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Fresh Meat
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Today is

What a Croc - August 28
Previously on Fresh Meat, Diem revealed to Derrick that she's battling cancer. At the "Target Training" challenge, Exile nominees Darrell and Aviv stayed on track and pulled off the win, earning them the first pardon of The Challenge. Darrell and Aviv then chose Tina and Kenny to take their place in Exile against Theo and Chanda. At the Exile, Tina and Kenny's puzzle-solving skills help them cruise past Theo and Chanda, sending the powerhouse duo home. Will their elimination solidify Tina and Kenny, a place in the final three? Let's find out...

Making it to the final challenge is important for the four remaining teams, especially Derrick and Diem whom the latter has $60,000 in debt and has cancer with the money being of importance.

Foregoing the next clue we see the teams meet up with host Lavin at the Eagle Farm in Byron Bay for their next challenge called "What a Croc". Each team will position themselves on the mock crocodile from head to toe. When the host sounds the horn, the crocodile will spin horizontally (a.k.a. performing a "death roll"). Whenever a part of ones body touches on the pole, the time will be stopped. Each team will have three tries and whoever stays on the fake crocodile for the longest accumulated time will win this challenge and receive a Kicker Car audio system. And the winners will not only be the first finalists, they'll also chose not one, but two teams to go into Exile.

Here's a look at the results...

|RANK|TEAM        |TIME|
| 1  |Tina/Kenny  |3:35|
| 2  |Derrick/Diem|3:00|
| 3  |Wes/Casey   |1:47|
| 4  |Darrel/Aviv |0:27|

Tina and Kenny win this time and they're guaranteed money in the final challenge. Then they choose Derrick and Diem and Darrell and Aviv for the Exile. Diem is pissed off at Tina at her decision to send them in and this later turned into a battle of words.

In the Exile, Derrick and Diem drop their bags hoping if they solve the 1st Checkpoint puzzle correctly, that would have a prize of dropping their bags. Both teams get there and see this...

What is the Next Letter in This Series?


Write the answer on the paper provided below.

Diem writes down 'J' which is the correct answer and their prize is...that each teammate drops...only one bag. While Derrick and her go back to pick up a total of two bags, Darrell and Aviv also get the puzzle correct and get the same prize too.

The teams run to the next checkpoint where they see this next puzzle...

The goal is to remove pegs from the board by jumping over each peg with another peg; this removes the "jumped" peg. Only horizontal and vertical jumps are allowed. The game is over when no more jumps are possible.

You win the game by removing all of the pegs except one from the board.

At this point, Derrick and Diem forget to grab the 1st checkpoint flag, which could mean the loss of their lead. The second verse is the same as the first for Darrell and Aviv who also forgot the 1st CP flag too.

When Derrick gets back to the 1st CP, he's been told by one of the referee that Diem has to be here in order for him to get the flag. Then Diem runs back to Derrick to get the flag and then tries the 2nd CP puzzle. Darrell and Aviv tried it, but decided to pass and grab that flag and (with their leftover bags), they run for the finish line.

Derrick and Diem's mistakes have cost them their chance at the big finish. Derrick feels that he as let Diem down and says that there'll always be something special about her and hopes that everything works out. Diem mentions that the reality is now going to set in. And the reality isn't fun, because home is not fun and she doesn't want to do the stupid cancer treatments. However, she's grateful for the five extra weeks of normalcy she experienced.

The field is now down to three teams, who'll become the champions of Fresh Meat? Find out in the finale, next time.

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