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December 19
December 20

One hero vs. ten total strangers. Miss just one question and you'll fall through the floor, but drop all ten strangers and you win $1,000,000.

Recaps by Brian Moore & Brian Sapinski, GSNN
Host Ben Bailey
Announcer Tom Kane
Creators Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad & Amit Stretiner (based upon "Still Standing")
EP Craig Plestis
Tim Puntillo
Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad
Amit Stretiner
Avi Armoza
Packager Armoza Formats & Smart Dog Media for Universal Television
Origins Sunset Gower Studios, Los Angeles
Web nbc.com/wss
Airs 8p ET Mon, NBC
@Who's Still Standing

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A Beautiful Mind
December 21

Ready to play again? Hope so, because we've got 11 people (and Ben) who are going to be pretty bored if you're not, including...


She's doing it for her single mom to send her to Italy and get her a lot of other nice things.

MATCH #1: AMANDA VS. #5 JOSH ??? (Columbus, GA - Club manager)
He's a cowboy, on a pop culture horse he rides. But to Amanda, he's wanted... dropped but alive. (Sorry.)

Amanda flubs a little thinking that Lincoln was our 18th president, but it's Josh who's fumbling after a Baltimore Ravens question when he faces this 4th query:

Over 400,000 classified documents were released by this secret-spilling website
_ _ _ _ L _ _ _ S

He gets hooked on the word Text...


And THEN he comes up with WIKILEAKS. Aargh! Josh is shot down in a blaze of glory, and I'm done with the Bon Jovi puns for the night.

AMANDA WINS: $10,000

One down. Who's next?

MATCH #2: AMANDA VS. #4 DEBBIE SMITH (New York - Celebrity flight attendant)

SPECIAL ROUND: AS FAST AS YOU CAN (Things that are fast)

And very fast, Debbie faces this 3rd question:

What 2011 sequel to "The Fast and the Furious" made $86 million in his first weekend?
_ A _ _ _ _ _ E

"I believe that was FAST LANE." Nothing. Come up with something else... c'mon...


Don't you hate when you get stuck on one thing and it refuses to let anything else in your head. It's FAST FIVE and she's gone.

AMANDA WINS: $20,000

She hits one of the big ones. Now with $30,000 and cruising along nicely.

MATCH #3: AMANDA VS. #9 VINCE VASQUEZ (Newark, CA - 2nd grade teacher)
Hope Governor Christie isn't watching. I'd rather the teacher was in the middle, or would that be worse for us? I digress.

Well, Vince is on the hot spot either way with his 4th question:

What clothing store's name is also a term for a tropical dictatorship?
_ A _ _ N _ _ E _ _ _ L _ _

"Tommy Bahama... Lane Bryant... BANANA REPUBLIC." And as I wrap my head around his other answers, we move to Amanada's 4th:

What is the profession of Bruce Willis' character in "The Sixth Sense"?
_ _ _ C _ _ _ _ _ I _ _

She searches deep amongst the dead people to get PSYCHOLOGIST, but we play on.

Advance to Vince's 6th:

Lewis & Clark reached the Pacific Ocean without a GPS thanks to what woman?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ E _

"Pochohantas." Uh... sure. But it's when he says SACAGAWEA and looks surprised that scares me. Now I REALLY hope you know who isn't watching.

And here's Amanda's 6th:

A 2010 Forbes article named her as the highest-paid female athlete
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A _ _ _ _

She gets MARIA SHARAPOVA fast enough, but admits "I got lucky." Will Vince be as lucky on #7?

What mythological winged creature sprang from the blood of Medusa?
_ _ _ A _ _ _

Name any one you can think of. Not a griffin, not a hydra, not an otcopus(?), "a kraken! No, it's not a kraken?"


No, it's not. It's a PEGASUS.

AMANDA WINS: $15,000

Racking it up again quick tonight. $45,000 in the pot.

MATCH #4: AMANDA VS. #1 JESSICA ??? (Morgantown, WV - Personal stylist)
Amanda's opponents are so secretive with their last names. Hope they don't think that will give them an edge.

SPECIAL ROUND: DROP ZONE (Questions are all about the drop, whatever that means)

Who will face the drop? Could be Jessica on this 3rd question:

Viewers watched the ball drop on whose first "New Year's Rockin' Eve TV special in 1972?"
_ I _ _ _ _ A _ _

"Rick... Mick Jagger..." Here we go again being stuck on one name. And wait, MICK JAGGER?!


And it claims another one. DICK CLARK. I'm gonna move past this before I insult someone big time.

AMANDA WINS: $10,000

We're over the 50 mark. $55,000 and still 2 Passes in the bank. Who's tonight's mid-boss?

MATCH #5: AMANDA VS. #2 RONNY WEISS (Seattle, WA - Content creator for an English language institute)
He received his Associate's degree with honors at age 12!... yet he had trouble saying his job title. Which side should we believe?

Ronny doesn't even wait for three of his questions to even finish! But then comes his 5th:

In the original 1980's arcade version, Pac-Man is chased by Inky, Blinky, Pinky and who?
_ _ _ _ E

"Mike, uh, blue... uh oh... oh no!"


CLYDE came a huntin' for him and got him. *cue Pac-Man death cue*


That's the halfway mark. So now, with $56,000 on the table, and a prospective 3 Passes if she plays on, will she?


We found one brave enough! Let's roll!

MATCH #6: AMANDA VS. #3 MEREDITH ZENGLER (Indio, CA - Police Officer)

SPECIAL ROUND: HEY BABY (Questions about babies)

Meredith faces the line of fire of this 4th question:

Who started the Baby Phat fashion label with Kimora Lee?
_ _ _ _ E _ _ _ I _ _ _ _ _


She just plain has no idea. I don't either, fashion's not my thing. RUSSELL SIMMONS is the answer, and officer down!


It's not much, but it's one more to the million. And now, it can finally be revealed that she gets the option to walk again. Wish that was explained two shows ago.


"I think I've got one more in me."

MATCH #7: AMANDA VS. BRENT ARMSTRONG (San Diego, CA - High school history teacher)
Amanda thought his suit was a gimmick to freak her out. "Are you freaked out?" Brent asks. Heh.

Maybe Amanda is freaked out, because we're only on her 2nd question:

What strenuous 140-mile Hawaiian triathlon has a metallic-sounding name?
_ R _ _ M _ _

"Artemis? That's gonna be a big PASS." And Brent is quick with the superhero pose. "IRONMAN."

The volley continues to Amanda's 6th question:

Kate Middleton's wedding gown was created by this female designer
_ A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Amanda's not sure, and she think Brent won't know it either. PASS! Will he get it?

"Katie Holmes." WHAT?! "Marlon Brando." *facefault*


At least he's man enough to salute a well-played round on the way out after SARAH BURTON sent him packing.

AMANDA WINS: $10,000

That was a hard-fought win. She's only got 1 Pass left, but will she dare to go on?

AMANDA WINS: $67,000

She's got 3 grand to her name coming in, and an even 70, a trip to Italy with her mom, and a drop on out of here.

We're out of time, so no Speed Round tonight. Hope the others actually got to have one. If any of you out there reading this just happened to be one of those three forgotten strangers, drop us a line here at GameShowNewsNet and tell us about yourself.

Final night tomorrow night before it's all over. Join us then, won't you?

To see this episode in its entirety, visit the official website at www.nbc.com/whos-still-standing or their Hulu page at www.hulu.com/whos-still-standing.