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Eleven beautiful singers with troubled pasts get one last chance at rock'n'roll stardom. Society has judged them... Now it's our turn.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Chris Jericho
Judges: Mauli B., Ron Fair
Announcer/VO: Zac Fine
Creator: Richard Drew
EP: Richard Drew, Christie Williams, Nicole DeFusco, Danny Fenton
Packager: Zig Zag Productions for Fuse
Airs: Wednesdays at 11pm ET on Fuse


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Survival Skills
December 3

In order to survive the music world, you're going to have to learn to collaborate. Esther did not learn that lesson, and as a result, her road to redemption ended last week. Now it's down to the final five.

We're getting lonely. Who's got the balls to be here? We're going to find out soon enough. Angelica, meanwhile, is still reeling from "not being likable." In the Redemption Room, she goes on camera for the first time without any makeup on. Well... it's a start, but apparently you're still a "plastic" (Farah) "actress best believe" (Jazmin). Angelica says that she'll have to find a balance between being a great performer and ... being Angelica.

Next morning... NOTE!

"Good morning, ladies. You've made the final five and the record contract is within your reach. Today, you'll be heading to Geffen Records for a crucial meeting. Dress to impress."

Something's about to happen. Let's see just what.

Challenge #1: "Scandalous". Deal with a hostile press. Yvette Gayle from the Geffen PR department and celeb journalist Lycia Naff will drill some survival skills into your tiny little head. Most important of all is how you present yourself.

Angelica's first one up. She basically is told to be as honest and as upfront as possible. She used to sell and do a lot of drugs on the street. And a racist. She was trying to give us what she thought they wanted.

Joie is next. She had a major contract with Tommy Mottola... whom he called a dick. Two words: "flight attendant".

Mixi is next up. Her biggest concern... not being stable enough. She says she's not that much of a party girl, but she does like the sauce. In real life, she had "no focus".

Jazmin has been in a lot of bad relationship. She wants to hit Lycia.... Everyone else does. But she was herself throughout. She doesn't have "an edge."

Finally, Farah says that there isn't another person on the planet who can outtalk her. She doesn't consider anything she's ever done "a skeleton." Farah calls their game "weak".

Next, dinner and a note. On Geffen. The truth comes out that being a rock star isn't just about being able to sing. It's about keeping your nose clean. And while Mixi opens up about their treating her "like an alcoholic", Angelica goes on about their treating her "like a racist". You know, even though no one asked or cared to know about it. And you can tell something's about to go down, because Farah and Angelica exchange heated words and everyone sees the Plastic for what she really is.

And then Angelica calls her a "skank." And Farah throws a glass of marinara into her face. And a glass of wine. And another glass of wine. And then the rest of the bottle. Round 1... FIGHT!

Speaking of... there's Jericho. He's got the results to the last challenge. Yeah. Forgot about that, didn't you?

Line of the night comes from Mixi's critique: "The trash can has more personality than you." Winner... Jazmin. She gets extra help in tomorrow's challenge.

That night, the rest of the girls have a little fun at Angelica's expense. The plan: set one clock for 4a. Set another clock for 5a. Put honey on the latter clock. Yeah. You guys are going to special hell. LET'S WATCH!

Angelica hopes to avoid being emotional and/or crazy. Unfortunately for the rest of the women, that means that nothing's going to happen.

Chris enters with another challenge.

Challenge #2: "Get Ur Freak On". Write and perform a rap slamming the other girls in the house. Helping out is Kardinal Offishall ("Dangerous" featuring Akon). Jazmin, because she won yesterday's challenge, will get double the time of the other girls. She uses it to come up with other ways of saying "bitches".

Mixi's going for a Gwen Stefani/reggae vibe. That's unique for her. Some people's weirdo is some people's heroes.

Joie's rhyme is a little bit of a dig, having fun with it and going all out.

Angelica finds it a little easy to write lyrics... being a lyricist. She also makes fun of her midwestern whiteness.

Farah writes some pretty good lyrics for someone who doesn't write or rhyme. Her rap on elimination... "Genius."

But whose rap will reign supreme in front of a crowd? It's showtime. Here to judge: Mauli B., A&R head Shawn Holliday, and Kardinal Offishall, starting off by hyping the crowd with his chart-topper "Dangerous".

Now for the ladies you came to see. Farah reads off her rhyme from the paper... Hard to believe when you're doing that, right? Angelica starts with a little dig and ends up being a ham. "I'm not fakin' it. I'm nuts!" Yeah, we know. Joie ... completely screws it. Mixi is next and pulls up a kid on stage while talking about Joie wanting to ... do something on Jazmin that involves her mouth and Jaz's ... body. Yeah. I believe that's what got Akon in trouble a couple years back. Come on, kids! Let's call out hoes! Finally, Jazmin was... well, she was direct. Sexy sexy sexy.

The judges deliberate... Jazmin lived up to the hype. Angelica was corny. Mixi shouldn't have brought the kid up. Joie screwed it, and Farah's rap was "wack, wack, wack." It was suspect.

The winner today is... Jazmin! She's safe for another week, and the others... are all up for elimination.

And here we are now. Jazmin sweeps both challenges and gets to hang her album on the wall.

Mixi had the right idea about bringing someone on the stage, but not a kid. Angelica put on a show, but she was making a joke of it. Joie has a star quality, but she was not born for this business. Farah was off 90% of the time. She was the only one who stood there and read off her lyrics. A star's a star, a performer's a performer...

But who gets the boot tonight?

JOIE. She's dropped and everyone's feeling it.

She leaves a note of love to the ladies before she leaves. But she won't stop singing. It's all she knows.

We're down to the final four. Who'll live to see the final three? Find out next time.