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Seven families hit the road for $100,000... and the road hits back.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Reno Collier
Creator/EP Lisa Hennessy
John Hesling
Packager BBC Worldwide Americas for NBC
Origins Historic Route 66
Airs 8p Mon, NBC
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Vegas Baby!: Williams to Las Vegas
August 10

We saw some flying objects in the last leg of the Road Trip. We also saw some fast decoding on a train. Unfortunately, for the Montgomerys, it wasn't fast enough, and their road trip came to an end. Now the Pollards, the Cootes, and the DiSalvatores remain as we press further west.

Grand Canyon

It's about the Road Trip, but the Cootes say that it's all about the game now. The DiSalvatores are going through a rough patch financially, so this will help.

But now it's about the trip, and today, it'll take them through more of the American Southwest to...

Roadkill Cafe

You heard me. But first, Amy D breaks down about the mess in her RV. On the other hand, the other Amie runs a tight ship.

Back to the diner, as we're served Creamed Quail on Toast and Awesome Possum. Ew?

And believe it or not, it's not the cuisine that has Amy upset, as she takes a break from the three men of her life, as she agrees to ride with the Pollards for a moment.  In exchange, Ron is going into the DiSalvatore RV. As for the Cootes... they're just having a time clearing the awning. No major damage, but not a good sign going into today's KoR Challenge.

In the Pollard RV, Amy is "starting to get a complex" as Amie drives into a junction and things fall into the sink. Over in the DiSalvatore RV... or as they call it, the "Bro Bus", the men are being... men. The families agree... it's time to kick some Cootey-booty.

Hoover Dam

Hundreds of people died to make this monument of manhood's power over water. And speaking of, Silvio is thinking of apologizing to Amy. Amy heads over to the RV... and Silvio apologizes. The rest of the family are glad to see her, if only because they were hungry.


The families are going to make a hydroelectric dam of their own to bar water from leaking all over the place. Hook the pipes to power a turbine that will inflate a wacky waving inflatable tube flailing arm Uncle Sam. Fastest time will be named King of the Road.

Pollards are first. They clock in at 20:33. Next are the diSalvatores... And Silvio is making his own little contraption. And no, it's not working. So they need to undo all of that. Obviously Silvio has never heard of Ockham's Razor... But they finish... in 27:34.

That leaves the Cootes. They need to beat the Pollards' time in order to avoid the bottom two. Their final time... 19:07! Once again, the COOTES are Kings of the Road.

The good news... no one's getting eliminated. We're going to VEGAS! There, the Pollards and the Cootes will compete to live like a high roller, if only for one night.

Rio Hotel Theatre

Reno's on stage, which means that something's about to go down. But first... Reno does a trick. The disappearing rabbit. That... sucked. Now for some real magic from Penn & Teller! Keith and Ron are called to the stage. Apparently it takes two Road Trippers to make one Teller.

And now, the problem begins... We have two lost fathers. Apparently they're somewhere in Vegas.


Simple, really... Find your father. You'll be given clues as to where your father is, hotel by hotel. The fastest family is going to get the hook up in a luxury hotel in Vegas. The slowest family... is going to spend the night in the parking lot with the diSalvatores.

The first clue takes the families to the Circus Circus, where a clown instructs them to pop balloons in search of letter tiles. These letters will lead you to... EXCALIBUR!

At the Excalibur, the Cootes are first to arrive as soon as traffic (and a Terry Fator sign) clears up. Once there, they have to find letters in swords in the stone. They spell out... MANDALAY BAY!

The Cootes head out before the Pollards show up... actually, JUST AS the Pollards show up. And they have a trump card.. They passed the Mandalay Bay on they way up, so they know what they're looking for, and they're on their way to close the gap. The dads are in room 25001 somewhere. Who'll find them first? It's... THE POLLARDS! Victory is sweet indeed, but the Pollards would rather win with class. To that end, they take the suite and the $500 that comes with... and ask to share it with the other families. The Cootes politely decline... just kidding, they rush off back to their RV crying. Meanwhile, the diSalvatores come up to party with the Pollards.

Next week, it's the race to California, where the road trip will be pared to two.

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