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Simon Cowell returns to enlist three more industry heavyweights to find the next great pop act.

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One World - Part 1
September 23

Imagine that you're a kid. You see so many kid acts on talent contests and wonder why they all have to leave so soon. Such is the nature of the beast. Well what if there was a show that took away such pressure and concentrated on performance. Sounds like a dream. We know. But dreams come true on "Majors & Minors"!

Over 40,000 submissions have been scrutinized, and now some of the top record execs in the nation - and Margaret Loesch, CEO of the Hub - are going to whittle the field to your cast of 12. They will be nurtured and cultivated to bring the artist within out. At the end of 15 weeks, the winner will receive a recording contract with Sony's RCA Music Group.

And the important part... from host Joby Harte: "No one gets voted off - this is not that show."

First up, Ashley Nicole Greene (10, Oceanside, CA) sings "At Last" by Etta James. She lives for performance. She thinks that this is probably going to be the biggest thing she's ever done. She credits her mom, a singing, life, eating, and everything else coach. Just say it.. She's a stage mom.

Josh Metzler (15, Gilbert, AZ) sings an original song, "Let It Go". He's self taught on guitar and piano. He has over 10,000 followers on YouTube, where he records and uploads videos... from his bathroom.

Hailey Dibiasi (14, Huntington Beach, CA) sings "Pirate Bones" by Natasha Bedingfield... and amazingly sounds like her. She started out as a singer of the National Anthem in minor league ball games. Interestingly enough, she's shier around her own family than she is around strangers.

Nia Holloway (15, Norcross, GA) sings some Beyonce, "Listen". She's close with her sisters, and her parents are a huge support. She thinks music is everything about her. She also loves basketball, and is the captain on her basketball team. She longs to make music that will live forever.

Sabrina Lentini (13, Tustin, CA) sings a relatively older song, "Right Here Right Now" by Jesus Jones. She feels the music in her songs, and she is the lead singer of a band, Sabrina & Minor AfterShock. She got into writing her own material when her cousin Daisy died.

Austin Crute (15, Atlanta) sings an original song, "Let Go". He says that he's been through a lot emotionally. His family loves to see him dance and sing. He learned self-production on his computer. He taught himself about the business, and now he's wanting to learn more about it from seasoned pros.

Kennedy NoŽl (13, Nashville) sings "You Have Me", another original. She's been writing since she was 10, and she learned about music, mostly piano and harmony, from her parents. Even though they say "We want you to be normal". Then again, what is normal nowadays?

Michael Woodard (13, Philadelphia) sings "Joy", an original. He's been singing since he was five years old in the church. He had the honor sing at the Apollo. One of his major obstacles: finances. But mom never gave up on him. When he sings, it takes him to a calm happy place.

Grace Jeanette (10, Burbank, CA) sings "Price Tag" by Jessie J for Joby, then "Wasting All My Time" for her audition. She wrote that song when she was washing the dishes... probably because she didn't like washing dishes. Unlike most 10 year olds, she likes talking politics. Her brother likes to play the saxophone. Her mom, who's also a musician, brought her up in Sacramento. When Grace said that she was serious about doing music, mom said... we have to move.

Cameron DeFaria (14, Culver City, CA) sung in a band, Stereo Union, where he wrote "Little Tin God". He likes most of the alternative bands, namely Mumford & Sons and Jimmy Eat World. He says that his life is pretty much average. He says that "Little Tin God" is a term for someone whose power has gone to his head.

Emily Kocontes (16; Newbury Park, CA) brings in an original "Mother's Rose Garden", hearkening back to her aunt & uncle's divorce. Interesting story, the rose garden didn't start to bloom until after the breakup. Emily sees playing the piano as vulnerable, but also as therapy. She just wants to bring her stories to the people.

And finally... Brandon Michael (11, Dallas) finishes us out with an original, "She Loved Me". His mom says that he's a "borderline heart attack as a parent". His dad is going through chemo, telling him to go for his dreams.

So there's your cast of 12. All of them are stars. One of them will be a SUPERSTAR... in 15 weeks' time.

But how is that possible? I... don't know either. But it'll be a lot of fun figuring it out.

Right now, we'll leave you as we fit our Minors for ear molds so they can hear just how they sound themselves, AND blindfold them as they are about to walk into their new adventure. Red light's on... that means we're rolling.

To learn more about the Majors and the Minors and to view this episode in its entirety, visit www.MyMajorsAndMinors.com/tv. .