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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to face off against each other in order to avoid having to face elimination in "The Inferno". In the end, only one team will take home the Handsome Reward.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Dave Mirra
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"Handsome Reward" - May 24

Well this is it, the final challenge is already here. And it's another quickie recap.

Remaining Players:
Real World - Coral, CT, Mike, and Syrus
Road Rules - Abram, Christena, Darrell, Holly, Katie, Kendal, Timmy, and Veronica.

Final Challenge: 7 Deadly Sins
Prize: $150,000
Teams raced to complete a series of seven stunts. Each one is somewhat related to a deadly sin.

1 - LUST) Teams had to traverse the tire run, a tube, and under a limbo bar while handcuffed.
2 - WRATH) Teams had to destroy pinatas to find a key to free themseleves from their handcuffs.
3 - GLUTTONY) All members of the team had to eat ten taquitoes, but they weren't the fresh kinds. Vomiting was allowed and will not cause a loss for their team.
4 - ENVY) Teams handed over blocks from point A to point B while walking on a balance beam.
5 - GREED) Teams individually crossed the net.
6 - PRIDE) Teams tried to complete a crossword puzzle by answering 10 clues about the challenges they had went through before the final challenge.
7 - SLOTH) Where the teams did piggyback rides to the finish line.

Results: Both teams started off good until the WRATH stunt where the Real World team had somehow broke their handcuffs. However, they couldn't move on to the next part of the challenge until they had found the key. In the GREED stunt, the Real World team went ahead of the Road Rulers. When it came to the PRIDE stunt, the Road Rulers came back in contention filling in the answers while the Real World-ers got screwed until they eventually gave up. The Road Rules team then correctly completed the puzzle and went for the finish line to claim their championship.


I guess the puzzle portion really made and broke the competition.

Final Bank Account Totals:
Real World - $40,000 ($10,000 per player)
Road Rules - $260,000 ($32,500 per player)

And as for the Road Rules' victory they also received something extra when they returned back from Acapulco, Mexico to somewhere in the USA. Each member of the team had won a Saturn car.

And thus ends the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno.

But wait! Aparently, it's not over yet because we got the Inferno Reunion Special coming up.

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