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Today is

"Episode 1.9" - August 9
"Welcome to your life, _____ ___ ________ _____"
Welcome to a labyrinth of lyrics, because once you come in, "there's no turning back." Last time, Lucas Kuzma couldn't find an escape hatch 2 words short of 50 grand, while Joe Langer was sittin' pretty on 50 grand. Let's see who stands tall for a million in our summer finale.
Erin Payne is from Lakeside, CA. who is a marketing manager, is ready to play. The Categories are:
1990's              DUETS
BREAK-up SONGS           POP
DISCO             R&B
Her first one is Whitney Houston, and the songs by her are:
  • Greatest Love of All
  • So Emotional
She gets Greatest Love of All, and while you're in the clapping mood, give it for my, sorry, movie quote. Let's go!
believe the children are our are future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we...STOP! Go ahead, Erin.
Erin's response: used to be. But she can't use a backup, because she locks it in and it's......SEXUAL CHOCOLATE, er, CORRECT!  Now the next category: 1990's. 2 songs this time:
  • Come to My Window-Melissa Etheridge
  • More than Words-Extreme
She gets More Than Words. Let's go!
Saying I love you
Is not the words I want to hear from you
It's not that I want you
Not to say, but if you only knew
How easy it would be to show me how you feel
More than words is all you have to do to make it real
Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me
Cause.....STOP! 'cause, what, Erin?
Erin's response: I'd already know. And she locks it in and knows it's.......RIGHT! What's up next for Erin?: Driving Songs. Gentlemen, Start your engines.
  • Radar Love-Golden Earring
  • Fun, Fun, Fun-The Beach Boys
She wants to have "Fun, Fun, Fun." So do we. Let's Roll!
Well she got her daddys car
And she cruised through the hamburger stand now
Seems she forgot all about the library
Like she told her old man now
And with the radio blasting
Goes cruising just as fast as she can now

And shell have fun fun fun....FREEZE IT! Until what, Erin?
Erin's response: "til her daddy takes the T-bird away. But will she take the money & run? Nope. She locks it in...CORRECT!
 Next category: Rock. The 2 songs are:
  • Simply Irresisitible-Robert Palmer
  • Fortunate Son-CCR
She gets Simply Irresistible. Let's Rock!
How can it be permissible
She compromise my principle, yeah yeah
That kind of love is mythical
Shes anything but typical

Shes a craze youd endorse, shes a powerful force
Youre obliged to conform when theres no other course
She used to look good to me, but now I find her

Simply irresistible
Simply irresistible

Her loving is so powerful, huh
Its simply unavoidable
The trend is irreversible
Erin's response: And she is just incredible. Incredible? Maybe she decidesto use the 3 lines and she does. They are:
A. She really is invincible
B. The Woman Is Invincible
C. The Lady's so Invincible
She goes with B, but wants to use her 2 words backup to make sure. "The Woman" are right and she locks the rest in.......CORRECT! next one for $50,000: Pop. The 2 songs are:
  • Do You Really Want Me-Culture Club
  • American Pie
She gets the Culture Club song, and we're on our way.
Give me time to realize my crime
Let me love and steal
I have danced inside your eyes
How can I be real

do you really want to hurt me
do you really want to make me cry
precious kisses words that burn me
lovers never ask you why
in my heart the fire's burning
choose my colors find a star
precious people always tell me, that's a step....STOP! Where, Erin?
Erin's response: I stand too far. And she's going for it! "too far" is correct, but "I stand" is getting near, is it?   Nada. Here's the answer: A step too far. Well, she took a step and lost, but she's stepping out with $25,000. and stepping in is Eddie Vaniver from CA. who is the world's worst dancer. The categories are:
POP                                      LEGENDS
R&B                                      ALL ABOUT FRIENDS
ROCK                                    DISCO
LOVE SONGS                        1960's
His first move: Duets, and the 2 songs are: 
  • Summer Nights-Olivia Netwon-John & John Travolta
  • Up Where we belong-Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes
He gets Summer Nights. Here we go.
Summer lovin' had me a blast

Summer lovin' happened so fast

I met a girl crazy for me

Met a boy cute as can be

Summer days driftin' away, to uh-oh those summer nights

Uh Well-a well-a well-a huh
STOP!, Eddie? 
Eddie's response: Tell me More. And I'll tell you he locks it in, and he's right! His next move: Pop. Choose 1 and you can't go wrong.
  • Come to My Window-Melissa Etheridge
  • Don't You Want me-Human League
He gets Don't You Want Me. We do need a correct lyric. Let's go.
You were working as a waitress
In a cocktail bar
When I met you
I picked you out
I shook you up
And turned you around
Turned you into someone new
Now five years later on
you've got the world at your feet
Success has been so...SO WHAT?
Eddie's response: Hard to do. But it's easy to use his 2 lines backup. He changes Hard to easy, and changes for. Now he changes the last one himself to You, and he locks it in. Is that right?.....................YES, it is. His next one: Rock. And he has:
  • Paradise by the Dashboard Light-Meatloaf
  • Magic Carpet Ride-Steppenwolf
He gets the Magic Carpet Ride. Let's rock!
I like to dream yes, yes, right between my sound machine
On a cloud of sound I drift in the night
Any place it goes is right
Goes far, flies near, to the stars away from here

Well, you don't know what we can find
Why don't you come...STOP! Come where?
Eddie's response: With me little girl. He's going to lock it in.......YES! For the next one, it's: Love Songs. And he's got 2 songs to work with:
  • I'll be There-The Jackson 5
  • I can't Get next to you-The Temptations
He gets I'll be there. We're there!
You and I must make a pact
We must bring salvation back
Where there is love
I'll be there
I'll reach out my hand to you
I'll have faith in all you do
Just call my name
And I'll be there...FREEZE! What's next?
Edide's response: I'll be there with love so strong. That's actually the other line of the chorus, but he uses his 3 lines. Put them up!
A. I'm right there to comfort you
B. I'll be there to comfort you
C. Tell me where to comfort you
Edide tells us it's B, locks it in...and he's right! Next one: Legends. It's all about legendary singers with 2 songs:
  • I walk the line-Johnny Cash
  • Money-The Beatles
He gets I walk the line. Let's go!
I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
I keep my eyes wide open all the time
I keep the ends out for the tie that binds
Because you're mine, I walk the line

I find it very....STOP! What is it?
Eddie's response: hard to go and sing a song right now. And now is a good time to call ray for a do-over with the lyric: very, easy to be true. But is it true?  He locks it in......CORRECT!  Where's he going? All About Friends. These 2 songs have something to do with "friends" in the title:
  • Friends In Low Places-Garth Brooks
  • That's What Friends are for-Dionne Warwick
He gets "Friends in Low places." We're off!
Blame it all on my roots,
I showed up in boots,
And ruined your black tie affair.

The last one to know,
The last one to show,
I was the last one you tought you'd see there.

And I saw a surprise,
And the fear in his eyes,
When I took his glass of champange...STOP! What's next?
Eddie's response: Well, I toasted you,
Said honey we may be through. When he locked it in, he passed out for a short time, but will he pass or fail? We know the last 3 are right, and so do the lines 2 through 5. It comes tdown to well....well.....NO! The answer is: And. And he's leaving with $25,000. And it's all over. We pack up our turned off mics and call it a summer. We'll see you soon on the game show that knows it's not what you know about it, it's what you sing about it.

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