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Celebrities are left to their own devices in the Costa Rican wilds. Who will be named King/Queen of the Jungle?

Recaps by Agent Josh, GSNN

Hosts Damien Fahey & Myleene Klass
Creator ITV Productions
EP Jayson Dinsmore
Chris Brogden
Natalka Znak
Packager ITV Studios
Origins Costa Rica
Airs 8p Mons-Thus, NBC
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Day 12
June 17

Last time... The Men won the food trial Snake Strike. The New Leader laid down the law. The Camp showed concern for Sanjaya. Lou wins immunity. And John faced his first leadership dilemma. TONIGHT, Janice pushes her way into the competition, an alliance creates suspicion, and tonight, the celebs find out who is one step away from elimination!

We start with the fallout from last night's leadership decision to choose one person for immunity.

Janice calls John selfish for choosing himself.  Everyone was thinking he would pick Patti.  John is seeing this as an individual sport.  And that's very true.  You have to take advantage of every situation.  But John is upset that he had to show his hand. 

Hosts Damien and Myleene recap the voting process (Rules available at ) 

Now we see if John is enjoying life as camp leader.  He seems to enjoy it.  He is also taking a small role in all the chores.  The elders get up early, but Janice and the youngers are having problems.  Janice even gets a rude awakening, and John was doing it the gentlest way possible. 

Quotable: "Get your sexy a-- up."  --John 

Janice dreamt about getting a buzz cut, getting into a fight with the barberess (Possibly one of the blondes) and jumping in the river for salvation.  Stephen thinks it's a fear of death, trying to interpret it.  Stephen is trying to be the best Christian buddy on this, saying that Janice should think about it in a Christian light. 

Quotable: "The lord works in mysterious ways, and if he can use a donkey...He can use Stevie B.!"  --Stephen 

(You definitely need the prayers, Stephen.  Can we say "Celebrity Mole 1 and 2"?) 

Stephen talks about how he changed through finding Christ. 

Quotables: "That woman is growing on me!" --Stephen, about Janice

                 "Yah, like a fungus!"  --John, about Janice

Myleene and Damien are going to go into camp later to give the celebs a voting update.

Torrie is now having her emotional breakdown.  Torrie needs contact with someone outside the camp, I guess.  She is so used to being able to call someone, but now she's on her own in this microcosm of society.  She is missing her family and the creature comforts of her home.  Patti has the remedy...A nice hug.   

Meanwhile... Scroll time! 

"Dear Celebrities, Welcome to the Jungle Art Class.  You are being provided with paper to sketch your jungle self-portrait.  Your self-portrait is to reflect your favorite situation since being in the jungle." 

Charcoal is also provided for the camp.  Let's see how well they doodle.  Who am I to judge?!?  I can't draw a good looking stick figure! 

Holly's drawing is beautiful.  Janice, complimenting the peace in camp, also compliments me on Holly's drawing, saying it would look good on Her and Sanjaya's wedding invitations.  Sanjaya gives the reaction of "Say Wha?" without saying a word.  

Janice is a picture of the camera.   

John draws himself of the river, getting cleaned and energized, a more of a spiritual picture. 

Stevie B. has a stick figure of himself reading the Bible. 

Sanjaya also drew the river, telling how it was incredibly peaceful. 

Holly drew the picture of her and Sanjaya in the river in the rain. 

Pattie's picture is at the river with John, and John giving her words of encouragement. 

Damien saying that with the celebs living "on top" of everyone, they make "The Osbournes" look like "The Osmonds".


John-funky Stepdad

Stephen-bratty little bro

Sanjaya-crazy brother

Holly-Little sister

Torrie-The bigger sister who beats up on the boy friends.

And Pattie's the mum.

(I'm waiting for the shoe to drop!)

And after a yell of "Someone get me my shoe!"

Janice is named the Crazy Aunt (Another early show reference!) 

Patti feels that everyone cares for each other, but it's pretty dysfunctional.  But it feels good in this way, cause everyone can have the squabbles and get over it quickly.

Quotable: "Some family.  I don't think any of us are in a rush to go to their house for Thanksgiving!"--Damien

"Not if you only get rice n beans!"--Myleene 


"Dear celebrities, it is time for the next food trial.  You must pick two celebrities from each team to compete to win food for the night.  Losing team will have basic rations."

Stephen and John Are elected by attrition, as everyone else has recently participated.   

Janice orders herself into the challenge.  There was no way around it.  Janice wants to earn her keep and her competitive streak is coming to the forefront.  Patti will be her partner. 

Torrie is really feeling Janice's negative energy on this. 

Tonight's food....Chinese Takeaway.  Each team will get four items off a Chinese food menu. 

SPIDER WEBS is the challenge.   

The team-mates will be harnessed together to create a freakish eight-legged human spider, and will crawl around collecting star flags on a rope web.  The team who collects all 10 in the fastest time wins, but if you drop a flag, it's a 10 second penalty. 

Anyone wanna place a bet on this?  I say the over/under on both teams time is 10 minutes, and I'll take the over! 

It looks like the girls are doing every well as a team, and afer an exhausting trial...And it was their best work for the women's team. 

Now it's John and Stephen, and the two are showing excellent teamwork, with calling a cadence.  Perfect teamwork, says Stephen.  And the guys are looking very impressive.  John definitely earned the nickname Spider there.

The Women did the trial in just over 4 minutes....The men...Just under 3 minutes.  Stephen is going to enjoy his General Tso's chicken tonight.

Sally goes over to shake hands with Janice and Patti, and while Patti obliges, Janice is the poor sport and doesn't shake until prompted by Stephen.  John stood there, hand extended for a minute before the prompting.  Sore losers 

Stephen is ready for the Chinese take-away, as it's his favorite food.  Janice complains that it was a complete mismatch.  

Now, Patti is getting cozy with John.  Talking about how the two were keeping each other in camp.  John laments on how others would perceive this relationship...but they take it in stride.  Stephen feels that Patti has a plan.  I think it's genuine.

Food time.  While the guys are eating, Sanjaya wants to cook something different for the girls.  This may ruffle a few feathers....But Sanjaya...the cooking this time was not that good.  And John lays down the law in the kitchen.  Damien recommends John for "Hell's kitchen" for a new host!

Too many cooks spoil the soup.  I've heard that phrase a lot, but this really does have it acted out!

The celebs (besides John and Lou) are a bit worried at the evening chat about who would go home, and how the camp will change.

Quotable: "Personally, I'm not trusting anything right now!"--Lou

Now, how America has been voting.

The bottom five last week were separated by less than 3 %

This week, the bottom two separated by 1%

As of this morning...Janice is not in the top two...Patti is not in the bottom two.

The votes are still going on....

Man...this is getting bad.  Thank goodness I have five episodes to go. I'm a game show reviewer, get me out of here!

To view extra footage from this episode, go to .