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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Ryan Seacrest
Judges Randy Jackson
Jennifer Lopez
Steven Tyler
Mentor Jimmy Iovine
Creator Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
EP Nigel Lythgoe
Ken Warwick
Cecile Frot-Coutaz
Simon Fuller
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Round of 13: Our Favorite Artists
March 10

Chico: Last night, we sang the songs of our favorite idols... but for one, it's going to prove nothing but false idolatry. Your votes are in... and someone's out. We'll find out who in a moment, because this... is your first season 10 roundtable result recap... of AMERICAN IDOL!
Don: Yay!
Chico: Alongside Don Harpwood, I'm Chico Alexander... Round of 13, best talent in recent memory. Thoughts?
Don: It was a nice night. Heard some good singing.
Chico: Great singing. Then there was some NOT so good singing. We'll get to that as we start our first round of...

Chico: AS a reminder: it's one point for every one of your picks in the bottom 3. Then a bonus point if one of your "trouble" picks is picked off. A bonus 2 if you're "out" pick gets the boot. Kinda like the Stanley Cup playoffs, only Gordon wins all the time. Got it?
Don: Got it.
Chico: K. First.

LAUREN ALAINA - "Any Man of Mine" (Shania Twain)

Don: It wasn't perfect, but I liked it. Safe.
Chico: It was safe, and you could've made a case for her leaving, but she's SAFE.
Gordon: SAFE.
Block: SAFE.

CASEY ABRAMS - "With A Little Help From My Friends" (Joe cocker)

Don: I really enjoyed Casey's performance. SAFE.
Chico: Me, not so much. He was just all over the place on this one. OUT.
Gordon: SAFE
Block: SAFE.

ASHTHON JONES - "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" (Diana Ross)

Don: I think she'll be safe.
Chico: I think she'll be in TROUBLE.
Gordon: OUT.

PAUL MCDONALD - "Come Pick Me Up" (Ryan Adams)

Don: I don't know... Something inside of me is saying trouble, but I'm not completely sure.
Chico: Same here. I mean, he was bad and last night I had him in trouble. But thinking about it, you can make a stronger case for others. Stilll... TROUBLE.

PIA TOSCANO - "All By Myself" (Celine Dion)

Don: SAFE.
Chico: SAFE.
Gordon: SAFE
Block: SAFE
Chico: One more before the break.

JAMES DURBIN - "Maybe I'm Amazed" (Paul McCartney)

Chico: SAFE.
Gordon: SAFE
Block: SAFE
Don: SAFE.
Chico: Okay, we'll continue on the first break, but now... WE'RE LIVE! Tonight: Diddy-Dirty Money, Adam Lambert, and your results. But first... 30 million votes last night. Reports of the demise of American Idol... widely premature. Back in play for 2011: The Judges' Save. The judges can veto one viewer result, but only one. And it has to be unanimous. Unfortunately, Casey is sick and in the hospital. Feel better. We start in the Idol Mansion, which is, to say the least... swank.
Don: Very nice place they have, there.
Chico: It comes fully loaded... with an army of Fords and a piano. Why would they use the piano. Check out the kitchen, dude... That was crazy. And there's an echo. That brings us to group performance #1, "Wanna Be Startin' Something" by the late great Michael Jackson kicks off a medley. It's synched, daddy.
Don: Definitely synched.
Chico: The other songs, "Rock With You", "Black or White", and "Man in the Mirror" Back to the picks...

HALEY REINHART - "Blue" (LeAnn Rimes)

Don: Honestly, I felt kinda bored by this one. Out.
Chico: SAFE... but just. I mean, it seemed like she's going for ever female in the last 20 years.

JACOB LUSK - "I Believe I Can Fly" (R. Kelly)

Chico: SAFE, but not the best of the night.
Don: Safe.
Gordon: SAFE
Jason: SAFE

THIA MEGIA - "Smile" (Michael Jackson)

Chico: SAFE.
Gordon: SAFE
Don: SAFE.
Block: SAFE

Chico: Back to the action. The first Ford MV of the season... "The World", the song. We're ripping the world apart and plastering it somewhere. Making a stage out of it. Next, a red carpet premiere of "Red Riding Hood"... and in the crowd, Red Riding Hood herself Amanda Seyfried. And while they're partying up, back to the picks...

STEFANO LANGONE - "Lately" (Stevie Wonder)

Chico: SAFE, but I didn't like the arrangement.
Gordon: SAFE
Don: Safe.
Block: SAFE

KAREN RODRIGUEZ - "I Could Fall In Love" (Selena)

Don: I'm thinking there could be some trouble here.
Chico: Better song choice, but she can't do this every week. SAFE... for now.
Gordon: SAFE
Block: SAFE

SCOTTY MCCREERY - "The River" (Garth Brooks)

Chico: Again, best of the night. He was my STONE COLD LOCK OF THE CENTURY (five note sting)... of the WEEK. (three note sting) SAFE.
Gordon: SAFE
Block: SAFE.
Don: I'm not a country guy, but he sounded great. SAFE.

NAIMA ADEDAPO - "Umbrella" (Rihanna)

Don: Safe.
Chico: SAFE.
Block: SAFE
Gordon: SAFE

Chico: So to recap...

Gordon: Haley, Paul, ASHTHON out.
Don: Trouble: Paul, Karen; Out: Haley
Chico: Ashthon, Paul, CASEY
Block: Paul, Haley, ASHTHON
GP: Haley, Paul, ASHTHON

Chico: First results coming...  Jacob, Karen, and Stefano are called down. They are all... safe.... except for KAREN.  She's in the bottom three. So Don and GP already have a point. So...  Back to the show... and an unplugged version of "Aftermath" from Idol alum made good... ADAM LAMBERT! .... That's the note, by the way. BTW Don, did you know that all of the Idol's performances are available in full on iTunes?
Don: I've heard about that.
Chico: "Aftermath" is going to be a centerpiece of the "It Gets Better" campaign. Nice. And Adam & J-Lo do the dougie. More results... Someone ELSE is in the dougie-house. Serious lights... SERIOUS MUSIC. Lauren, Ashthon, and Haley are next. Lauren is... going to have to endure more stress. She apologizes... It's okay, you go to next week. ASHTHON... is in danger... and SO IS HALEY. So the bottom three tonight: Ashthon, Haley, Karen. Surprises?
Don: Not really.
Chico: Yea, didn't think so. Next up, Diddy-Dirty Money featuring Skylar Grey with "Coming Home". He was on the stage last year, you know.
Don: Yep.
Chico: And so was fire.  His advice: "You get out of life what you put into it." True. And now... someone's gotta go. Serious lights... SERIOUS MUSIc.
Don: Here we go...
Chico: Karen... is SAFE. The first person in the danger zone tonight... ASHTHON. Haley is safe, but for Ashthon Jones, it's time to... SING FOR YOUR LIFE.
Don: I don't see the judges using their save here, frankly.
Chico: She's trying for the save with "When You Tell Me That You Love Me". I honestly think she's going home tonight. They're going to cut her loose. This was actually better last night. And it wasn't even that good to begin with. But let's hear from the judges panel. Jennifer delivers the verdict... "Not this time, baby. I'm sorry." So Ashthon gets the David Cook montage. And we get our first leaderboard.

Gordon: 4
Jason: 4
GP: 4
Don: 2
Chico: 2

Chico: So far, the defending champion is in the lead, but that can change over the next weeks. Remember to support local and independent music... Say goodnight, Don.
Don: Goodnight, Don.
Chico: Goodnight, everybody, we'll see you next week! :-)

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