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12 attorneys have come before super attorney Roy Black to prove that they have the salt to be a legal eagle and take home a cool quarter million dollars. The verdict is in. Are you?

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

Roy Black
Creator: David E. Kelley
David E. Kelley, David Garfinkle, Jay Renfroe, Jonathan Pontell, Robert Breech
Packager: Renegade 83, David E. Kelley Productions, 20th Century Fox TV
Airs: Tuesdays at 9pm ET on Bravo

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"The Glue Factory" - September 20

Selecting Gavels and heading into the lounges, both Chris and Deep have selected the same color….Then Olivier also selects blue. This leaves Aileen and Michael. Michael has blue, while Aileen is the only one selecting yellow.

So what’s going on? A note from Roy Black says that they must all vote on who will be the yellow gavel’s (Aileen’s) teammate. Through secret ballot, Mike is selected.

The Palmer’s horse, Star Baby, lost a race which in turn caused the breeding value of the horse to drop. The Palmer’s contest that the winning horse, A Whole Lotta Shakin’, should not have been allowed to race by the defendant, the Montana Paint Horse Racing Association (MPHRA).

With that, Aileen and Michael selected the Palmer’s brief and have to fly to Montana to meet their clients. Back at the Firm, Olivier, Deep and Chris get a chance to begin their organization for the case. Olivier jokingly suggests that they have Deep do the research, but Chris quashes that quickly.

In Big Sky Country, Michael and Aileen are fighting a wind storm while taking a tour of the Palmer’s ranch. And when I say storm, I mean enough wind to turn Aileen into Marilyn Monroe in “The Seven Year Itch.” Five Times. We quickly learn that it is the manner in which Shakin’ was bred that offends that Palmer’s as a spot on its coat suggests that it was bred in a fashion that would make it ineligible to compete.

Mike and Paula, the originators of the MPHRA are met by Olivier’s team who clarify that the coat of Shakin’s is spotted and Shakin’ is registered as a Paint horse, thus it qualifies. This is contrary to the Palmer’s who suggest that there has to be a Paint parent in the breeding of the horse for it to be a paint horse.

There apparently was a meeting in which a vote was taken that there must be a Paint parent in order for a horse to be a Paint, but due to shoddy recordkeeping on both sides, there is no record.

So basically we are questioning if a horse is a spotted horse because of its appearance or its genetics, with genetics being the main affect on the speed of the horse.

Olivier, Deep and Chris seem to have everything understood and decide to hit the town for a casual dinner. Meanwhile, Michaela and Aileen return from Montana to find an empty firm and become worried that if their opposition isn’t working that they must be very confident of their case.

The MPHRA cites one last fact in that they did not have the right to disqualify Shakin’ as that solely belongs to the racetrack. Thus we could potentially see this case closed based on the fact that the wrong person is being sued.

Worse yet, let’s toss dirt into Aileen and Michael’s case by making the Palmer’s uncooperative. Trial should be fun, and yes, it’s a jury trial again.

Court time:

Aileen opens for the plaintiff (Palmers) and aims to tell the story in as uncomplicated of a fashion as possible. She does moderately well but stumbles over herself and forgets a few dates possibly leaving the jury bewildered. Olivier step up and opens for the MPHRA by stressing that the “One Paint Parent” rule that Aileen mentioned never passed and that there is not one piece of paper acknowledging it. His open is simply more persuasive than Aileen’s and Aileen is worried.

Mitch Palmer goes to the stand and Michael directs, and does so poorly getting stuck on early questions and objected to by none other than Deep. Michael only manages to identify the horses and get out the fact that Star Baby lost to Shakin’ on June 16th. After his stumble, he recovers and enters the race form into evidence having Mitch identify the race as a Paint race which in Mitch’s mind means that only Paint horses can enter.

But wait, there’s more! Deep crosses Palmer and brings up the fact that the document that Michael introduced was actually from a different race making it invalid and striking Palmer’s credibility. Michael is now officially in the doghouse.

The big decision comes when the defense has to decide whether or not to put Paula the record keeper for the MPHRA on the stand. After a debate, Chris decides against it.

Lock and Load. Michael in close berates the defense for keeping the one person with the facts off of the stand and says that the jury should question what the defense is hiding. As Olivier puts it, “Michael got a lot of mileage out of the fact that they never called Paula.” But can Chris’ close tighten up the loose ends? Chris does well to make it clear that the plaintiff also has not showed any documentation to prove the vote nor did they bring a witness to the vote. While his close was good, the case feels much more like a he said she said than a landslide now.

What does the Jury think? They think that the plaintiffs have not presented enough information and as a result rule in favor of the defendant, the MPHRA. Deep, Olivier and Chris are happy, but everyone seems to be happy that Michael took his first loss.

Now it’s time for Roy Black to call the attorneys out on the carpet. First the entire Defense gets it for taking a night off. Olivier justifies this by saying they needed a break for mental sanity purposes. Then when Black attacks Chris for not calling Paula Harris, Chris takes full responsibility. Then Black moves over to Aileen and criticizes her open. Then the blame game starts. Aileen says they lost because of the clients not her open. Deep chooses Aileen as being more responsible than Michael (go figure). Olivier selects Aileen as having more faults based on this week alone than Chris. As for Black? Black believes that consistency is key and Passion is a must, and for that reason, the verdict is in and Chris you are out. Aileen’s face personifies the phrase “shock and awe” as she covers her mouth during Chris’ exit. Chris is proud of his finish and that he got to deal Michael a loss, but in this game 5th means nothing. 4 Lawyers remain. Check in next week for more legal lechery.

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