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You've seen the best from season 1. You've seen the best from season 2. But which of the comics of Last Comic Standing is the best period? That's what you, the viewing public, have to decide.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Jay Mohr
EP: Peter Engel, Barry Katz, Jay Mohr, Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz
Packager: Peter Engel Productions, Giraffe Productions, NBC Studios
Airs: Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 7 - October 5

Well, it always makes interesting fodder when what happens after an episode is much more interesting than the episode itself. Huh, you ask. Well, I'm here to tell you that we may have seen our last episode - or we may not - or possibly we will see a truncated version while we see animated lions and Eddie Murphy yelling "Donkey is an Ass! Donkey is an Ass!"

We'll get to that eventually. But now for the episode...

We get Jay, and we get the recap. We get another $50,000 to season 2, and then we get the announcement that we will be chopping the comedians from 8 to 4. To remind everyone, we have Geoff Brown, Tess and Rich Vos from LCS 1, while we have Todd Glass, Alonzo Bodden and Gary Gulman for LCS 2. Only one comic in each group will be joining John Heffron and Dave Mordal in the finals.

The first person out is.... Geoff Brown, which was expected because he was wooden. The first comic from LCS 2 is... TODD! YES! There is sanity in the world. And the crowd goes... mild, since the ratings are mediocre, but still, it's nice to see that the public has taste and I don't have to see him on my screen anymore.

The final person in LCS 1... is... Rich Vos, as Tess is eliminated (that repeats the final voting pattern in LCS 1). The person advancing in LCS 2 is... Alonzo Bodden, as Gary Gulman is eliminated (repeating the voting pattern of LCS 2). So we get the predictable pattern - but at least we have the 4 best comics there.

It's now set time! This is the final set - for all the marbles! We start off with my least favorite - John Heffron, as he talks about younger vs. older women, the cassette in the car - and when everyone had one (I still do have one, Johnny), and more adventures as a 9 year old. He's not my cup of tea, but he does have the most 8pm family friendly humor, and since he's won this thing before, it makes him a strong favorite to win it again.

Next up is Rich Vos, who chats about his wise-ass daughters getting him to trouble in the Supermarket (in a repeat from LCS 1) and having coffee and a smoke to calm himself (caffeine and nicotine for calmness) and he goes after the tough luck of Jews ("If Moses walked 2 more miles, we would have had all the oil") and Christians - ("Ash Wednesday - Mommy the priest burned me. Be quiet and be thankful that's all he did.") And he finishes with Mexicans coming to cross the border to get a drivers license - the ultimate game of Red Rover. I like him a lot - but once again, his material at an 8pm hour may do him in.

Comic #3 - Dave Mordal. Dave tells everyone not to give their parents anything after 1972, as they complain that AOL is broken and they are trying to log into Microsoft Word. He also talks about daddy using his cell phone to change the channel and putting bird seed on the bug zapper. He also talks about death row lawyers saying that their clients don't even know they are on death row. "Good - tell him he's going to the zoo." He finishes with crappy cars that will keep you awake, because he's playing a game of 'what's that horrible noise' or 'steam or smoke'. This is a great set from Dave, who easily has the best set of the evening.

Can Alonzo Bodden top him? He will try as he promises to be edgy. He talks about the debate and equates it to selecting the Last Comic Standing. Heh. He says about how Bush's people complained that Jerry was shot the wrong way and how George was protecting Texas and Alabama. He also goes after current events - "If you kill your wife, don't report her missing... if they ask you who is the last person to see her alive and you say me, you're going to jail." He also talks about sending Paris Hilton over to Iraq to distract the insurgents - and that every nook that Paris has read has pictures that she can color in. He ends it by telling the white and black people to get along because there are increasing numbers of Latinos - and they will take away Black History month so all that's left is Cinco De Negro. Great stuff - and easily the best set of the four.

But is his best set enough? Let's see how I ranked them...

1. Alonzo
2. Dave
3. Rich
4. John

Let's see how I think the audience will vote... well since LCS 2 has been dismantling LCS 1, Rich will be in last. Dave could be a surprise, but I think that it will be Alonzo Vs. John, with John, thanks to his pg material, winning the whole thing - again.

We come back for the wrap-up. After the recap, Jay ends it by saying to turn in for the grand finale next week at 8pm! Good night, everybody!

Well.... maybe not...

On Wednesday, NBC pulled the plug on LCS3, and instead told everyone that they will reveal the winner - somewhere in the middle of a Father of the Pride Marathon. Now I happen to be one of the 24 people that are enjoying that show, but I most of the people were pissed enough to deluge NBC in e-mails. The network then relented and said that they would show LCS 3 - but in a half an hour format that will be somewhere in that Father of the Pride marathon.

So will we get a 60 minute show? a 30 minute show? a 10 minute wrap up? One thing's for sure - I will be there to recap it - and give you the results - next week.

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