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Big buy-ins and bigger stars highlight this poker tourney.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Chris Rose & Michael Konik
EP: Henry Orenstein
Packager: HSOR for Fox Sports
Origin: Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa; Cabazon, CA
Airs: Sundays at 8p ET on FSN

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October 9, 2005

Welcome to Group D of the Quarterfinal Playoffs. Johnny Chan, David Sklansky, Mike Sexton and Huck Seed have all come out here to hang out with us. The Top 2 people after 2 matches move on - the other two will be leaving. Let's see what the starting chip count looks like...

Johnny Chan - 950,000
David Sklansky - 875,000
Mike Sexton - 625,000
Huck Seed - 600,000

Hand #1 - Sexton calls with a J/10 ?, while Seed checks with a 10 ? 7 ? The Flop is a K ? J ? Q ;p, and with an Ace, both people can get a split pot with a straight. They both check to the Turn - an A ?! Both people have a straight, and they both bet into it. The River is an A ?. Uh-oh...that could mean a Boat, but they both call each other up. They both show each other a straight and they split the pot.

Hand #2 - Sklansky raises with a A ? 10 ? and Seed calls with a Q/6 ?. Chan also plays with a 4/2 ?, as we see a FLop of...10 ?, A ?, 8 ?. Sklansky has 2 pair and he bets them up. Everyone bails and we have our first hand win of the evening.

Hand #3 - Seed raises with an A/7 ?. Sklansky has pocket red 8's and goes over the top to force Seed all-in. Seed doesn't want to bet his winning on that, so he folds. Sklansky takes the win and the chip lead.

Hand #4 - Chan makes a huge raise of a...6/4 off suit? Sklansky has a A ? Q ?, so he's going to...fold? He does and Chan takes some blinds.

Hand #5 - Chan raises again - but this time he sort of has something - Q/9 ?. Now it's Sexton to bluff all-in with a 9 ? 4 ?. This time, it's Chan who
folds and Sexton grabs the pot.

Hand #6 - Sklansky limps in with A ? 2 ?. Sexton limps in with a J ? 8 ?. Seed goes over both of them with a Q/8 ? to go all-in, and it's Seed's turn to grab some blinds.

Hand #7 - Sexton raises - and he has something with 5's. Everyone folds, so Sexton doesn't get to show anyone the 5's.

Hand #8 - Chan calls with an A ? 8 ? and now Seed goes all-in with...junk (J ? 8 ?). Now Chan calls and Seed, who's hand is in the cookie jar, is a severe underdog. The Flop - 7 ? 5 ? K ?, which doesn't help Seed. The Turn - a J ? and that helps Seed, unless an Ace shows up. The River...A ?!!!! Chan gets the huge suck-out win and Seed, who comes in last, needs a lot of help  in the next match.

Hand #9 - Everyone folds and Chan wins his own Blinds back.

Hand #10 - Sklansky goes all-in with an A ? 7 ?. No one wants to play and Sklansky wins Sexton's blinds. Chan still has a huge lead, but Sklansky and Sexton have enough chips to cause damage to someone's stack.

Hand #11 - Everyone folds. Chan wins his blinds. Whoopee.

Hand #12 - Chan raises with a 6 ? 4 ? and Sklansky folds. More blinds for

Hand #13 - Chan plays an A ? 6 ?. Sexton has 3's and goes All-in. Chan folds and Sexton takes some blinds.

Hand #14 - Sexton goes All-in with an A ? 6 ?. Chan has an A/9 ? and calls, which leaves Sexton in trouble. The Flop - Q ? 6 ? 8 ?. and Sexton pairs his 6's and has a flush draw. The Turn - J ?, and Chan needs a 10 or a 9...but finds a 6 on the River and Sexton, with Trip 6's doubles up. Sexton is now the lead and Chan is now in third.

Hand #15 - Chan raises with a Q ? 10 ?. That chases off Sklansky and Sexton and Chan wins more blinds.

Hand #16 - Chan limps in with a 9 ? 6 ?. Sklansky calls with a J ? 6 ?. The Flop - a 8 ? 8 ? Q ?. No help to either person, so they check. The Turn - a 5 ? and Chan bets at it. Sklansky folds and Chan wins it.

Hand #17 - Sklansky raises with a Q ? 9 ?. Sexton, with a K ? J ?, calls. The Flop - Q ? 4 ? 8 ? and Sklansky pairs his queens. They both check to a 6 ? on the Turn. They both check to a 7 ? on the River. Sexton puts out a value bet and Sklansky calls, picking up a decent sized pot. He jumps closer to second while Chan is a distant third placed and a dangerous short stack.

Hand #18 - Sexton raises an 8/6 ?. Everyone else bails and Sexton takes some blinds, which are now 90,000 total.

Hand #19 - Chan raises with a 6/3 ?, hoping to snag some blinds. Sklansky calls with a 10/2 ?. The Flop - 4 ? K ? 7 ?. They check to the Turn, were a K ? helps no one, but a Chan bet scares off Sklansky.

Hand #20 - Sexton calls with a 6 ? 5 ? and Chan, with a 9/4 ?, sees a free Flop, which is a J ? K ? 5 ?. That pairs up Sexton's 5's and a Q ? on the Turn and a 7 ? on the River doesn't help either person. They both check through and Sexton takes a bunch of chips from Chan.

Hand #21 - Sklansky raises with a K/Q ?. No one else wants to play, so
Sklansky wins it.

Hand #22 - Sexton raises with a K ? 6 ?, and no one else has anything to
compete against it.

Hand #23 - Everyone folds to Sklansky, who gets blinds. This is the first time that Chan has folded to Sklansky on a 'walk' which means a fold without anyone raising. Congratulations, David!

Hand #24 - Chan finally has something (A ? K?) and raises. Sklansky, with a 10/7 ?, calls. The Flop is a 6 ? 8 ? 2 ? and Chan goes all-in in the dark.
Sklansky only has an inside straight draw, so he folds and Chan takes back those chips that he gave to Sklansky on the last hand. Easy come, easy go.

Hand #25 - Chan goes All-in again - but this time, he only has 10/5 ? Fortunately for him, no one has anything to call, and Chan sneaks back up the chip chart into second place.

Hand #26 - Chan, now back in third after the commercial break, raises with a J/8 ?. That's good enough for the other two to fold and Chan creeps back into second.

Hand #27 - Sklansky has Big Chick (A ? Q ?) and goes All-in! Sexton has...Big Slick (A ? K ?) and calls! Chan has...Ladies (Q ? Q ?) and calls! The Flop - 5 ? 5 ? J ? and Chan's Queens are good so far. The Turn - Q ? and Chan wins with a Full House - Queens over fives. The River (2 ?) doesn't matter, and Sklansky's existence in this match doesn't matter either, as he finishes in third. Chan now has a huge lead on Sexton, 2,795,000 Vs. 255,000.

Hand #28 - This ought to be quick. But...not yet. Sexton raises and Chan, with a 7/3 off-suit gives Sexton the pot.

Hand #29 - Sexton goes all-in with a 10/8 ? Chan calls with a 10 ? 4 ?. It's looking good for Sexton, until the Flop - 4 ? 7 ? A ?. Johnny pairs his 4's and has a flush draw. The Turn - an 7 k; and Mike needs an 8 that's not a heart. The River...K ?, and Chan wins the match. Sexton is still looking very good with second. Just a quick review to see who's where...

Johnny Chan - 10
Mike Sexton - 7
David Sklansky - 4
Huck Seed - 0

Next week - the last Round of 16 Match. Join us in 7 days to see who will be the last 2 people to make it to the Quarterfinals.

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