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Eleven beautiful singers with troubled pasts get one last chance at rock'n'roll stardom. Society has judged them... Now it's our turn.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Chris Jericho
Judges: Mauli B., Ron Fair
Announcer/VO: Zac Fine
Creator: Richard Drew
EP: Richard Drew, Christie Williams, Nicole DeFusco, Danny Fenton
Packager: Zig Zag Productions for Fuse
Airs: Wednesdays at 11pm ET on Fuse


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November 26

Last time, Joie surprised everyone by turning the tables on frontrunner Angelica, and Kendra surprised everyone by... eliminating herself. Also eliminated, Kededra, from not stepping her game up to the next level.

Now just six women remain on the road to redemption.

Things have turned really ugly inside the house, and no one is trusting anyone. Tension reaches at an all-time high, as Mixi is feeling isolated and missing her boyfriend. She is refocusing her efforts in an attempt to gain a foothold.

Today, Chris also lets the ladies know that they're going to be recording a demo. They'll work with esteemed record producer Peter Michael Escovedo (Mariah Carey, Joss Stone, George Michael). The song of choice for the ladies... "How Do I Live" by LeAnn Rimes, AND they'll be singing as duets.

Once the demo is recorded, you'll have to shop it around LA to some of the most influential experts in the business. the demo will be graded on pitch, professionalism, emotion, and style.

Team 1: Angelica & Farah
Team 2: Joie & Mixi (Joie: "Her vocals suck.")
Team 3: Esther & Jazmin (Jazmin: "I respect Esther, but I'm not fond of her.")

Challenge 1: "It Takes Two". Market a demo to industry tastemakers.

It begins now... at West Lake Studios, where MJ recorded Thriller.

First, Angelica & Farah. Farah blew this song right out of the water and earned Angelica's respect for that. Angelica... likewise. Mixi is all Betty Boop on it. Jazmin gets stuck with the second verse... and wants the first. Esther has issue with that. Her game is thrown off because of that.

Next, it's a race around Hollywood to the four music experts who will be judging the demos. Imagine that it's a race... and it's amazing. And you only have three hours.

Jazmin & Esther are heading to see Gus Pena, magazine editor. They weren't working together as a team.  Doesn't help matters that Jaz is from Jersey. Farah & Angelica are heading to see Richard Blade, a DJ. Their driver was pressed by the law not to drive anywhere NEAR the speed limit. Joie & Mixi are out to see Nigel Dick, a video director. It seems like they have a handle of thing. They make their target... and he give them this advice... Adapt to the landscape or die.

Next, Richard Blade hears Angelica & Farah... He says "Be careful imitating." You succeed better if you are yourself.

Gus Pena hears Jaz & Esther at Chord and market themselves as a "rock-sex-soul" duo.

Joie & Mixi next head to the Roxy to see Megan Jacobs, a booking agent. This could be Mixi's dream come true. Megan also like Angelica & Farah. She LOVES them. Finally, it's off to see Gus... with Joie & Mixi there as well. Awkward. Joie & Mixi are up first with 45 minutes to go. They want... to take their good old time.

Now it's a race back to the house. But what did the experts think of the demos?

Oh, and Angelica's breasts are falling out.

Chris has the results...

ESTHER & JAZ: have the look and the notes, but don't push the sexy so hard.
JOIE & MIXI: carry a raw element; could use a vocal coach
ANGELICA & FARAH: real singers with real vocals; waiting to hear the high note.

The winner... Angelica & Farah. They win an extra prize, letters from home AND they decide two other girls who will share in their reward. Those girls... Joie & Mixi.

Everyone showed awesome teamwork, so Chris is giving another surprise... we're getting pierced and inked.

Note for the guys. Esther & Farah both got nipple rings. Since this is basic cable... you're just going to have to imagine what that might look like.

Next morning, it's time to meet Mauli B, which means it's time to prepare for an elimination challenge.

Challenge #2: "Leader of the Pack". Stand out in a group performance. You'll be divided in half.

Angelica, Jazmin & Joie - "Lady Marmalade" by Labelle. They're the three strongest vocalists in the competition.
Mixi, Fara & Esther - "Clumsy" by Fergie. Mixi likes the song, because she can hit it. Mauli likes the song for them because honestly... they can't hit the other song.

Even though they are performing in trios, they will be assessed as individuals. We start with team #2, who Mauli B needs to connect with the song. Team #1 get either a blessing or a curse. Joie's scared that Angelica and Jazmin going at each other will overshadow her. Mauli B... "I'm signing the record deal right now."

Showtime. Also judging: Peter Michael Escovedo, Peety (choreographer to Miley Cyrus and Wayne Brady), and that other guy.

First up, Farah, Esther & Mixi sing "Clumsy". Mixi's playing the little school girl. Cute. Esther's playing with her mic... not so cute.

Next comes "the Trio" with "Lady Marmalade". Definitely bringing the sexy back until Angelica shoved Jaz out of the way like a linebacker. That's... wasn't supposed to happen. Her side: "It was because I was acting. Isn't this supposed to be about standing out in the group?"

So who's the leader of the pack? Team #2... Mixi. This is what clumsy was to her. Team #1... Joie. Angelica, much to the surprise of no one, doesn't agree with that.

And the winner of the challenge... MIXI. She's come a long way. She gets use of the house phone to call her boyfriend. And because Joie stood out on stage as well, she's also safe from the threat of elimination.

And because there are only six remaining... no one else will be saved. All four will be up for elimination tonight.

Elimination time. First up, Mixi won because she controlled the stage. She was a star. Plain and simple.

So why are there four on the block? Farah's vocals were great, but her performance was "middle of the road". Esther looked uncomfortable and amateurish. Jazmin doesn't "pop"; she doesn't give a bad performance, but she doesn't believe that she should be here. Angelica is solid, but she doesn't come across as likable.

So who's going home tonight? Esther. She just hit a wall, but don't be surprised to see her later... Plastic breaks, she doesn't.

With five left, the record deal with Geffen is within reach. Until next week...