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Today is

Batten Down the Hatches - July 31
Previously on Fresh Meat, an injured Evan ignored his doctor's orders and participated in the "Human Ox Pull Challege" which further aggravated his hernia. His partner Coral caught Evan's bad luck and suffered a knee injury and both were rushed to the hospital. Back at the challenge, Darrell and Aviv pulled their way to their first win. In the Exile, Tina and Kenny race to the finish line, forcing Katie and Eric out of the game. At the hospital, Coral and Evans prognosis looked grim. Which of our seven remaining teams will be the targeted by the Exile this time? Let's find out...

At home base, Evan comes back and tells the players that Coral's knee is busted up. Derrick thinks Evan might be underplaying his injury, he's been hearing rumors that he may have a hernia and that doesn't sound too good. With all these challenges getting more extreme, Evan could be getting more hurt. Then we see Coral back telling him her kneecap is back in place and is on crutches. This leaves Aviv to worry about the effect that's going to have later on in the game.

The teams get their next clue...

>> Yo ho, yo ho, up and down you go! Be ready by 9 AM.

Wes says that it's extremely difficult to say how injured both Coral and Evan are. They want to hide their injuries so that the people don't think they're weak. Because if people think they're weak, there's a better chance they'll throw them into Exile.

Over at the location for their next challenge, T.J. drops the ball with some bad news. T.J. says that Coral and Evan have sustained multiple injuries throughout the challenge and tells them they can't compete anymore according to the doctor. This upsets Coral because she has never been voted off the show and the fact that it's over for them is annoying. Sadly, there's nothing they can do to change this according to one of the production staffers who appeared on camera. The #1 team is now gone from the game opening the doors for all the other teams. Personally, Tina's sad that Coral is gone, but on a competition note, she thinks to herself "Good-bye!"

And there's more news for the other teams in contention, the game will stay the same with the same number of exiles and teams eliminated. However, the final challenge will have the last three teams instead of four. Also the payoffs have changed, $250K will still be handed out to the 1st place team. The 2nd place team will win $30,000 while the 3rd place team will get $20,000. Now on to today's challenge...

This challenge is called "Batten Down the Hatches". The teams will be using a 22-foot dive boat hoisted 25 feet in the air, with two rope ladders hanging from the starboard and port side. When T.J. gives the signal, each team will climb down the ladders as fast as possible. When both teammates have their feet touch the bottom rung of their ladders. Then they must swing them towards each other and then trade ladders. After doing so, they then must climb them up and get into the boat safely which then will allow the timer to stop. The team who completes the challenge the fastest will be safe from Exile and will choose which team to be put on the chopping block and decide the order of play for the next challenge.

Wes and Casey go first, but once again they but the dust after trying to swing the ladders to each other forcing Wes to give up. Darrell and Aviv also got disqualified because he hit the water. This leaves four teams who have completed the task and here's how they stacked up.

While the challenge was in progress, Wes is in the same position with Tina that they're both automatically at every single challenge, every single Exile, going to be the one people gun for. And because of that if they gang up, maybe they can use that as strength in numbers.

Now back to the challenge...

|RANK|TEAM         |TIME|
| 1  |Derrick/Diem |3:47|
| 2  |Theo/Chanda  |4:04|
| 3  |Shane/Linette|5:23|
| 4  |Tina/Kenny   |9:10|

Derrick and Diem win and after delibarating, they put Shane and Linette up for the Exile in a strategic move. This upsets Linette and is pissed off at her of this decision.

At this point, Wes and Casey are trying to convince the other teams to gun for Theo and Chanda in the group deliberations. Darrell sees that Wes is trying to hustle. He then says in an in-show interview that "You got to do what you gotta do to survive, but be smart about it, bro. You think I'm stupid like I was born yesterday? I ain't from Kansas. I'm from the town baby. I recognize (expletive deleted). You just hung yourself. I'll see you in Exile, bro. You're definitely going in.

The group deliberation this time was quick with the other teams knowing who they're voting for.

Wes/Casey - 6
Tina/Kenny - 2

Another plan whipped up by Wes gets backfired...again, so much for being the great strategizer. And they may be going up against Shane and Linette unless they win the oh-so-elusive pardon in the next challenge. Linette is not ready go home, but who will be after the next Exile? You'll have to tune in next time on Fresh Meat.

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