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June 6

It's a race through scenes of the great movies past and present, but who will be the first to the finish?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Dolph Lundgren
Creators/EP Charlie Ebersol
Justin Hochberg
Dan Lanigan
Packager The Hochberg Ebersol Company
Origins Los Angeles
Web reelz.com/racetothescene
Airs 9p Thurs, Reelz

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Race to Terminator 2 & Rush Hour
June 13

Tonight, another three teams are running like mad through another two Hollywood blockbusters, as the fastest draw from Skynet meets the fastest hands in the East. It's Terminator 2 and Rush Hour. Let's meet tonight's cast!

Andrea & Victoria
Pol & Patrik
Pol's a designer, Patrik's an international agent
Marissa & Amefika
friends & exes

.... and it's

Our teams of two will race into the scenes of two of the biggest movies of all time, with the winners taking a sweet ride to movie locations all across America thanks to Camping World, $10,000, and the honor of being the Race to the Scene champion.

RACE TO: Terminator 2: Judgment Day

At the Los Angeles River, where the young John Connor (played by Edward Furlong) & the original Terminator (played by Ah-nold), were chased by the shape-shifting T-1000 (played by Robert Patrick), who drives a semi into his enemies.

SEMI-PRO: One will be the Terminator, the other will be the T-1000. The Terminator will be strapped and have to get off 10 laser rounds to their partner, the T-1000. Once they've hit 10 times, they'll race back to the start where Dolph will have your next clue.

Everyone's armed and strapped and... strapped. Lights... Camera... ACTION!

Blue's got one, Red's got two. Blue takes the lead. It goes back and forth between red and blue. Blue takes the lead... while the Greens are blasting their way back into it. Tied again... and Red pulls ahead. Blue ties it again. ... and then gets the 10 first! Continue racing!

It's tied again, while Blue is... walking... back to the start. GREEN gets the 10 first.

Dolph's message to the others:

"When transporting through time, you gotta do it true Terminator style... Naked."

GIVE ME YOUR CLOTHES: It's simple. Strip down to your bare nothings, then convince strangers to give them the clothes off their backs. Once you get a top and a bottom, climb into your RVs and race to the next movie.

The Reds... finally get the last shot off. They're going to have to hustle.

All you need to know about this challenge. The Green Team is composed of two hot chicks. The Reds... they also have a hot chick. But the Blues were actually really quick to get dressed, missing one pair of pants.

And why did Amefika get THREE shirts?

The Greens are the first to get dressed, so they head to their team RV. The Blues... are the second. The Reds... Third... once Amefika finds something to cover his shame, mon. Now it's off to Hollywood Blvd and...

RACE TO: Rush Hour

The fastest hands in the East (Jackie Chan) meet the biggest mouth in the West (Chris Tucker) in the be-all, end-all of buddy cop movies of the 90s.

Because the Blues took a different route, they're in third behind the reds. CLOSE behind. It's a race.

The Greens are first to Rush Hour and the first challenge.

JOINED AT THE HIP: on a Starline double decker, you'll have to look for nine team-colored puzzle blocks at a taxi at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, a pickup on the corner of Hollywood & Vine, and on the Starline bus itself. After you find and assemble the double-sided portrait of Dolph, smirk, continue racing.

The Blues arrive, followed by the Reds. They also leave for the streets of Hollywood in that order, to various degrees of three-legged success.

Teams criss-cross into each other cruising Hollywood Blvd. Pants fall and we have more pixelation. Because this is still basic cable.

Greens would come in first, while the Blues throw a piece away by mistake. Oops. The Greens get their next two off of the bus. The Reds push themselves into the competition... while pushing their blocks into the street. The other two teams are delivering their blocks to the bus. The Reds and Blues are pushing into each other. So say the Blues. The Reds, and the replay corroborates this.. don't even touch them. TWICE.

The GREENS are the first to the puzzleboard. Once the team gets the double-sided picture, they'll get their next clue. The Reds decide to put their puzzle together on the ground after getting checked by the Blues. And yes, we have the tape of that, too.

But the Green Team get their... wait, no, they don't. They have to turn a piece around. This gives the other teams a shot to pull ahead. Oops, too late! Greens are heading to the final leg.

WHEEL OF FORTUNE (COOKIES): Go to a local Chinese and search a table full of fortune cookies. Only three contain this message: "I SEE A FINISH LINE IN YOUR FUTURE. RACE ON."

The Blues are the second team out. The Reds finally put their puzzle together.

Now it's time to eat. First one to find the right fortune is heading to the finish.

First out... THE REDS! The Greens leave second, leaving the Blues in third. And Victoria... almost eats the clue. Who will be the first to meet Dolph at the Finish? It's... The Reds! Amefika & Marissa win the $10,000 and the Camping World luxury RV!

Going from outrunning the deadliest cyborg this side of Westworld to understanding the words that are coming out of my mouth. Just another day in the movies.

To see this episode in its entirety, go to fox.com/hellskitchen.