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Thousands of dollars are up for grabs if your wife can get you to do things you'd rather not...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Debi Gutierrez
Actors Pamela Bell
Roger Hailes
Adira Amram
Creator Keshet Broadcasting & Kuperman Productions (based on an original format)
EP Michael Davies
Avi Nir
Elad Kuperman
Ran Telem
Packager Embassy Row & Sony Pictures TV for GSN Originals
Origins The Tri-State Area, New York City
Web gsn.com/hiddenagenda
Airs 8:30p Thurs, GSN
Available Streaming Online

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Anthony & Bill
February 18

Simply put... the love is gone between Anthony Valbiro and his workaholic partner Bill, whose passion has since been relegates to reruns of "The Golden Girls". Can a Hidden Agenda put the spark back into their romance?

We go to Port Chester, NY, where the house is being outfitted with hidden cameras and other such things.

TASK 1: Crudites to Be Kind

Get Bill to eat his vegetables. For each one he eats, he gets $200 for a possible $2000.

Thanks to something called "The Ten Little Indians Diet", he's eaten... one piece. Two pieces... Three... Four... Five... Six... Seven... Eight... Nine... ... Ten little Indian boys for $2000.

TASK 2: Ultimate Pillow Fighting Championship

Get Bill to swat you three times with a pillow for $1000. Bill isn't a confrontational person... Anthony, on the other hand, is bombarding him with a barrage of swats. Then Bill just decided to come at him for the money.

TASK 3: The Hidden Agenda Workout

Get Bill to use exercise balls to exercise to a video prepared by the show for $2000. Bill wants to wait for five minutes... but that's okay, because the video gets played. They're both winded by the time they get to the final exercise, but they work it out.

FINAL TASK: Beauty Pageant Dropout

Remember the actress we met at the top of show, Pamela? She's going to help Bill get his pageant groove back.

- First, Bill must teach Pamela to do the walk-and-wave for $1000. There's a $1000 bonus if he does it in heels.
- For $2000, Bill must help Pamela learn the opening dance number.
- For $3500, Bill has to teach her to fine tune her talent act.

But Bill hears "$1000" over the telephone... Debi's Hidden Agenda may be blown. "She's telling me what she could win." Crisis averted, as Anthony's pageant pal arrives. Pamela starts by walking like a "Clydesdale on acid." Bill tells Pamela HOW to do the walk... and after some prodding from Anthony... he goes into the heels. The scary bit is... he nails it.

Next, the opening number... Bill's not a dancer... But he's done "the time step". Bill enters a zen state of beauty pageant bliss, and that makes him the money.

Finally, the talent act. Pamela rushes out to get said act. The surprise... she's a one-man band... and I want to give her the gong. Bill has his work cut out for him. Anthony tells him to put "this damn costume" on .And he does... but can he make it happen for the money? Someone call the Swiffer folks, because we've got a sweep! And here's Debi with the check for $12,500!

More hidden cameras and more Hidden Agenda next week. ... Oh dear.

Stats so far:
Tasks completed this week: SWEEP!
Tasks completed this season: 34-2-1
Money won (money possible) this week: $12,500 ($12,500)
Money won (money possible) this season: $69,100 ($75,000)

To see hidden footage from this episode, go to www.gsn.com/hiddenagenda.