. Welcome to Glendale Costumes, and the guys feel like they've just been served. The assignment is to select something that defines themselves. We see a variety of costumes, from animals to a half-naked leprechaun costume, to...a transvestite? The skimpiest selection was chosen by Bryce, who with his flair, can't really afford to be in a skimpy outfit. Ryan - 'Dude, are you just asking to get eliminated or what?' Also asking to be eliminated - Blake, who grabs a vampire outfit and starts going after everyone in the store.

Someone is asking people to be eliminated, and that's Sharon the choreographer. 'There are people there who are wasting my time. This sounds bad, but I want them gone. The sooner that Billy sends them home, the easier it will be for me.' Sharon adds that the people who did great on days 1 and 2 should be careful, because other people are picking up their game.

Bryce says that he wants this as badly as everyone else - even more so, because he's had to work harder to get it. David, meanwhile, is still feeling homesick - and it's only Day 9. How is he going to get to day 25?

It's night #9, and we see a montage of the guys working out. Terry notes that he has burned out more calories in his 8 minutes cycling than Bryce's 12 minutes running. Bryce says that he's going to get 6 pack abs, but the only was he's getting a 6 pack is if he goes to the store and buys a package of Bud Light. A frustrated David, who is still homesick, talks to Billy, who says that he also has 2 kids, and it kills him when he doesn't see them, but David has a golden opportunity that he shouldn't throw away. David decides that Billy is right, and he decides to stay on the program. Billy also adds that he can always talk to him, and they shake hands as they leave. David says that he's sucking it up and doing it for the kids, adding that he will focus and work really hard. AwwwBarf.

After Ryan gets a rub down from Terry (Wha?), the guys go over to the photo shoot. We get a montage of people shooting and dressed in various costumes, including Terry as a Pimp Daddy. After the montage, the guys talk about the weight loss, and Ryan warns them that it's not the weight, it's how their body looks like. Bryce gets on the scale - and he's gained 3 pounds. Oops. Ryan says that it doesn't matter, since he's leaving, adding that Bryce is cheating on his diet. Rick thinks that Bryce should be doing double the work that everyone else is doing.

The athletic director asks Bryce what he's eating. Bryce says that he had 3 fried and a lettuce wrap, but the instructor sees right through him. Bryce adds that he didn't work out, and that's annoying the guys. The men continue to trash Bryce, as Terry says that Bryce told him that he models. Wha? Ryan says that he would be incredibly disappointed if Ryan wasn't eliminated. Describing him as 'poop with legs', Ryan says that lazy people who are arrogant annoy him. 'You're lazy, you suck, and the attitude sucks. Get out.'

After another Sharon workout, Billy comes over to talk to them. He tells them that there will not be a final 7, but a final 6. There will be 6 dancers and strippers, and one emcee, who will be describing the action. Billy adds that the emcee has to be full of personality, and that gets Ryan miffed. He is thinking the exact same thing that I am - this seems to be a VERY easy out to get Bryce into the finals, although he isn't working out and he isn't working as hard as the rest of the guys. Could this be Billy's way of covering up a flabby Bryce?

For this stunt, Billy gets all of the people up to do some emceeing. Rick says that he can work it like a pro, and he does. Ryan, Terry and Tony light it up, while Bryce actually does a good job, adding that they have nerdy businessmen. That seemed to be aimed right at Sean, who didn't appreciate it.

The guys start talking, and they all agree that it's going to be chummy once the people who they know are going to leave. They all think that when it gets down to 10, it's going to get ugly.

Speaking of ugly, Billy calls them all up to the elimination procedures. Billy tells them all that the exercise what to see what the guys thought was sexy. Between that and the emcee stunt, someone is going home. Billy has the pictures of the photo shoot, and he will call them all up one at a time. The person who he doesn't call up will be eliminated. The first one up is...

Josh - He has a leather jacket James Dean thing going on, and Billy likes it.

Sean - All dressed in white. Face staring right into the camera.

Terry - The Grandmaster Pimp Ho makes it into the next round

Adam - He's wearing chains and he has that Egyptian thing going on.

Marco - He picked an Indian outfit, along with the collar and the leather beige pants.

Chris - Billy liked the eyes and ho sultry they are, He also liked the bandanna and the gang look.

Rick - Billy called him a sexy character which looks like a gang member taking an aerobics class.

David - Billy loved the fact that his body is much improved. He used a stick behind the back of his head as a prop.

Brian - He picked a cowboy outfit. Billy thought that he played it to the hilt.

Billy said he loved these 9 shots. The rest of them started to concern him...

Ryan - Billy liked the shot. He didn't like the gun in the pants and thinks that it sends the wrong idea.

Tony - Billy loves the look, but he also used the gun - including a shot with a gun in his mouth. When someone looks at the picture, they could be thinking either 1. he has a depression issue or 2. he's playing for the other team. Yikes.

That leaves 2 pictures left. Bryce the flabby one and Blake the vampire boy. The person getting eliminated is...

But wait! We have a commercial! To reserve tickets for the show, go to!

Bryce doesn't want to go home. No one else wants to see Blake go home. The person who was selected was...

Bryce - Billy loved the head shot. The body shot was horrific.

Blake - Billy saw him dressed up as a vampire, with his mouth hanging out. 'What did you think you were doing? The Rocky Horror Picture Show?' Blake shakes his head in disbelief. The guys are all hanging their head and coming over to talk to Blake. An angry Terry says that everyone knows who should have left - Bryce. 'He was blessed with the chance to keep going, and he shouldn't have been.' As for Blake? 'My goal is to make the final 7. I'll worry about what everyone else thinks when I make the final 7.'

Blake vents to Brian and Sean, who just nod but don't say anything. Sean says that people stopped caring for Bryce awhile ago and that maybe they need to get some tough love going. The definition of tough love? Pouring milk and coffee grounds on Bryce while he's sleeping.

Bryce isn't going to take this lying down. Next Week - He starts taking matters into his own hands and vows revenge against the pretty boy alliance of Sean, Ryan and Brian. Join us in 7 days to see if he survives the next cut long enough to do anything about it.

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