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Fresh Meat
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Today is

Target Training - August 21
Previously on Fresh Meat, Derrick and Diem held on under pressure at the "Deep Blue" and won their third challenge in a row. Diem then convinced Derrick to select Theo and Chanda for the Exile. Hoping to eliminate one of the strongest teams by pitting them against each other, top dogs Darrell and Aviv were voted into Exile to face Theo and Chanda. Will the pardon be finally won and which team will be saying adios? Let's find out...

We start off this episode with Theo in an in-show interview saying that he isn't nervous about the Exile. He will give that a good shot and will bring out the best in him.

Then we see Derrick with Diem over at one of the bunk rooms where he says they made a bad move. Diem says that Derrick's not doing good, he's stressed out and feels like a horrible person. Diem also feels like he's feeling animosity towards her. Apparently voting Theo and Chanda turned out to be a bad move for them. Derrick then mentions that they need to win tomorrow, bottom line.

The teams then get their next clue...

>>You had better be looking SHARP for your challenge tomorrow. Be ready to leave by 8:25 AM.

Aviv is nervous because Theo and Chanda are an amazing and very strong team and she's worried about going to Exile against them.

Then Darrell mentions that Derrick flipped the script and messed everything up. They just put some fuel on some fire and it's not going to be put out and Darrell isn't going nowhere.

The teams then compete in the next challenge entitled "Target Training". There are two identical obstacle courses with four targets 25 feet away from the end. When host Lavin sounds the horn, the teams must run over two walls, crawl under ropes, step through a set of tires, hit four targets with paintball guns, then pick up a an Aboriginal artifact (which weighs 70 pounds BTW) and carry it back through the same obstacles until they reach the finish line.

The team who completes the course with the artifact in the fastest time will win not only the challenge, but both teammates will also receive $1,500 in cash.

|RANK|TEAM        |TIME     |
| 1  |Darrell/Aviv|2:45     |
| 2  |Tina/Kenny  |2:59     |
| 3  |Theo/Chanda |3:32 Tied|
| 4  |Derrick/Diem|3:32 Tied|
| 5  |Wes/Casey   |4:35     |

For the first time ever in this season, Darrell and Aviv has finally won the pardon. And to replace them in the Exile, they choose Tina and Kenny to go up against Theo and Chanda.

In the Exile race, Theo and Chanda's bags are slowing them down but get near each other in the first checkpoint. The first checkpoint has a board that shows three boxes, each with visual clues. To some kind of benefit, they can solve two of the three puzzles. Tina and Kenny manage to do just that and they each get to drop both their bags giving themselves a big lead.

They're now already at the second check point with the following puzzle...

Places the Stones in the Spaces so that the Sum of the Numbers Along Each Side of The Triangle Equals Fifteen

After spending too much time there, they decide to pass on just run for the finish line not realizing they've forgotten to get their flag.

Meanwhile Theo and Chanda learned they've brought everything to this competition, except for a brain. However, they did manage a 2-out-of-3 in the 1st checkpoint. They're now in the process of making up their deficit.

In a moment of clarity, Tina forgot to grab the last flag and had to run back to the 2nd checkpoint. Then Tina tries again at the puzzle as Theo and Chanda make their way to that point. Then Kenny gives her some help which solved the puzzle and that led them to drive the car that's parked next to the station to the finish line. But by the time Theo and Chanda win the 2nd checkpoint prize, it was too little, too late as they're the next team sent packing from the Exile.

Things are looking up for some of the teams, but once again the treat of the Exile will have a dark cloud loom over the heads of two of them. We'll find out which of the two teams will be possibly on the chopping block next time on Fresh Meat.

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