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July 12


If we had a joke to describe the joke-on-joke battle between comics, it would go in this little box here.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host Craig Robinson
Judges Greg Giraldo
Andy Kindler
Natasha Leggero
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Jayson Dinsmore
Peter Engel
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Round of 7
July 19

Last week, we had comics perform. This week, only 7 will advance and the other 3 will go away sadly. After the intro goes up, and after we see the judges (and a few bad jokes by Craig Robinson), we start into...

The first eliminations! Dun Dun dunnnnnnn!!!! As a primer, this is who I had ranked last week...


Mike DeStefano
Johnathan Thymius
Myq Kaplan
Roy Wood Jr.
Laurie Kilmartin
Tommy Johnagin
Rachel Feinstein
James Adomian
Felipe Esparza
Maronzio Vance

Projected Eliminated: James Adomian, Maronzio Vance, Laurie Kilmartin

Mike DeStefano, Roy Wood Jr., James Adomian and Myq Kaplan show up. Based on my rankings, James is toast. Mike D...WILL be performing. Roy Wood Jr...WILL be performing. James Adomian and Myq Kaplan are left. The person leaving...is...James. Myq advances and we see James' funeral video. Awww.

We start with Mike DeStefano, who talks about paying for people to not bother him, and not driving with a jacket. His set last week was a lot stronger.

Roy Wood Jr. Is next. he supports the U.S. soccer team but enjoys porn and video games and how it's bad if the Lakers lost to Al Quida. Then he gets mad when minorities who get their rights are annoyed when other groups go for their equal rights. I like this set better this week than last week. Good stuff.

Myq wants to know who's ready to listen. He asks about dumb people and being gay-friendly. And Jew-Friendly. He also talks about breast-feeding and not allowing extra food in the theater that way - and his extra-affairs with his girlfriend. Like Roy, I thought this set was better this week than last week, though I'm concerned about how his material could set some people off....

Who's up for Round 2 of comic eliminations? Orur next 4 is are Rachel Feinstein, Tommy Johnagin, Laurie Kilmartin and Felipe Esparza. The next one out is....Laurie Kilmartin? Aw. Well I'm now 2 for 2 in projected eliminations.

But someone not eliminated is Rachel Feinstein, who talks about douches living in Vegas talking about Vodka up the Ass. She continues with how that's the latest book by Deepak Chopak and that's how she ends the set. She had a much better set this week also.

Tommy Johnagin is newly single, and he only wants to talk to people who had their hearts broken. If they don't it's crazy but the people who went through it understands - or have done worse. And then there's the girlfriend who saves one thousand, twenty one hundred dollars, which is what his auto mechanic charged him. It was nice, but the audience didn't react and I wonder about that...

Felipe is up now, and he talks about his gated community - the windows, back door, front door, etc. A Haunted house costs $20 to get in and $30 to get out while the GF came out with hickies and a cold sore. It's time for 'Who Wants to be a Natural Citizen, the game show'. We also hear about him going off on kids cartoons and learning English. Like the other comics, I thought he stepped it up, though he did blow a joke in the middle.

We get our final elimination with Johnathan Thymius Vs. Maronzio Vance. Based on the ratings, I would be shocked if Johnathan went home. However, it would also mean I got all 3 right and that would shock me just as much. The person eliminated....is....Maronzio. Wow. Got them all right. SHOCK!

Now on to Johnathan, who talks about not being a devil and reading 'Satin'. he went to field trips to Grandma's House, the bf's house and the liquor store. He went to the massage parlor and got a more realistic ending. He also teabagged toilet water and does an impression of his friend Marty. That fell flat, but the rest of his skit was pretty funny. I still liked his set last week better, but that set will help him this week, which wasn't bad either.


Roy Wood Jr.
Myq Kaplan
Johnathan Thymius
Felipe Esparza
Rachel Feinstein
Tommy Johnagin
Mike DeStefano

So it looks like only 1 comic is leaving. If that's the case, then Tommy and Mike are in trouble. I'll say Tommy leaves, because ike had a good set last week and Tommy has been average twice. Will that happen? Will I be right again? Join us in 7 days to find out.

To see this episode in its entirety, go to nbc.com/lcs. .