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Catch it: 10p Spike TV Tuesdays

Today is

Case 1 - July 31

You are invited to a Murder. Fortunately, it's not your own - it's a new show from Spike TV called Murder. Can you unscramble the clues and figure out who the killers are?

We have 2 teams. Each of them, after taking a crash course in homicide, will be trying to get the killer - or killers. The winning team will get money donated to charity. Texas Homicide Detective Tommy LeNoir emcees the action as the teams have 48 hours have to tell him who, how and why - and provide evidence.

Green Team:
Jason: Firefighter. He look like a detective who's been on the case for 48 hours - straight.
Dawn: A VERY blonde lady.
Adam: Firefighter.

Blue Team:
Brittney: Law Student. She's legally, blonde, but should have more sense than Reese Witherspoon's character
Tank: Law student and former Gang Member: Take Joey in Top Chef and add a goatee. That's Tank.
Jim: He looks like James Woods.

The scene: A daughter runs out of the house to a neighbors and says that someone shot both of her parents, named Michael and Diane Walker. That's all we got - for now. The teams have 90 minutes to go through the crime scene and gather as much information as they can.

Green Team: The team uses a flashlight to find the two bodies. The male is on the floor, while the female is on the bed. The shotgun is on the floor. Tommy wants to know why the teams are working in the dark. heh. Tommy also points out that they are not wearing gloves and they are stepping all over the blood, which is contaminating the evidence.

They both are checking out the scene and the gun used. They find blood in the daughters room and realize that the daughter's room must have been open when the shooting happened. Hmmm...

Blue Team: The Blue Team photographs evidence and uses gloves. Jim is focusing on detail while they are gathering evidence. They find the first body 23 minutes in and Tommy wonders why they aren't spending time in the room. Brittney is getting sick with the sight of the body - and they are sicker when Tommy wonders why they didn't find the second body, telling them to stop over-analyzing and focus on the important things.

Tank doesn't think that the shotgun on the floor is the same weapon that killed both people. Brittney finds a bloody glove in the waste basket in the daughter's bedroom and a bloody robe. Hmmm...

45 Hours Remaining

Tommy LeNoir's Office - Suspect Review: Here are your suspects. There can be one - or more than one - or even different people who are not known as of yet...

John Thomas - Friend of the family who leaves nearby in a house leased by the Walkers.

Sarah Walker - The Walker's 16 year old daughter

Jose - Sarah's Boyfriend, who is an illegal immigrant.

Michael and Diane Walker - As they are a couple, it could be a murder-suicide.

Both teams get files that will help them solve the case.

Blue Team: Brittney wants to know why Sarah didn't run to the crime scene. Tank wants to know why there is blood on Sarah's wall and chunks of body in the hallway, while Sarah was clean. Jim says that if Sarah killed them, she would have been messy. Tank wonders if there were two shooters.

Tank thinks there are two guns, which means there are two different shooters. 'Sarah is doing mom, while Jose is doing dad.' I did NOT need that image in my head.

Green Team: Dawn thinks that Sarah and Jose teamed up to do them in. Brian wants to know more about John, while Adam wants to know more about Diane and Alan, wondering if it's a murder/suicide. Brian says that if it was a murder/suicide, then there would have been bloody footprints on the feet of at least one of the victims - and none of the feet were bloody.

40 Hours Left

Coroner's Office: Dr. Howard Oliver tells both teams that Alan got shot in the chest, and the killer was 4-6 feet away, adding that because of the length of the blast, it could not have been a suicide, so that wipes out the suicide theory. Diane was killed via gunshot wound to the skull. John also says that the bullets came from the same gun, so that wipes out the two shooter theory. Both teams admit they are stupid. Heh.

The tests come back - the blood and gore all over the place was the Walkers. The gun was registered to John Thomas. The bloodstain on Sarah's robe - Diane Walker. A piece of clothing found at the scene of the crime - John Roberts. The stain on his dirt, NOT blood.

29 Hours Left

interrogation Tapes: Both teams get to see the tapes of the interviews of the suspects. John Roberts says that he can't fathom that someone would do this, and adds that Sarah has access to his apartment. He says that he owns 2 rifles and keeps them in the guest house - a place where Sarah has access to.

Sarah says that she heard both gunshots - the first after she woke up, then the second while she woke up. She said that she then opened her door and ran out. BOTH teams know that her door was open, and they both know she is lying.

25 Hours Left

The Experiment - Driving Range: Both teams has a chance to test out their theories by using a watermelon filled with blood.

Jose says that he was home sleeping. He says that his father doesn't like or accept him, adding that if Mr. Walker ever saw him, he'd kick his a$$. Both teams think that he is involved somehow. The Green Team thinks Jose did it, so they send Brian to shoot, while the Blue Team, who thinks Sarah did it, sends in Brittney to do the same. With blood splattered everywhere, the Blue team wonders how Sarah could have done it if there's no blood. Both teams now think that Sarah being an accomplice, while either John (Green) or Jose (Blue) are the triggermen.

Green Team: Tommy comes over with the Green Team and tells them that the glove they found belongs to Sarah. Adam is still convinced that John did it, but they don't have a motive and they overrule Adam, who is taking the rejection personally, adding that Dawn is being rude.

Blue Team: They have nothing placing Jose there, but they still can't see how Sarah got out of there with no blood.

Tommy gives both teams an opportunity to revisit the crime scene. Both teams say yes, of course.

Green Team: Dawn is trying to recreate the scene. She finds a note from Sarah to John, thanking him. That's all they find.

Adam says that instinct makes him believe that John did it. Dawn says that the note may be inconsequential, while Brian insists that the clothes are dirty, and not bloody. Adam admits that they can't put John in the room and the only person that could have done this is Sarah.

Blue Team: They first try to figure out if Sarah could have used the shower curtain. Then they try to shoot with the drape. Tank finds the bedsheet and it's full of holes. They realize that if they use the sheet as a shield, then Sarah can shoot the parents without getting blood on herself. They then realize that she dropped the robe and glove in the trash and ran out of the room. They get upset with themselves for not realizing it earlier.

Team Presentation Time

Green Team's Presentation: Sarah was the killer because she was having a relationship was with someone the parents did not approve of. The bullets match the gun that Sarah had access to, adding that they also found a bloody glove with Sarah's DNA.

Blue Team's Presentation: Using Sarah's own testimony, they show Sarah was lying about her door being closed. The team uses both the robe and glove with Sarah's DNA as evidence, and also showed the blanket that was used, which covered most of the blood.

What actually happened: Sarah walked in backwards and shot it through the comforter. She then shot Mr. Walker coming out of the bathroom, dropped the robe and glove and ran out of the house.

Tommy tells The Green Team that they missed the bathrobe and the sheet, and says that without reasonable doubt, they didn't present the case as well as the Blue Team. Hence, the Blue Team wins and a donation will be put in their name.

Sarah Walker was found guilty of 2 counts of murder. She was sentenced to 2 life sentences without parole.

Case closed.

Next week: More shootings. More teams. More fun. Join us in 7 days for more more more.


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