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The two-survivng members of one of the top R&B groups of the '90s are looking for a third for a chance of a lifetime.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Hosts: Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins & Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas
EP: Sean M. Kelly, Ken Snow
Packager: The Jay & Tony Show
Airs: Wednesdays at 8:00pm ET on UPN

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"T-Boz & Chilli Get Crazy Sexy Cool in Miami" - August 3

Last week, the women found 4 people in NYC and liked 3 of them. This week, the girls go to Miami and will see 5 people to ambush. T-Boz and Chilli will still be ambushing the women to see how their personality meshes with theirs.

We start with Jasmin, who is only 18, but they are impressed with her voice. She is a senior in high school and is consistently in the choir. She loves to express herself. T-Boz says that she was misunderstood - misunderstood being defined as being kicked out of 4 schools and one county school system. Oops.

They go to Jasmin's high school in G. Holmes Braddock Sr. High School and visit Jasmin while she is in music class. They walk in and the music teacher, who apparently knows about T-Boz's school record, orders them out. Jasmin sees them and screams in delight as and they hug her. Miss Feegee, the music teacher, still wants them out, and they leave - but not before giving Jasmin a CD with the instruction of going to the audition. She tells T and C that she is prep aring for her prom - but will miss it for them. They leave to the screaming throng of the kids...

...and the screaming raindrops as they drive in a thunderstorm to the next Ambush. Arielle is a choreographer and teaches hip-hop. She says that she can sing, rap, write and do it all, and she says that she has a good personality to boot. She dances to the class - and then breaks out in another dance when she sees T and C show up. To add to it, her sister was there and they both start tearing up. T and C stick around to see her hip-hop class, and to be blunt, the class, her choreography, and her are all pretty hot. Could this be my first reality game show hussy?

Cherry, the first contestant to have an afropuff, is the next person to be ambushed. She has a husband (Andre) and a daughter (Brianna) and they are her life. Andre is dealing with a bone cancer and she's been the bread-winner. Everything's cool and she would love to be selected in the show. The cool aspect disappears when she sees them at her door. The reaction? Screaming, running into the next room and dropping her drink, which promptly shatters on the floor.

Cherry composes herself as T and C meet Cherry's family, including Andre and Brianna. She gets the invite and she goes off running again. They leave Cherry hugging Andre and Brianna. AwwwwBarf. I am only hoping that her voice is as powerful as her perkiness.

T-Boz says that the purpose of this trip is not just to ambush contestants, but to have fun as well. First stop - a gator farm. They first run into Esmeralda, which isn't a gator, but a scorpion. Neither girl will go anywhere near Esmeralda, but Chilli decides to get comfortable with Patrick - a lemur. T-Boz wants nothing to do with the animals, so they leave before T-Boz goes into traumatic shock.

The next person that they want to see is Crystal, who is a third grade teacher. She likes to rap, and she teaches the kids grammar via rap. That's a neat way to learn. What's not so neat - her best friend just passed away, so she needs something to help her through this. She teaches in Dallas, so this will be another over-the-phone ambush. Ambushed she is, as she screams so loud over the phone that she could shatter the fiber cables in the phone. She hugs her mom and prepares for the trip to Miami.

After an interlude that features Chilli eating 2 straight tuna sandwiches and the girls singing to one of their own songs on the radio (and reminiscing how they heard their first song when they were at Taco Bell), the girls decide to visit Vanessa. The 26 year old Fort Lauderdale woman sings with a group called Short Stacked. Keep in mind that she's in a ROCK band, and she has a nice rock voice. Will it translate to R and B?

T and C visit her at the end of a session that she's doing. Vanessa is thrilled to see them and asks if they will take a picture with her band. They are only too happy to oblige and they all schmooze. As they leave, vanessa does a happy dance.

Will she be happy after the audition? The 5 singers meet up to chat, and T and C will get to listen to them. Crystal starts us off with 'Breakaway' from Kelly Clarkson. She did a decent job, though it shows that her voice was affected by nerves. She sang ok - but ok would not have been good enough in NYC. Will it be good enough here? Will she be happy afterwards?

Jasmin is next and she sings 'What a Girl Wants' by Christina Aguilera. She seems much more relaxed and she nails the high notes. She even points to T and C and she looks like a keeper.

Arielle gets to sing 'Unbreak My Heart'. That's a very tough song and you need a lower register for it. Arielle...doesn't hit it too well. She nails the high register, though and she could have saved herself there.

Cherry gets 'Missing You' by Aaliyah. Remember when Alju broke out and sang her own rendition of her song last week? Cherry does that this week, as she ooohs and ummms, but doesn't hit the lyrics. Alju got in regardless last week, but I don't see that saving Cherry (despite her nice runs) this week.

Finally, we get Vanessa, who gives us 'Real Love' from Mary J. Blige. We also get real vocals, though like Crystal, her nerves make her a little pitchy on occasion on the song. I'm not liking her chances on advancement.

Last week seemed like a slam dunk. This week's decisions are harder. I can see as few as 1 or as many as 4 getting in, depending on their mood. I don't see Cherry having a shot. Everyone else may be able to get in. Apparently, T/C and I aren't seeing eye to eye because they don't want to have Jasmin (arguably the best singer in the bunch) miss her prom. They were impressed with Arielle, though they are wondering what happened to Cherry. They also didn't like Vanessa's vibe. They both agree that everyone were all much better on their audition tape than their live audition, and they have some soul searching to do. Hmmm...

While the girls admit that they were intimidated, T and C come back. They say that they are selecting two people, based on potential, because they weren't impressed with anyone. They thought Crystal was cute, but she didn't come off well. They love Jasmin's voice and thought she did a great job, and they thought Arielle did a great job, too. They acknowledge that Cherry had nerves - but she can't let it show. Mary J Blige is hard, and they acknowledge Vanessa in working it out.

The women that worked it out the best? The first one is...Crystal, who screams in delight. The second one - Arielle. My Game Show Hussy advances to the next round! They tell Jasmin that they would have selected her, but they don't want to take away her experience from the prom, adding that you can't take it back. Jasmin starts tearing up and everyone turns it into a cry-fest. AwwwBarf.

Not everyone is so teary. Vanessa is pissed that she didn't sing better. Cherry is happy that she got to meet T and C and to have the experience, adding that is life-changing. Crystal added that this is something that she needs in her life - and maybe that's all that's needed.

On the next episode - It's time to hit L.A. Join us in 7 days to see another 5 people see their hopes realized - or dashed.

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