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Fresh Meat
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Today is

Deep Blue - August 14
Previously on Fresh Meat, Derrick and Diem once again leaped over the competition in the "Jump Down Under" challenge, earning their second victory in a row. Wes and Casey cruised to an incredible fifth Exile win, leaving Shane and Linette as their latest victims. Later, Derrick and Diem celebrated their rise to the top. Will they add another challenge win to their belt and who'll be targeted by Exile this time? Let's find out...

We start the episode at the Cheeky Monkey's where we see Derrick and Diem starting a little crush. This gives her an escape that makes her forget that she has ovarian cancer. Back at home Derrick is getting stronger by being around Diem.

Next we see Tina feeling sick, but Kenny thinks it's just an excuse and tells her he guesses that she doesn't want the $250,000. Tina sees Kenny as cute on the inside of his rough personality.

The teams get their next clue...

>> "Now's your chance to go down under. Meet me in Tweed Heads. Be ready by 5 AM."

The teams meet up with T.J. at the Spirit of the Gold Coast for the next challenge "Deep Blue". The teams will be travelling by a boat four nautical miles off the coast of Australia. Each team will use a two-person freediving sled to take them down 30-feet into the ocean to retrieve their team flag at the bottom of the 30-foot rope. One member of each team will use a clutch to rapidly descend them down. But there's a catch, the teams will not have any scuba gear and they must use the holding of their breath. When a team can't hold their breath anymore, they must then go back up to the surface and then the time will be stopped. The team who stays in the ocean in the longest time wins this challenge.

All of the teams have managed to complete this challenge and here's where they've stacked up...

|RANK|TEAM        |TIME|
| 1  |Derrick/Diem|0:55|
| 2  |Theo/Chanda |0:54|
| 3  |Darrell/Aviv|0:27|
| 4  |Wes/Casey   |0:23|
| 5  |Tina/Kenny  |0:13|

It was not a good day for Tina and Kenny, but it was Derrick and Diem as they've strung together another challenge win. Their deliberation was a tough one and host Lavin told the team that their time's up. Derrick and Diem wanted to get more time, but T.J. says that's all their getting and their decision is needed now. They eventually put Theo and Chanda up for possible elimination unless they win that pardon which is very hard to get. While Theo and Chanda and Derrick and Diem step out, the other teams now have to conduct their deliberations on the boat. And here's how they've voted...

Darrell/Aviv - 4
Tina/Kenny - 2

Wes and Casey's votes (albeit smart ones) put Darrell and Aviv along with Theo and Chanda up for possible elimination.

Theo wasn't planning on getting screwed over. Wes was working behind the scenes getting the two strong teams into Exile and that hadn't worked previously, until today and it had became very momentous

We end the show at where we had started from, the Cheeky Monkey's where Derrick and Diem don't know what's going on with each other. Derrick's hoping the money they may win will save Diem's life.

Which of our teams will get sent back to America by the ruthless Exile? Find out next time. And you can check out the Fresh Meat After Show at

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