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December 19

One hero vs. ten total strangers. Miss just one question and you'll fall through the floor, but drop all ten strangers and you win $1,000,000.

Recaps by Brian Moore & Brian Sapinski, GSNN
Host Ben Bailey
Announcer Tom Kane
Creators Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad & Amit Stretiner (based upon "Still Standing")
EP Craig Plestis
Tim Puntillo
Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad
Amit Stretiner
Avi Armoza
Packager Armoza Formats & Smart Dog Media for Universal Television
Origins Sunset Gower Studios, Los Angeles
Web nbc.com/wss
Airs 8p ET Mon, NBC
@Who's Still Standing

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Blonde Ambition
December 20

Welcome back to Night #2 of this holiday special presentation. And what makes it so special? We get to see how stiff Ben Bailey looks in a suit. (Sorry, Ben, we still love you!) (C-Note: at least we know he has legs).

Oh yes, almost forgot, there's the NBC game show Santa. He needed something to do after Minute To Win It fell through, so to speak.

OK, let's get on with it? Last night's hero Jared Young, a volleyball coach from Conway, Arkansas, dropped five of his opponents. He took home $49,000 and decided to drop himself out through the floor. Then in the speed round Catherine Smith decided to walk out through the door with $6,000. Another hero and another group of strangers are ready to find out who faces the drop tonight and ... who's still standing?

TONIGHT'S CHALLENGER: CHRISTA BAKER (Pearisburg, VA - Cosmetics account manager)

She hosts pub trivia contests, so maaaaybe she'll have a shot at this? Time to begin.

MATCH #1: CHRISTA VS. #3 CLARISSA BARTON (Palm Springs, CA - Nonprofit intern)
Clarissa's hoping to make a profit here at Christa's expense. And it's Christa who faces the first pressure with this as her 2nd:

What is the main ingredient in tartar sauce?
M _ _ _ N _ _ _ S _

She needed to spell it out, literally. But MAYONAISSE came out, so we move on to Clarissa's 5th:

Metric measurement equal to approximately 2.2 pounds
_ I _ _ G _ _ _

Clarissa figures out "gram", but what's the beginning? "Milligram... Mintogram?" Huh?


Math takes another victim. *sigh*


MATCH #2: CHRISTA VS. #1 PRICE TROCHET (Brentwood, CA - Barista)
He Tivo's 4 game shows a day, and he was on the Dean's List in college. Andrea heard that and said, "Hey, there's your twin!"

SPECIAL ROUND: WHAT A MONSTER (Questions all about monsters)

I guess "Monsters, Inc." wasn't available as the category name. Well, the first monster is Price's 2nd question:

Monster Energy Drink invites you to "Unleash the" what?
_ _ _ _ T

After babbling Sunny D, Price is fishing... "power, light, fright, fight, might..."


What? Price, you shame us. It was BEAST. Leave and never come back!


$25,000 in the bank now.

MATCH #3: CHRISTA VS. #6 ELENA CRABTREE (Phoenix, AZ - Beauty queen)
I doubt nothing in this game, so no dissing the beauty queen.

Both start out well, and then Elena faces her 4th question:

What "Annie Hall" director said he wanted to achieve immortality by not dying?
_ O _ _ Y _ L _ _ _


Nothing? Oh well, Elena, you win tonight's Miss Congeniality award, and a collection of WOODY ALLEN films.


Building a really nice bank now. $40,000 with 7 to go. Onward!

MATCH #4: CHRISTA VS. #2 ADAM NEDEFF (Vienna, WV - Pro wrestling ring announcer).

And on an additional note, he's also the webmaster of the Game Show Utopia at www.game-show-utopia.net. Shameless plug, I know. After introducing Ben "Bam Bam" Bailey, we start this no-holds barred match.

SPECIAL ROUND: SUPERCHARGED (Questions all contain the word "Super".)

They trade headlocks, and Christa is whipped to the ropes with her 4th question:

A superhero's partner OR a brand of smartphone
_ _ D _ _ _ _ K

She's freezing, and in a instinctive moment of desperation, she PASSES, and instantly blurts out "SIDEKICK!" right after. Pressure got to her there, let's see if she can get back on her feet.

They come to blows again when Adam faces his 7th question:

Alabama's NASCAR Superspeedway:
_ _ L _ _ _ _ G _

"Tuscaloosa... Tuskeegee..."


Adam will be spending a lot of TALLADEGA nights back in the Midwest. And Christa scores the pinfall.


All big wins so far. Now she's got an even 50, and one away from the halfway mark.

After Adam came along, everyone wants in on the nickname act. Seriously, she called herself that.

I never knew that Monopoly's bank held $20,580. Interesting. That was Vanessa's 2nd, and here's her 3rd:

Type of eye doctor who doesn't perform surgery
_ P _ _ M _ _ _ _ _ T

She can see well enough that it's OPTOMETRIST. So we move on to Christa's 5th:

"Modern Warfare" and "Black Ops" are editions of what video game series?
_ _ _ L _ _ _ _ T _

Christa doesn't play, apparently. PASS! Does Vanessa play?

"Seal of Outs... Seal of Night... Oval of--"


Everyone in the audience knew. We found two people in this country besides my family who doesn't play CALL OF DUTY. See, we exist!


The big one! And now we're at the halfway point with $70,000 in the bank. NOW... will Christa quit or add a Pass back to her arsenal and face the final 5?


Christa's love walked out on her and took the house with him. Now, Christa can start searching for a house of her own again. And... she... OK, she'll drop out of here. Enjoy the money, Christa!


The combatants in playing order:
#5 RAJ DWALJA (26th in the World Quizzing Championship
#7 JEFF NIMOY (3.8 high schooler)
#8 LINDSAY MORGAN (Hogged all the academic awards in 8th grade)
#9 DR. JONATHAN GELVER (Masters in biomedical engineering from Columbia)
#10 HEATHER ALEXANDER (99th% on the ACT's) (C-Note: No relation)

The results:

Jeff's 1st:
British singer who vowed she wouldn't go to "Rehab"
A _ _ W _ _ _ H _ _ S _

"Amy Woodhouse. Woodhouse. Tollhouse." BUZZ! We know it's WINEHOUSE, but all entertaining answers.

Heather's 2nd:
A French explorer named Cadillac founded this U.S. city
_ _ _ R _ _ T

Nothing... nothing... then "DE-BUZZ!-TROIT!" JUST... in time! And with $8,000 in the bank, we play on.

Lindsay's 3rd:
She holds the record with 16 Academy Award acting nominations
_ E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ P

"So it's not..." BUZZ! It's not you winning, Lindsay. MERYL STREEP

Heather's 4th:
This U.S. president was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ O _ _

Another frantic pause... "GERALD FORD!" This time, she had room to spare.

Raj's 5th:
Kate Middleton's stepmother-in-law
_ _ M _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ R _ _ _ _ _ _


Don't worry, Raj, I choose to forget her, too. CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES. So now, two to go with $14,000 on the line.

Jonathan's 6th:
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty" according to this poet's "Ode on a Grecian Urn"
_ _ _ _ _ E _ _ _


I had it too late, but I had it. JOHN KEATS. But Jonathan's got nothing, which means...


She deserves it for those near misses. And you know what, why stop the thrills there? She's dropping out! And so are we. Good night!

To see this episode in its entirety, visit the official website at www.nbc.com/whos-still-standing or their Hulu page at www.hulu.com/whos-still-standing.