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You've seen the best from season 1. You've seen the best from season 2. But which of the comics of Last Comic Standing is the best period? That's what you, the viewing public, have to decide.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Jay Mohr
EP: Peter Engel, Barry Katz, Jay Mohr, Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz
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Airs: Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 4 - September 14

We are at the end of the first round of four, and I can tell you that some things don't change. The first one is that the $50,000 once again goes to season 2, who has won everything up to this point and celebrated with a group mosh pit celebration. The other thing that doesn't change - the lowest rated comic for each season is going bye-bye.

Jay talks about wishing the Floridians well, and then reminds all of them that they could always move to CA with the earthquakes and mudslides, or Nebraska, with the tornados and boredom. Jay goes after the people form Indiana, calling them all fat and white, and then mentioning - 'well, there goes the ratings from Indiana.' Based on the ratings for the past week, Indiana should be the least of your concerns.

Now, it's time to see who is in the bottom. From season 1 - Tess and Rob Cantrell. From Season 2 - Tammy Pescateli and Jay London. Those 4 people get to sweat while we get to eight comedic performances.

First, an appraisal - Season 1 says that they are the underdogs, but Dave Mordal adds that if the underdogs want them to win, they better start voting. On season 2, the comics are all about the braggadocio. Tammy, 'I'd like to thank the comics form Season 1. It's so nice to see them when I pull up, and they take my keys and park my car.' Alonzo - 'We're saving funny for season 6.' Apparently, according to the ratings, you are.

We get back to the comedy - and with Sean Kent. He jokes about having cancer and the doctor having good news - and him saying that the good news better not be that they are switching to Geico. He goes after Bush, talking about them barring masturbation and about getting married to a goat. 'If you can get a goat to say 'I Do', then you deserve to marry it...Then the guy goes, if it's the goat, don't have him calling...he's always naggging me.' Sean was very good, and once again, I have to ask, where in the world was this for his season?

Next up - John Heffron. He talks about how his brother gets himself into trouble by continuing to yell , 'I can't breathe' and then he counters it by annoying everyone with playing with the door jam. He talks about getting revenge on his dad by inviting him in his place and turning up the air conditioner. He was also very good and it looks like the comics have brought their 'A' game tonight.

Can Geoff Brown follow up his good set last time around? Maybe, as he talks about losing another $50,000 - like getting $50,000 in Chuck E. Cheese's coupons. He's naming his new daughter Gabrielle, (instead of Shaniqua) so that she has a fighting chance to get a job. He also talks about people with big-head babies. 'You don't need a kid that uses his feet to guide the stroller.' Sean was better, but he was good.

Jay battles the microphone stand - but maybe it was the stand's way of protesting being used by Todd Glass. Todd talks about how adopting a baby will get him votes. He talks about how Jeopardy people can't write their own name, and he talks about guys who are cool - but aren't. He redoes the cop sketch - but with the person driving whining at the cop yelling, 'Baby's going to give me a ticket?'. He continues with bathroom graffiti and ends it with a plea for votes. Yes, it is as funny as it sounds. Unfortunately, he has a voting fan base, so until it gets to the end, we're stuck with him for awhile.

Someone who I was dreading but who raised his game is Dat Phan. He talks about adopting white babies, while people adopt cambodians, who complain that they want to go to Disneyworld. He also chats about how we need to feed the poor in the U.S. and he wants Chow Yun Fat to talk about the poor white kids in the U.S. 'This girl is so poor, that she doesn't have a cell phone...wait, she has one, but it doesn't have a good calling plan.' He is very funny tonight, which shocks me.

After Dat is another three lettered comic - ANT. He talks about the celebrities that complain about the fans - then reminds them that those people are the same ones that give them the money to begin with, He then goes into Hitler on Prozac and then talks about having sex on the lawn. 'I call up the police saying that there is a girl and two guys having sex. I am asked what the girl looks like? A Whore!' He ends it by repeating the woman's fantasy to sleep with men skit. It was funny, if not tasteless. Will America go into tasteless?

Dave Mordal comes in and tells everyone to never let season 2 do your hair. He also talks about trying to copy that home improvement tv shows the real version of Home Improvement. 'Hi, welcome to Things You'll never finish. We were going to do the roofing today, but if you were watching COPS last night, you've seen where my crew is.' He also talks about his dad and his camping misadventures with his dad. 'If he was JFK's Chauffeur, he'd still be alive.' He is very funny, as usual, though a little bit more cutting edge this time.

Kathleen Madigan talks about Celine Dion's $250 ticket - which is how much she'd pay to shut her up. She also talks about the Sigfried and Roy show - and how she is amazed that the crowd had to be told the show was over. 'What do you want for $75? You just saw a full grown man eaten, what more do you want?...They said it was an hour and a half. There's still one left - make him do a trick.' She also talks about guardian angels and religion, wondering if a Jehova's Witness believes that only 144,000 people get into heaves, then why are they going door to door trying to get more? She, like Dave, is both funny and just as edgy.

We get the standard phone here to vote shtick, and then we bring back the parade of people from last week. Rob Cantrell and Tess are on stage, as is Tammy Pescatelli ad Jay London. The evictees are....Rob Cantrell from Season 1 and...Tammy Pescatelli from Season 2. Rob humps Tess on stage, grabs a bottle of booze and takes a swig out of it, before giving it to Jay, who also takes a swig. Nice. Tammy just hugs Jay.

Don't forget to vote! Let's see who I voted for...

Top Ranked - Dave, Kathleen, John, Sean
Good - Dat
Eh - ANT, Geoff
14:59 - Todd

Well, if you based the ejections on comedy, then Todd and Geoff are going bye bye. This isn't based just on comedy, though - this is based on popularity, and hence, you can throw Sean and ANT into the mix. I think, unfortunately, that Todd sticks around at the expense of ANT, while Geoff sticks around at the expense of Sean.

We will see who leaves - and if the shrinking of comics means the rising of ratings - on the next episode.

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