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Celebrities are left to their own devices in the Costa Rican wilds. Who will be named King/Queen of the Jungle?

Recaps by Agent Josh, GSNN

Hosts Damien Fahey & Myleene Klass
Creator ITV Productions
EP Jayson Dinsmore
Chris Brogden
Natalka Znak
Packager ITV Studios
Origins Costa Rica
Airs 8p Mons-Thus, NBC
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Day 11
June 16

Last time... Sanjaya wins the food challenge over Torrie. Janice had to go to the hospital..

Tonight, it's celebrity vs. Snake, The Immunity Trial, and is there a Killer in the camp?!?

Damien and Myleene announce that this coming week is a double elimination week.  Two celebs will go home. 

Now, let's see how the new sheriff in town, John, works.

It starts with Stephen giving a "pedicure" and having a laugh about it.  And we now get new assignments. 

Janice and Holly on the dishes; Lou takes care of the Latrine

And John is asking everyone to make sure their areas are clean.  He's already started to lay down the law, especially with sanitation issues.  He's making everyone wash their hands and is getting TOO much like Simon Legree ("Uncle Tom's Cabin" reference) when it comes to the kitchen.  Stepehn things it will be an interesting week.

I really don't know about John.  Lou was a bit lax, but the camp liked him because when he laid down the law, it was in a gentle way.  I'd hate to have John run into a serious situation and blow up in someone's face...Oh, he already did that!

Later on, John Salley will have to make a big decision.

Stephen gets the idea to have the camp create their own "Jungle Slasher" flick.  Stephen will executive producer and Lou will direct.  They already have some props like a Knife that can go through the head, Some scary man mask, a bloody knife, the camera, and fake blood.  Lou wants to kill everyone off in the the cheesiest way possible.  Holly Montag is a little star-struck.  Lou took a spill in the water trying to film Holly, but he saved the camera.  (Nice save!  Sacrifice yourself but save the camera!)

Quotable: "I dunno if Scorcese, Spielburg, or Lucas started this way, but let's just say I got my feet wet in Horror Films."  --Director Lou

Holly is the innocent girl who gets a short love scene with Sanjaya, the innocent boy.  Lou thought that everyone really threw himself into it.  Janice compliments Lou on his directorial scene.  There's even a scene in the Jungle shower.  Stephen truly was executive producer, trying to call the shots.  John said it was an honor to work with the Great Lou Diamond Phillips. 

(I WOULD like to work with him too!)


"Dear Celebrities, It is time for today's food trial.  Please select one person from each team to go head-to-head to win extra food for their team.  The losing team will have basic rations.  Remember, if you want to make it to the final week, you need your strength, so pick wisely!"

(Good point)

The girls focus on the word "Strength" and it's going to be Torrie for the girls.

For the Gents, they are making it a rematch with Lou going into battle (The two competed in the last luxury challenge).

The winning meal...Italian food, olives, pasta, tomatoes, and other things.


35 snakes and 10 stars (five for each team, labeled 1-5) are in a case.  The players must stick their hands in and retrieve the stars in numerical order.  The stars must be passed through the box hand to hand, until they get to a letterbox opening, and then posted on the finish board.  First one to get all five in order wins.  Of course they have the option to forfeit by saying "I'm a celebrity get me out of here."

The two will compete simultaneously.

I think Myleene makes a very good host.  I knew Damien would make a good host too.  He was second best host of TRL imho (Carson Daly was number 1)

Lou is working fast, but is held up by Torrie....He is able to use his reach to his advantage and post his first star.  Torrie also works her way around Lou.  Lou quickly has a one-star advantage, and the duo work fast cause the snakes must not have been fed lunch.  Torrie has two stars, but Lou quickly regains the advantage with three.  The stars are in little stumps in the cage with snakes.  Lou though he could ditch the star and go on to the next, but the star must be posted on the board before the next one can be collected.  The fifth star was tied in.  Now he has to get it's a tie now...and by a matter of one second...LOU WINS!  Torrie is getting tired of losing.  But the men will be eating pasta tonight.  The boys are happy and Janice sighs in disappointment.  The girls console Torrie and say that they didn't want the pasta because of the carbohydrate level.

(Hey, gang...Beggars can't be choosers!)

Oops...Talk in the camp goes the way of how Sanjaya plays ball.  Sexuality is coming into play...When he's around Janice, he's very effeminate, but when he's around Holly, He is all mack-daddy.

Sanjaya has a lot of trouble explaining to Holly the idea that he is their "straight gay best friend".  He does things that might be stereotypically Gay.  It's a little confusing, and some say it's insulting.  Sanjaya, I believe, understands the gay community, but it's not what he does when he wants to have a romantic relationship.  I can relate in that way!

Now for the immunity trial, which would've started live on the broadcast.  It's another endurance challenge, called...


Using a pole, the celebs must keep a box of eel and other slime upright.  Drop and you're out.  Last one standing wins immunity, and Guaranteed a final spot in the final week of the show

Stephen says that he doesn't need the immunity, and he wants his victory to be confirmed by the American people, so he withdraws from the competition.

First person to get soon as the safeties are removed.  Heavier than she thought, eh?

John and Sanjaya are starting the distracting talk...and Torrie started to get the "Church giggles"

Torrie is out...She must've said "I don't know".

Pattie's wrist starts to hurt. 

John's strategy may backfire as he focuses on his trash talking....

Patti is out, but gracefully avoids the water.  John Salley is out.

Down to Holly, Lou and Sanjaya.  He is holding the pole awkwardly.  Holly touches the pole with her other hand, and she is DQ'ed.  Sanjaya also is eliminated, so Lou wins immunity for the second straight week.

Lou is the only one far.

After the break...It's MOVIE NIGHT!

(IF you want to see the movie in all its cheesiness, it is posted on )

The funniest thing is, this may be Stephen Baldwin's best work!!  This thing is cheesier than the original Filmation "The Ghost Busters" TV series!!!!

Stephen and Lou are handing out compliments left and right.  The camp did do a VERY good job with the film.  But we have no idea who played "The Shape"

As the rains descend , so does the food for tonight.  Sanjaya, while prepping the food, is showing off why he is famous....his OFF-KEY singing.  I have muted the computer for this because I am not willing to subject my ears to that!

Quotable: "I almost ripped his esophagus out, which wouldn't have been good.  Because his vocal career would've been over."  --Stephen 

Now, John Salley has to make a pretty important decision.

John now has to make a decision right at the moment.  He can grant one person immunity.  John chooses... HIMSELF!  (Good Strategy!) 

And the announcement is made that the next elimination will be a double elimination.

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