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You've seen the best from season 1. You've seen the best from season 2. But which of the comics of Last Comic Standing is the best period? That's what you, the viewing public, have to decide.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Jay Mohr
EP: Peter Engel, Barry Katz, Jay Mohr, Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz
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Episode 3 - September 7

We say good bye to two more comics, but one team will get another $50,000. It is also revealed that the grand prize for this competition is $250,000 - and the title of the Super Last Comic Standing.

Enough pleasure, it's time for business. The winning team is.... Season TWO, as they are now up to $100,000 in goodies. There will be two comics announced, and one of those 2 comics will be going bye-bye. From season 2 - Kathleen Madigan and Corey Holcomb. From season one - Sean Kent and Tere Joyce. One of the comics in each pairing is safe - the other one is toast. 

It's time to go back into the War Room. This time, the comics will be pairing off into their own teams of four. All of the power comedians want to go up together - until they realize that one person in each group it getting eliminated. The groups change strategy and set up, while Tess announces, "To another $50,000 that we're not going to win!" Heh.

Here are your teams - Alonzo says that his lineup will be Tammy, Gary, Jay and Alonzo (with Todd, ANT, John and Kathleen/Corey in the wings) and Tess counters with Rich, Rob, Ralphie and Tess (with Dat, Geoff, Dave and Tere/Sean in the back). I actually think that LCS1 has the edge, where they can sacrifice Rob and Tere/Sean in the next two weeks, while LCS2 will lose one of their top people from the first group, with a noticeably weaker back set next week).

We start it off with Alonzo, who talks about the used car business and car insurance. "I have fantasies about burning down an insurance company so that have to make a claim." It's traditional Alonzo, and he is his usual funny self.

He gets countered by Ralphie May, who starts by thanking everyone for the e-mails to his dad. He talks about living in Toronto, where it was negative 42 degrees and he couldn't find his nuts. She talks about a chattering prostitute offering oral. He also makes fun of people trying to be as fat as him. He also goes after the Mexicans. "You didn't invent the low rider - that was invented by four fat people going to Roscoe's." It's cute, but not up to his usual stuff and I am wondering just how much of a toll his dad's death has had.

Tammy wants to create a reality show called "What the Hell is wrong with you." We are doing a celebrity version, starring the people who let their kids stay at Michael Jackson's place. She also talks about the hypnotic power of Krispy Kremes and The Donald's Hair. "He is so rich and his hair is so bad that if he bought a monkey and put it on his head he's look better." This is the Tammy that I am used to - comedy without needing to go Italian.

With Tess, I am used to sexy comedy, and Tess... well... uhhh.. talks about a coalition for health and hygiene, with people looking like a firecracker exploded in someone's mouth. She talks about white boys who want to go hiking. "Why don't you go hike over to that liquor store and get me a slurpee?" This is traditional Tess, which means that I didn't like her that much. She also didn't get rolling until the end of the skit, and that spells trouble.

I don't like Gary Gulman that much either, but based on some good sets from last week, maybe he will change my mind. He doesn't. "If you are 26 and still wake up in Star Wars sheets, the force is not with you." He praises the creation of 2 and says how wonderful it is to abbreviate two letter words. Huh? That didn't get much applause and Gary could be in trouble.

Speaking of trouble, Rob Cantrell also needs to raise his game. He lowers it instead. "I'm so broke, I'm writing my postcards on the back of stamps." He talks about smuggling houseplants, adding that it's the first time that he saw people sell plants that would not get them high. He wants to legalize marijuana and says that Ben Franklin, with thick glasses, long hair, and the desire to fly a kite in a thunderstorm. When all else fails, he repeats his inner child skit from LCS1 and it may be time to put him out of his misery.

Jay London is here to salvage the show for me. "I was filing a suit for impotency. My lawyer told me to drop the case because it wouldn't stand up in court... I came from a poor country, my pictures were underdeveloped... Do you see women's panty hose? They have a crotch panel. How do I get on that panel." It wasn't as good as last week, but it's his usual Jay stuff, which makes me very happy.

Finally, it's Rich Vos, who talks about the stupidity of people. He goes after people who can't spell his last name. "She spells my last name V-L-S... yeah, my name has no vowels in it... I hope Jared from Subway gets his weight back. 'I lost 300 pounds from eating subs'. What were you eating before? Cars?...I have to go out hiking with Tess now." There's a reason why he's one of my favorite comics - he can be mean without being vulgar. A great set by Vos.

We go back to last week, where either Tere or Sean and Kathleen or Corey are toast. From LCS 2, the person leaving is.... Corey. and Joining him will be... Tere', as that choice is getting booed by the audience. Any surprises here? Nope, as I listed both of them in the 14:59 (meaning one more second of fame left) row.

Let's see who's there as we get to my rankings for this week.

Top Ranked - Tammy, Rich
Good - Jay, Alonzo
Eh - Tess, Ralphie
14:59 - Rob, Gary

This one is going to be tough. LCS2 probably wins this one and Rob is probably gone for LCS1, but LCS2 is going to be tougher. Gary had the worst set, but he has gotten the votes, which leaves Tammy or Jay in trouble - which shouldn't be the case, since they both had nice sets.

We'll see next week which team winds up getting their bread buttered - and who winds up as toast.

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